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  1. Maybe I'm crazy ? I don't think so but maybe, just maybe, I am ! If I pay for something and I'm offered certain perks and/or extras, I expect to get those perks and/or extras. PERIOD. Nothing else matters. Who likes the perks and/or extras I get doesn't matter. Who doesn't like the perks and/or extras I get doesn't matter. Who agrees or disagrees with wether I excercise those perks doesn't matter. If I pay for it. I should get it. THE BOTTOM LINE IS....If you're promised something in exchange for money, then that's what you should get. Providing a sleazy, "backdoor," for those who choose not to pay, that allows them to suck off those who do pay, is plain and simple, flat out WRONG. I've never seen a, "backdoor method," that allows NON-PAYING members to take advantage of the PQ perk ! I've never seen a, "backdoor method," that allows NON-PAYING members to take advantage of creating or rating bookmarks ! I haven't seen a, "backdoor method," that allows NON-PAYING members to utilize the new, "Favorites," option ! These and then some are all perks/extras offered to PAYING MEMBERS ! There's no round-a-bout, backdoor, sleazy way to utilize/take advantage of ANY of these perks if YOU DON'T PAY so....WHY is there a, "backdoor method," or sleazy way around logging a PREMIUM/PAYING MEMBER CACHE ??? WHY is that the only PM perk that has a sleazy backdoor ?? Edit: I know editing thoughts are frowned upon so I apologize for my edits. It seems there's always something I forgot to mention. In reference to commments on this subject like the comment just above, with all due respect, I'm perplexed...I haven't checked the profile to see how new/not new the poster is to the game but if you've been in the game as long as we have, you run out of nearby caches and running out of nearby caches means traveling to cache. Traveling to cache means money. Gas money, and at today's gas prices, caching isn't cheap. My point is, if you can afford to cache all day and drive around burning and paying for gas, you can afford to pay for a second PM ! Is paying for a second PM "redundAnt," or is it that you simply don't want to, "pay to use a website ?" I guarantee, a lot of the cachers who won't pay for a second PM, even $10 for 3 months, wouldn't hesitate to dish out $5 bucks for a cup of Starbucks coffee while they're caching.
  2. This is what I don't get...we choose to use the PMO cache, "perk," with our PAID MEMBERSHIP but we get bashed for it ! The best part is, those doing ALL the bashing aren't regular/NON-PAYING members, THEY'RE ALL PREMIUM MEMBERS ! The bashers enjoy and use all the other little perks a PM affords them but when it comes to the PMO cache perk, they all freak out and call us who excercise and choose to use that perk, "elitists." They say we're ostracizing regular, NON-PAYING members ! Isn't this a litte, no,isn't it A LOT, hypocritical ? It makes ZERO SENSE to me ! I have NEVER, NOT ONCE, seen or read a complaint ANYWHERE from a regular/NON-PAYING member about PMO caches ! Not on the GC.com site or in the Groundspeak forums. All the complaining about PMO caches is done by PREMIUM MEMBERS ! The only experience we've had with regular/NON-PAYING members in reference to our PMO caches is when they've written to us and asked if they could log one or more of them. They were either with a family member or friend who was a PREMIUM MEMBER when they found the cache(s). We ALWAYS say yes and immediately change the status of said cache(s) to accomodate their logging process. I'd also like to state that we appreciate the courtesy from these regular/NON-PAYING members because they asked permission to log our PMO caches instead of sneaking through the back door like a thief in the night. The backdoor thing is a whole other story and an option that needs to be eliminated. It's not right or fair to offer the PMO cache status option as a perk if you pay and then offer those who don't pay the same perk by allowing them to bypass the PAID PERK PMO CACHE OPTION by means of a sneaky backdoor. In my opinion, that's sleazy and if I purchased my Premium membership solely because of the ability to make my caches PMO and then I found out it was a lie and my caches weren't really PMO, I'd be even more ticked off about the whole thing. It's a bit like me purchasing a First Class airline ticket. I'm paying for certain extras/perks right ? Then there are empty seats in First Class so the airline feels sorry for the passengers in Coach and allows them to come and take the empty seats in First Class. If I paid $1,500 buck for a First Class airline ticket and I wake up from my nap to find a guy from Coach who paid $400 bucks for his ticket sitting next to me enjoying all the perks and extras I paid for, you're darn right I'm going to be ticked off and I'm going to feel taken and cheated by the airline ! I say, if you feel so much pity and sadness for the regular/NON-PAYING members then why don't you become one ??? Edit: I would like to add that to date, our PMO caches are SOLELY responsible for 9 regular/NON-PAYING members upgrading to Premium Memberships !This is the number we know about because these 9 members stated in their logs that after they found this or that PMO cache of ours, they enjoyed it/them so much, they wanted to become Premium Members so they could hunt other PMO caches. Unlike some others out there who seem to be angry at the thought that Groundspeak actually makes money, we're THRILLED that we could, in our own small way, contribute to the prospering of this great site that we use EVERYDAY and are proud to be members of.
  3. Well, you can certainly look at it that way if you wish. I happen to be a big opponent of virtual logging - the bug has to actually has to visit the cache to have been there. My personal travel bug is always with me, it goes to every cache I visit, so to assume that it really didn't go there simply because it was carried by one person is a bit of a narrow definition of how a travel bug travels. I assume you think bugs shouldn't be logged through micros either since there is no way they could have been left there. As for racing bugs, those often have strict rules that govern how it can move, such as no dipping. Regulating how a bug can move seems to go against 'natural travel' if you ask me. Whatever floats that bug owner's boat, I guess. edit: typo Again, this is just my opinion...bug dipping is lame as it equals fake miles. logging your own caches as finds is lame as it equals fake smiles. if you practice either or both, good for you. i don't. fake miles. fake smiles. if you want to do it, do it. there aren't any rules against either practice so why not ? the sport changes every day and in doing so travels farther and farther away from how it was originally intended to be played. this interpretation, that interpretation. this way. that way. everytime it changes and veers away from how it was originally intended to be played, the more charm it loses. sometimes, rules are a good thing. it's sort of like a masterpiece that's been copied over and over and over and over...reinterpreted, repainted by different artists....eventually, the original is lost. gone. those first brushstrokes can no longer be traced and the painting becomes a worthless piece of junk... what did the original look like ? nobody knows....nobody can remember...
  4. Repeat after me: There are no rules for FTF. It is not an official part of geocaching. If you choose to do the FTF thing, it is entirely up to you what you call an FTF and what you do not. Any rules for a "competition" would have to be negotiated with other local caches. Since it appears that you have not negotiated any rules, then there are no rules. You can find the cache a month after everybody else and claim FTF. You can find your own caches and claim them as FTFs. Because there are no rules. The whole concern with "fairness" is interesting and pretty well-understood from a psychological viewpoint, but I think I will not say more on that subject on the remote chance that somebody might take it as disrespectful. Repeat after me: There are no rules for FTF. It is not an official part of geocaching. I would LOVE for this comment to be posted in the faces of our local FTF hounds as a reminder when a player from the other 10% sneaks in and nabs a FTF but doesn't log it in 30 seconds or 3 minutes or 30 minutes or 3 hours or 3 days and then one of them from the 90% goes for said FTF only to see a sig from someone from the 10% in the FTF space on the log !!!! Oh yes. THAT goes over really well around here. So much so that if you do happen to nab a freak FTF and don't log it from your car 30 seconds after signing the log, the STF will literally claim they were FTF and totally play it off like they didn't see the FTF sig on the log. See, as far as FTF hounds go, there ARE rules for being FTF and one of those rules is you MUST log said FTF IMMEDIATELY after signing the log because if you don't and one of them WASTES A TRIP or WASTES THEIR TIME going after it only to discover SOMEONE ELSE'S SIG ON THE LOG......WATCH OUT !! As for "fairness....." some players need it written in black and white in a playbook and others just, well, play fair....
  5. I agree with that 100% BUT here's the problem where we live....I could be wrong in my number guesstimate but not by much and I'm going on what I've seen/experienced in just under 4 years of being members....90% of local cachers know eachother personally and all of them carry a Rolodex of eachother's phone numbers. The other 10% of us rarely, if ever, get a chance at a FTF in certain areas of our part of our state. It's almost like the 90% has the "FTF geocaching market cornered !" IMO, if you want to PAF or TAF or CCO for help/hints/clues, fine but do it AFTER someone else has the opportunity to get the FTF fair and square !!! If the FTF spot/position is so revered ( which is is around here ), then shouldn't how it's achieved be "honorable ?" thanks
  6. Just looking for opinions outside of our immediate area where this happens very frequently. What do you think of the practice of going after a FTF, can't find it, place an immediate call and/or send an immediate text to the CO for help/hints/clues which results in locating the cache and getting the FTF ? Great example happened today when 6 local cachers happened upon eachother at a brand new unfound cache. They looked around for awhile. No find. Called the CO and got hints/clues. Still couldn't find it so they called the CO again and received more help which then resulted in the find and the 6 cachers logging a Co-FTF. Is that fair play ? Is it fair to the rest who may have wanted to go for the FTF and found it without help ? Do you think this is an actual "find," or should they have accepted defeat, gone home and allowed another player the opportunity to get the FTF ? thanks for any input.
  7. Ever since the big blizzard of 2011 hit our state last week I've been giving the "winter friendly," attribute a bit more thought than I ever have in the past and I was wondering how others use this attribute ? I think you can use it in a few ways. Your cache may or may not be winter friendly if it's hidden in a local park that's closed in the winter months OR if it's hidden in a section of a forest preserve that's closed off in the winter months. You can also use it to let players know ( this way pretty much gives your hide away ),your cache is on the ground and will be more difficult to find after it snows. There's a 24/7 attribute but there isn't a "seasonal," attribute so the "winter friendly," attribute can logically be used for the park closure example. If the "winter friendly," attribute IS meant to be used for caches that are hidden on the ground then shouldn't there be a similar attribute for autumn when the same cache can very easily be just as covered by leaves ? I've unburied ground hidden caches from under tons of leaves and tons of snow and in my opinion finding caches in both conditions can be equally challenging. Granted leaves are lighter and the temps are warmer but it's still a natural blanket that completely conceals. thanks for any input....
  8. Surely I must've had a few too many watching the Packers take SB 2011 home and I'm hallucinating !! Does the OP own 40 something hides 38 of which are PMO ????
  9. Our personal experience with the near ( or REALLY CLOSE TO....less than 250' ), RR tracks and/or near ( or REALLY CLOSE TO ), a school cache placement (guidelines)... ??? I'll keep it simple, honest and factual...the guidelines do not apply to everyone. We hunt caches everyday on top of RR tracks or in school yards.
  10. We did a cache today that was rated a WHOPPING 4.5 for terrain. That's huge in Illinois. In our 3.5 years of being members and seeking out every challenge we see, we have yet to see any terrain that even comes close to a 4.5 !This was a 12' Willow tree climb ! Every log gives the hide away with talking about "THE TOOL you can't carry in your pocket or THE TOOL that won't fit in the trunk of your car etc...." after 10 logs like that why not just say LADDER, LADDER, LADDER ???? My first question is: HOW in the world is a 12' tree climb a 4.5 terrain and if you go home to get "THE TOOL," should you really be all excited and consider the find successful ? Honestly, I don't know what to say. I think 98% of caches are WAY overrated where I live. True story....One particular cache owner took the terrain rating of his cache up from a 2 to a 2.5 because someone said there was a lot of bird poop around GZ !!!
  11. I agree. If I own a cache or helped with it I would not ever think of logging it as a find thus making the "favoriting," option mute/null/void BUT if the site allows CO's to log their own caches as finds/for points then hey,why not, go ahead and favorite your own cache. If you log a "find," on a cache you hid why not go all the way and make it one of your favorites ??
  12. Sorry to hear about the destruction of your container ! Word of advice ? Don't place ANYTHING you value out in the wild world of geocaching ! Consider yourself lucky if you even get the lid of your container put/snapped/screwed back on correctly ! You're lucky if you're cache even gets rehidden correctly. You're lucky if your logsheet even gets rerolled and put back in the container in a manner where the next visitor can get it out ! Unless every cacher who visits your cache is a close and personal friend, don't expect respect. Period. Again, DON'T place anything you value out in the wild.
  13. I'll answer this question and not because I agree with the whole backdoor method that allows NPM to log PMO caches but to make a point. We currently own 194 caches. ALL 194 ARE PMO ! Why ? 2 reasons....First and foremost: We use the GC.com site EVERYDAY and so....WE SHOULD PAY FOR IT ! The site is worth paying for don't you think ? It kills me that some cachers think they should use the site for FREE !! What's FREE ?? NOTHING !! Most of these anti PM cachers pay more for their $5 cup of Starbucks coffee. 2: It keeps our caches safe from non-paying regular member pirates who surf the site looking for caches to steal and plunder. There's a really easy way to do it lemon16 !!! If you have a friend/family member who's a PM.....When your friend logs a PMO cache he simply copies/pastes the URL from the page he types his log on and sends it to you. STICK IT in your address bar and WALAH !! That'll take you right to the PM cache page where you log your find. That's it. You're good to go. Problem is: It's human nature (for some people), to take what you can get for free SO GC.com should make it so you can't use the site unless you pay for it and if you choose not to pay for it you don't get the perks. It's that simple. Allowing non-paying members a backdoor option to logging caches owned by those of us who pay only creates a rift, a war. Either you pay or you don't. Your choice. If you pay you get this, this and this and you get to make your owned caches PMO which means ONLY PM get to log them. If you don't pay you get this but not this and not this AND you DON'T get to log PMO caches. Period. Pay up or shut up.
  14. I totally agree! I posted in another forum tonight about how we found full size liquor bottles wrapped in brown paper bags and a wine bottle wrapped the same with THE CORKSCREW STILL STUCK IN THE CORK, laying under a pine tree where a hide was !!! (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED with the underwear thing !! Makes me think of the very patriotic 4th of July boxers we found hanging 25' up in a tree ? I've lost A LOT of things in the woods....my camera strap, my sunglasses, my favorite pen, a half eaten trail bar but NEVER my underwear and frankly, IF ( and that's a really big if ), I did lose my underwear, I would know it by the time I got back to the car and I would go back for them !!! One day we found FOUR !! That's right !! FOUR pair of undies in the woods AND a belt !!!) Anyway, there's NO WAY I'm picking that stuff up ! Seriously ! WHO ? WHO sucks down a full size bottle of Vodka wrapped in a paper bag and throws it under a pine tree in a parking lot ? Uhhh, a drunken slob would be my guess ! WHO ? WHO throws a wine bottle WITH THE CORKSCREW STILL STUCK IN IT under the same pine tree ? I pick that nasty drunk's Vodka bottle up today and I GUARANTEE, there's another one there tomorrow ! My town is beautiful. Why is it beautiful ? Because the people who live here respect it and keep it clean. We don't throw our garbage out our car windows into shopping mall parking lots. We just don't. I won't break my back picking up liquor bottles, underwear, presription bottles etc... in towns I cache in where that town's residents obviously don't care and use their city sidewalks, streets and parking lots as their own personal dumpster. If the people who live there don't care, why should I ?
  15. We found a cache today that's supposed to be hidden somewhere above ground in a huge pine tree. We found it lying on the ground, as many others have, on top of the bed of pine needles underneath. The garbage under this tree was disgusting ! Full size Vodka bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag. Wine bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag WITH THE CORKSCREW STILL STUCK IN THE CORK which was obviously stuck back in after the bottle was empty ?? Empty pill/prescription bottles ??? Ew. We are all for CITO, "normal," CITO !! THIS isn't normal trash ! There is NO WAY I'm going to pick up the garbage left by someone who walks and/or drives around drinking Vodka from a paper bag or throws an empty wine bottle out of their car window with the corkscrew still stuck in the cork !! No way !! The garbage at this cache site was deep. In other words, there was a lot of it buried under and entangled amongst the thick bed of pine needles. This leads me to wonder why any Geocacher would EVER place a cache there ??? We place caches in areas we're proud of. As a homeowner I'm not going to invite you over to my house for a party if it's a sty and say "please clean up while you're here," nor would I place a cache in a roadside dump and ask you to "please perform CITO while you're here."
  16. And I think that proves it can't be done. 1020 caches / 24 hours in a day = 42.5 caches per hour. 500 caches by 10am means for the first 10 hours he would have driven to the site of each cache, found the cache, and signed the log at a rate of 50 per hour. That's almost one a minute. Think about it. It simply couldn't be done. I agree. It's not possible. Period. So, don't buy into it. We have local cachers who claim to have done the E.T. Hwy. series, 1,020 caches, IN 13 HOURS !!!! Why do cachers, some of the smartest people on the planet when it comes to numbers/stats, buy into these wild claims ?? It's baffling.
  17. That's fine if that's what you like to do but it's not even remotely close to how travel bugs and coins were intended to travel and be logged ! Travelers that are dipped aren't picking up or accumulating "real," miles when they're in someone's pocket, backpack or home in a drawer. You're supposed to leave it there and part of the fun and excitement of the travel bug is to see who's going to pick it up and move it next and where they're going to take it. As I stated earlier, the charm is lost. I see a lot of cachers dipping their own personal bugs/coins. So if I have coins at home in an album and I dip them into every cache I visit, seriously, has that coin gone anywhere ? Are those miles real ?? We had a cacher once visit and log a series of 17 caches we own. 3 weeks later he posted a note on each of those 17 caches pages stating he was dipping his personal coin and he would delete all the notes when he was done. I have to be frank, I thought it was absurd ! Fake miles. Wanted to add that travel bug dipping seems to be frowned upon in The Annual Great TB Race as stated below. Dipped miles are ignored/not counted: "During the race, there a few rules in place" "1. Dipping (or visiting) is not allowed. However, we can’t stop this from occurring. So how do we handle a dip? If a dip occurs, scoring volunteers recalculate mileage from the starting point to the ending point, disregarding the dipped cache. Any points earned from the dip will not be tallied, including pictures, borders, etc. In some caches, this has resulted in serious point losses. All travel bugs will have an attached tag that states the No Dipping rule."
  18. That's fine if that's what you like to do but it's not even remotely close to how travel bugs and coins were intended to travel and be logged ! Travelers that are dipped aren't picking up or accumulating "real," miles when they're in someone's pocket, backpack or home in a drawer. You're supposed to leave it there and part of the fun and excitement of the travel bug is to see who's going to pick it up and move it next and where they're going to take it. As I stated earlier, the charm is lost. I see a lot of cachers dipping their own personal bugs/coins. So if I have coins at home in an album and I dip them into every cache I visit, seriously, has that coin gone anywhere ? Are those miles real ?? We had a cacher once visit and log a series of 17 caches we own. 3 weeks later he posted a note on each of those 17 caches pages stating he was dipping his personal coin and he would delete all the notes when he was done. I have to be frank, I thought it was absurd ! Fake miles.
  19. I personally would never "dip a bug." This is a practice that has sadly evolved over time and in the process the charm of the TB has been lost. Travel bugs originally were meant to be placed in caches by their owner(s)then picked up and moved BY OTHER CACHERS to a cache of their choosing. The key words here are..... OTHER CACHERS. "Travel bug dipping," ruins the entire travel bug concept same as logging your own caches as finds ruins the entire charm of the game. Fake miles and Fake smiles. That's just me ! I would never dip a bug nor would I ever log one of my own caches ( or one I helped hide ), as a find.
  20. I live in Illinois. We cache in snow. How do I protect my iPhone 4 ?? I currently have my iPhone 4 in a 2-piece black leather CaseMate holder. The phone slips into a case and that case then slips into a "holster." The holster has that clip on the back that's supposed to hold it onto your belt or pocket but doesn't so I would never use it, AND the case easily slips out of the holster if I don't hold it tight enough. I loved the case when I got it in October but it's just not cutting it for winter caching. I have nightmares about dropping my phone, picking it up and finding every crevace packed with snow !! Beef...the iPhone 4 rocks BUT the touch screen doesn't respond to GLOVED HANDS ! Is there a winter-friendly iPhone 4 cover/case/protector out there that will allow me to carry my iPhone like a GPSr while caching instead of a baby in a cradle ? Everytime I go into the brush and a clump of snow falls from a tree and lands on my phone, I panic !
  21. This GPSr, that GPSr....it's more about the cacher/person using/handling/holding the unit than it is the unit itself. That's my opinion. A GPSr is only a tool, an extension of and assistant to the Geocacher ! It's not going to find the caches for you ! I think that's what a lot of cachers expect. They think a really good/really accurate GPSr is going to take them right to the cache. I've been using the iPhone 4 since 10/1/10 and I LOVE IT BIG TIME !!! The GPS/compass has never failed ! Not to mention the camera that blows my mind !
  22. That's great advice !! So it would be ok if we logged the FTF we got tonight in.....August ??
  23. Sitting here this evening logging our caches for the day I noticed a bunch of found it/didn't find it logs coming in posted by a local cacher and dated May 2010 ! This is December 31st !! Am I alone in the opinion that this displays somewhat of a disrespect not only for the cache owners but for fellow cachers ? PLEASE don't say some people are really busy and don't have time to log because I've seen this pattern MANY TIMES from the same cacher and she'll log 100 caches at a time updating her find count in every log. I say, if you have the time to find em' you also should have the time to log em' AT LEAST within 7 days. C'mon, if you log DNF's 8 months later, who cares ? Who does it help ? Why bother ? Ugghh.
  24. Except that "know where it is" and "your own caches" (or "helped hide") aren't necessarily the same thing. I've known cache owners to post DNFs for their own caches, and I've been contacted by cache owners because I had found their caches most recently and they wanted to know where I had found them. I figure that if cache owners can DNF their own caches, then there might be situations where they could consider logging a Find on their own caches too. And then there's the more obvious example of adopted caches that you haven't previously found. "Know where it is," and, "your own cache," are exactly the same thing. Personally I've never seen a CO log a DNF on his/her own cache but my guess would be that if it did happen it would be WAY AFTER publishing when he/she goes back to the cache to perform maintenance and can't find it because dozens/hundreds of cachers have handled it and it potentially was moved. I have seen CO's replace a cache because they couldn't find the original thus leaving 2 ( or more ), caches in VERY CLOSE proximity to eachother but I've never seen a CO post a DNF on their own cache. At any rate, we have quite a few cachers in our area who log their own caches and those they've helped hide as finds. After noticing this "logging your own caches as finds," trend about 1 month ago we Googled the phrase "logging my own cache as a find," and found the following below. When we googled the same phrase this evening we couldn't find anything pertaining to this subject ! We were only able to post this here because a friend whom we shared the info with still had the email we sent them... "5.5. Logging My Own Cache" "Can I log a find on my own cache? What about when I go back to visit?" "It is considered "bad form" to log a find on your own cache, no matter when you do it. The same is true if you re-visit another traditional cache (for example to place or retrieve a travel bug). Use the "post a note" log option to record your visit in these circumstances." "In either case, you're not "finding" a cache because you already know where it is. Save the smiley face for use when you've truly discovered a hidden cache." "Many thanks to Volunteer Cache Reviewer Keystone for initially developing this article."
  25. YES !! I'm having the exact same problems with my iPhone 4 !! I too updated to 4.2.1 which seems to me to have been a huge mistake. First was the compass issue, destination coordinates 00.000.00 with all caches showing off the coast of Africa. The update 2 weeks later fixed that BUT NOW the app is super sticky, super slow and frequently freezes dead !! Tap-Tap-Tap=NOTHING !! Before the update the iPhone 4 and the geo app combo was a dream. Recently I read that the more you use the geo app the slower it gets and eventually it'll freeze your iPhone up completely. I didn't believe it until the app froze DEAD last weekend. Wouldn't budge. The freezing issue makes me crazy as it reminds of when we had AOL dial-up internet service. We switched to 'high speed," but nothing is moving high or speedy !! Before getting the iPhone 4 and the geo app we were caching with handwritten paper notes and a beat piece of crap etrex summit hc that turns off every 2 minutes by itself and has the rubber hanging off. We found WAY MORE caches then than we do now ... It's like the more fancies you have the more you expect them to make your life easier and in a way it's better to just stick with basic ways because then you don't expect anything. In a way I'd love to go back to the paper notes, no phone, and the beat summit. No promises. No expectations.
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