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  1. When it works for certain cachers in their favor they say things like, "The game is always changing...." blah-blah-blah but they refuse to say that same thing when it comes to certain things like container size ratings. Back in the day, 10 years ago, when the only cache containers were Rubbermaid sandwich boxes, ammo cans and( the oldest smallest container ), film canisters, it might have been acceptable to rate a preform a small. Not anymore ! Guess what ?? The game IS always changing and just like anything else, it has to keep up with the changes wether the "old timers," like it or not ! Welcome to Geocaching, present day ! Not only did the arrival of the Bison squash all the old size ratings,the latest arrival of the Nano and the Super Nano have rendered rating preforms, film canisters, pill bottles etc... as micros....RIDICULOUS. Preforms are small and I believe my photo is pretty good proof of that. I don't care about all that liter mumbo-jumbo. Geocachers don't trade or swap liquids do they ? In my photo you'll see a preform containing 42 skull beads, 1 miniature race car from a McDonald's Happy Meal and a pair of Batman earrings. Next to the preform stands a Nano. That little beauty holds a sliver of paper. I have preforms, Bisons and Nanos hidden in the deep woods. Which container do you think you have the best chances of finding ? I bet it's the preform right ? Why ? BECAUSE IT'S THE LARGEST ? and hunting a preform in the deep woods isn't nearly as scary or as intimidating as hunting a Bison or a Nano in the deep woods is it ? I rest.
  2. I didn't think it was funny or offensive. I thought it was, for lack of a better word, stupid ! It left me completely lacking any emotion except wonder....I wonder.... is that supposed to be a rabbit ? I'm sorry but THAT IS NOT what I look like when I get caught trying to hide behind a tree ! I am so much cooler than that guy !
  3. You know what I love about some of the responses to this OP ? They're honest ! This is just my opinion, I think A LOT of cachers SERIOUSLY stretch the truth about their finds per day. I don't know why and I really don't want to know why because I think it's sad and honestly, I feel sorry for them. "A day," of caching for some is 2 hours or 4 hours or 6 or 8. For others it might be 10 or 12 or 16 OR 24. On our best "day," of caching we found 61 caches in 8 hours and that was only due to meticulous planning and a hand drawn map. In my opinion, meticulous planning is the only way to get that many caches in that amount of time. It was just over the border into Indiana. 56 of those 61 caches were part of a PnG series. These were NOT PnG's that were all spaced 528' apart. These 56 PnG's were spread out over a 10 mile radius. We did our homework and made sure they were all recently found. Approximately 30 minutes of the "day," was spent at the 1st cache we stopped at which was a 3/3, 2 weeks old, that hadn't been found yet ! It was a .4 round trip walk which took up most of the time because I found the cache in about 3 minutes, first place I looked after climbing to the tip of the huge fallen tree. So that's 57. 58 was another FTF on a cache that was published that day. Strangely, the other new cache next to it, had been found. Why didn't the FTF'ers on that one go after this one ? Answer: That one was in the parking lot. The one we got FTF on was a .1 walk ( oh no. not a walk ) down the path. 59 was the one in the parking lot and 60-61 elude me at this moment. Anyway, don't get all ooh-ahh when you see cachers state they, "found 100 caches today," or, "I found 200 caches today." My favorite claim ever is the 1,021 finds in 13 hours ! I don't believe that for 1 second. Even if the 1,021 caches were spaced 528' apart and there were 1,021 people standing along the roadside at each cache site with the logsheet in their hand, ready for you to sign, you still couldn't get 1,021 caches in 13 hours ! The claim was 1 cache every 43 SECONDS ! This is a fantasy. You couldn't even drive the 528' to the next cache in 43 seconds ! Your GPSr wouldn't work that fast. You're not going to stop your vehicle in the exact spot. If caches are placed that close to eachother you're either going to overshoot GZ or be short. THAT takes time. THEN you have to get out, find GZ, find the cache, open the container, unroll or unfold the logsheet, sign your name, reroll or refold it, put it back in the container, put the lid back on, rehide it, get back in the car and get to the next GZ in 43 seconds ??? NOT POSSIBLE ! We timed ourselves once with a group of PNG's down a country road that were spaced 528' apart. C drove, I jumped out. He timed all of them with a stopwatch starting when we left GZ of the previous cache. 4 of the 8 times I found the cache in the very first place I looked so those are the times we used to average. Best time of those 4 found in the first place I looked: 1 minute-13 seconds. Worst time: 1 minute-38 seconds. 1,021 caches found 43 seconds per cache ? NOT POSSIBLE. When these numbers are questioned they say, "See our profile page for stats." You go to the profile page and it's a bunch of graphs and bars etc... Who couldn't create those ? Put some numbers in. Create the graphs. That doesn't prove anything. If I told you I went to....Timbucktu to do a 1,000 cache series and I found all 1,000 in 13 hours but you found out I stayed in Timbucktu for 4-5 days. Wouldn't it be more likely that I actually found those 1,000 caches in 4 OR 5 DAYS and NOT 13 HOURS ? What would you think I did with the other 4.5 days ? You know I cached ! I'm obsessed with caching/numbers. That's why I went all the way to Timbucktu ! I flew all the way to Timbucktu for numbers ! Do you really think I went sightseeing the other 4.5 days ?
  4. So you obviously don't have cachers in your area who, if they don't get the FTF/their sig on the FTF line of the physical log, they hurry up and log their STF or TTF online before the FTF'er does, and say, "Well, I wasn't FTF but I'm "FTL," FIRST TO LOG !" We have cachers around our area doing that ALL THE TIME !!! It's like, "If I can't be first at this, I'll be first at that ! I don't really care what I'm first at as long as I'm FIRST at something !!" It's sad but it's true. As of late, we have a local cacher who travels from NE IL to S IL to the Indiana border and back again looking for FTF's. This is fine. Whatever. Who cares ? BUT he doesn't log the FTF's for months. That's ok too ! There aren't any rules or guidelines that state you have to log your FTF's within a certain time frame right ? Here's the clincher....he'll post notes on other cache pages congratulating other FTF'ers but if he got a FTF somewhere on the same day, he doesn't log it. This is just my opinion, I think he does this purposely to tick off the FTF hounds in the area and if I'm right, it's working because the biggest hounds in our area are VERY CAUTIOUS now about the FTF's they go after because THEY KNOW they'll probably see this guy's sig on the log from DAYS/WEEKS AGO ! One FTF hound in our area drove from Palatine to the Indiana border for 4 FTF's that sat for almost 2 weeks only to get there and find this guy's sig on all the logsheets from a week earlier ! Edit: We stopped on the way home one night, this past November, it was around 11:30 pm, to possibly nab a FTF on a cache placed by friends of ours. This guy was there at 7:30 pm and got the FTF. We don't get all bent like some cachers do if they go for a FTF and they're not so signed and went on our way. This guy still hasn't logged that cache 4 months later....
  5. There are a lot of great comments here ! I'd like to add some details about this 4-4 hide...the coords are dead on. There's NOTHING else in the immediate area where a cache could possibly be unless it's in the pavement ( we own one like this ). I got out while my teammate ate lunch. I spotted the black nano on the black post almost immediately, literally 5 seconds. I looked on the ground and found a long piece of white PVC pipe approximately 7' long. It was odd that this perfect tool was just lying right there ! Don't know if a previous finder left it or what. I used the pipe to slide/pull the magnetic nano down to reachable level all while it was still stuck to the sign post. Signed the log. Stuck it back on the post and used the stick to push it back up. Not only is this 4/4 cache THAT EASY, it IS handicap friendly/accessible. The hardest part, if any, about this cache, would be for a person with impaired vision because it is black on black or if the sun was blinding you and you couldn't look up. Other than that, if this was my cache, I'd probably give it a 1.5-1.5. Again, I think the issue is the difference in opinions about what different cachers consider "terrain." To me, a cache's difficulty is all about the brain and the terrain is all about the brawn. One doesn't have anything to do with the other. If I couldn't reach this cache from the ground and I had to physically climb up to the top of the sign, I STILL WOULDN'T RATE IT A 4 FOR TERRAIN. I obviously couldn't climb this sign like I could easily climb a tree of the same height so I would have to use a ladder and if I had to use a ladder, that would be part of the difficulty rating, NOT the terrain because the terrain here is perfectly flat parking lot paved pavement which is a 1. Terrain is used as a general term in physical geography, it refers to the lie of the land. THE LAND !!! This is usually expressed in terms of the elevation, slope, and orientation of terrain features. This sign is not a terrain feature like a hill or a mountain or a creek, river, lake, ditch etc... This sign didn't "grow," out of this parking lot ! You don't have to "conquer," the sign to get the cache ! You have to use your head and figure out how to get the cache down from the 1 star terrain you're standing on !
  6. Is the original question even for real ? I'm not a whimpy cacher by any means and I'll do whatever it takes to find your cache BUT if I got electrocuted EVEN A LITTLE, looking for your cache and THEN I found out you knew the fence was electric, uh, I'd be SERIOUSLY TICKED OFF ! There's a whole lotta world out there ! Archive it and put it somewhere else. I can't even believe I responded to this. ...Ooops ! Sorry 'bout that quicksand pit ! tee-hee ...Ooops ! Sorry 'bout that 200' deep hole in the woods I covered up with some local camo ! It's just an old well ! ...Oops ! Sorry 'bout the old Bear trap you stepped in ! I knew it was there but thought it would be fun ! C'mon ! Don't be mad !
  7. I'm holding the cache at GZ and there's the active RR tracks 58' away. I thought the guidelines were 250' from active tracks unless there's a physical boundary such as a fence surrounding a park or a road or a body of water ? I'm totally confused by the RR/cache placement guidelines. Another cache we visited recently is 38' from very active tracks where 4 trains went by in a matter of 20 minutes. The "boundary," is a strip of grass AND the posted coords put searchers in the middle of a highway ? Another cache we found recently is hidden 39' from very active tracks. Boundary in between those tracks and cache ? None. A few trees. Where can I find the guidelines for placing caches near RR tracks ?
  8. So you admit it's not a great idea right and as I stated, if it's about being polite and informing the masses that the FTF is gone....that's great and nice and all BUT it doesn't cover everybody ! Again, unless you've either seen one of these "notes," by chance or you've received a notification of said note because that cache in your notification radius or on a watchlist or bookmark, you're clueless ! Again, you run a PQ for unfound caches and THAT CACHE that actually HAS BEEN FOUND, comes up on your PQ as UNFOUND because the person that posted the "polite note," did just that, they posted a note and not a found it log. So, the "note thing," provides a service to some and a diservice to others. The only thing that makes sense, if this whole note posting thing is about late FTF loggers, is for the STF to post their find in the form of a Found It log. THEN it's polite to EVERYONE !! Edit: Polite to everyone I suppose EXCEPT that horrible FTF'er who so rudely hasn't logged his/her FTF yet but if that person is so rude, who cares ?
  9. In my opinion I think the difference in opinions with a cache like this is all about what you consider "terrain !!" It's not about how high the sign is, it's about how high or what the elevation is that I have to be at to retrieve the cache ! It's about where I have to be physically, my body !! Let's go crazy...If there was a cache on top of Mt. Everest and you didn't have to climb Mt. Everest to get the cache because you could get it from flat ground with a REALLY LONG STICK, what would the terrain be ? Would it be a 5 or would it be a 1 ? The cache in question is rated a WHOPPING 4-4 !!! For me, considering the fact we only have 5 stars to work with, I would expect a 4-4 to offer me a HUGE challenge and frankly, I would expect to fail miserably. THAT'S my own personal expectations of what a 4-4 should be. Hours of searching and an xtreme physical workout !! NEVER in my wildest dreams would I expect a 4-4 to be a nano stuck to a sign post 6' over my head where all I have to do is stand in the parking lot in front of it and pull it down and put it back up with a stick ! Even if I had to get ontop of that sign to retrieve the cache, it still wouldn't be a 4-4 in my opinion ! I just used the official Geocache Rating System for this cache and it rated it a 1 for terrain and that's what I would give it ! IT IS handicapped friendly !! If a physically challenged cacher spotted this cache and grabbed the nearby stick, he or she could easily retrieve it.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Interesting. So let me ask you, how do you come up with a 3 or 3.5 for terrain if the cache can VERY EASILY be had, in hand, 10 seconds, by simply standing there on the paved parking lot using a stick ?
  11. No I haven't and I don't intend to. I don't think I have to. Before I posted here and after coming across the note I quoted, I went through every possible scenario in my head that might possibly explain how this note posting thing a great idea. I came to the Groundspeak forums seeking opinions from cachers outside my immediate area and outside the "NE IL LOCAL FORUMS," where most everybody's opinion/ideas etc... are the same.
  12. No idea why I couldn't find this thread I started the last few times I searched for it. I've been wanting to share what I've found ! When I first got my iPhone 4 I bought a leather CaseMate case. It was 3 pieces. Inner sleeve, outer sleeve/holster and belt clip. Thought it was great for a few weeks until it stretched out and the inner sleeve that held the phone kept slipping out of the holster and the belt clip....USELESS. Clipped it on. Walked a few steps. There's my phone laying on the ground ! I don't know about you but my iPhone is a part of me and I treat it like a baby ! Obsessed ? Yea. I am. I don't like anybody even touching it. It's the only thing I use for caching. Haven't used a handheld GPSr since October 2010. Ok.So, I tossed the piece of **** CaseMate and I wanted the Otterbox. We went to the AT&T phone store last week to make some adjustments on our service and inquire about cases. The man helping us tells us to forget about the Otterbox, we HAVE TO try the Ballistic HC case. It blows the Otterbox away and the user ratings far exceed the Otterbox user ratings. It retails for $50 in the store but they had a 1/2 off sale. He shows it to us all packaged up so we really can't see it. It's black and white. Ew. I wanted RED. He's sellin' us on it HARD so we buy it. The selling point that sold me was when he told us the Ballistic HC case is a favorite of those guys who plow snow because they're always dropping their phones ! I'll take it ! Let me tell you, this case is KILLER ! You have a 2 piece hard plastic shell with built in screen protector. Then it fits into this unbelievable rubber case that feels INCREDIBLE in your hand. The back of it is like velvet. There are plugs for all the portals and they fit inside them like a glove so everything is PLUGGED UP TIGHT ! You don't wanna put your phone down when it's in this case ! THEN you get a 4th piece. Another SUPER HARD SHELL plastic cover that slides over the face of the phone for when you throw it in your purse, briefcase, suitcase etc.... You can feel the extra weight when you have the 3 pieces on and you can feel the quality. The sides are like treaded tires on a monster truck ! If you love your iPhone like I do, get the BALLISTIC HC ! I'm the pickiest person on the planet. I don't like anything but I LOVE THIS CASE ! You will too !
  13. I made a red mark ( hope you can see it ), right where the black nano sits.
  14. Does this happen in your area ? Cachers post notes on newly published caches that read "FTF more later," Or "Not FTF. More later." I've been seeing notes like these for the past few months. At first it was only a few cachers that posted them but as of late it's becoming more and more widespread. The most recent note caused me to start this thread. It reads: "In the spirit of a recent discussion on the ( NE IL LOCAL FORUMS ), message board: Not ftf, more later!" So here's what I don't get...Is this note posting supposed to remedy the problem of cachers who don't post their FTF logs online fast enough by letting the masses know a cache has been found so the FTF is no longer available and at the same time the person posting the note is also being polite to the FTF'er by not taking the "first Found It space," online ? ( I couldn't help that run-on sentence ). If that's the reason for this note, then why did the same note-posting cacher finally post his Found It log ( after the FTF posted his and 3 others posted theirs ), but leave the note ? See what I mean ? It doesn't make sense ! It does alert those who happen to catch the note in their notifications that the FTF has been had BUT if the note isn't going to be deleted after the person logs the find, then why not post your Found It log to start with ? Also, if this practice is supposed to remedy what many cachers think is bad form....logging your FTF's late, by letting everyone know a cache has been found, it causes a whole new issue for a whole other group of people who don't catch these notes in their notifications ! What about those who then run a PQ of unfound caches ! That "Not FTF. More later," note doesn't remove that cache from my unfound caches PQ and unless I'm privy to this new note thing and I check each individual "unfound," cache page for NOTES, I might drive a long way for a FTF only to get there and find 2 sigs on the physical logsheet ! Then I'm baffled and wonder why this cache came up in my PQ of unfounds !! Does this make sense. The whole note posting thing MAKES ZERO SENSE unless I'm totally missing something. Please enlighten me. thanks ps: i don't even wanna get started on the "FTF. More later," notes.
  15. Wow ! What can I say ? I revisited my inspiration thread this morning and was so touched and happy to see the kind posts it received ! I am ESPECIALLY happy to see the post by Lynn aka ihatethistles, or should I say ihatethistles aka Lynn ? As I stated in my OP, figuring out how to properly use the handicap attribute has been a struggle for us. If we place a cache that requires a short or even longer walk across flat grassy/sandy/gravel terrain, we would rate it a 1 for terrain and choose the, "not handicap accessible," attribute. Upon publication of said cache we would receive the recommendation from our local publisher that we should think about changing our terrain rating to 1.5 if it isn't handicap accessible. We had a hard time differentiating between rating our cache a 1 for terrain and choosing the, "not handicap accessible," attribute and/or rating our cache a 1.5 for terrain and not having to worry about choosing/not choosing the, "handicap/not handicap accessible," attribute. I'm going to be honest and PLEASE don't hate me ! I would say to myself, "What's the difference ?" If I rate our cache a 1 for terrain and choose the,"not handicap friendly," attribute or I rate it a 1.5, (which automatically makes it not handicap friendly and our local publisher isn't going to send us that email), and not have to worry about the handicap attribute ? Because of Lynn I now realize my ignorance. I was TOTALLY catering to the non-challenged cacher because I didn't know or know of any physically challenged cachers in my area !Were they out there ? Little did I know, there are several physically challenged cachers in my area ! Thing is, those challenged cachers never came out and publicly state in their logs that they're physically challenged ! Ironically, soon after discovering Miss Lynn is a physically challenged cacher, I "met," ANOTHER local cacher who is also physically challenged ! She sent us THE MOST wonderful email about our cemetery cache series and said how much she loved the series and the hides. She kept asking me how many of our hides required climbing ? My first thought was, "Hmmm. Does she want me to send her a breakdown of our hides and where they're hidden ?" Then, after talking for awhile, she told me she has Fybromyalgia. This lady caches with her young son any chance they get and her logs are ALWAYS the most upbeat and positive. She never complains or whines or posts rude, negative logs on the cache pages for those caches she can't retrieve. Proof ? See the notes she posted for our, "Paul," cache and our, "Gimme 3 Steps," cache. I look at meeting these 2 ladies as a blessing in disguise or a rude awakening or whatever you want to call it. Believe me when I say, I am NOT easily inspired so it's huge for me to be touched by 2 people in a matter of days who change the way I look at something ! Long story short: My struggle with the handicap attribute and how to use it properly is no more thanks to Lynn and Jeannie.
  16. Isn't it interesting and wonderful how certain people cross our life paths and change how we look at things or open our eyes to something we didn't see clearly before or were oblivious to ? These people may change the way we think and thus inspire us to change for the better. To inspire others is why we're all here. It's not easy to inspire others so if and when we do, we've done something wonderful. I have been inspired by a local cacher. I have come to learn this cacher is handicapped. I started noticing her logs approximately 6 months ago because they were so beautifully written, positive and upbeat. The enthusiasm she displayed in her logs drew me in and made me want to read what she had to say. That doesn't happen very often. Only recently did she disclose that she's handicapped and walks with a cane. We've been placing caches for a long time and currently own 200. The handicap attribute has always been a struggle for us and how to use it because frankly and honestly, we didn't know any handicap cachers in our area. We have always based our ratings on and chosen attributes that cater to the non-impaired/fully functional/fully capable geocacher. For example:If the terrain is flat grass or blacktop and GZ is a few hundred feet from the road, rate it a 1 for terrain and use the, "not handicap friendly," attribute instead of rating it a 1.5 for terrain which automatically makes it not handicapped friendly. It makes me angry how so many non-handicapped cachers in our area use the fact that the handicap friendly attribute is present on a cache page when they post DNF logs. In other words, making statements in DNF logs like, "This is supposed to be handicap friendly so why can't I find it ?" Very capable cachers complain and whine about caches, ratings and attributes EVERY DAY but the lady I'm telling you about has NEVER, NOT ONCE, visited any cache, discovered she's not able to retrieve it, and posted a negative or rude log ! Her husband, whom she adoringly refers to as a,"half muggle," drives her around and helps her along her way with finding Geocaches and she openly expresses how much she loves him in her logs because he helps her with this, "thing," she loves to do. Her discovery of geocaching has literally changed her life and given her a reason to get outside and walk ! I recently started speaking to her via email and she is possibly, probably, THE NICEST, most genuine and happy person on the face of the Earth. Her name is Lynn and she inspires me.I want to place some caches just for her. I hope to meet her in person someday.
  17. I've been looking for an answer to this question for the past hour ever since returning from this cache site GC2D76K today. GZ is in the center of the overpass to Rt. 57. If you look at the sat pics, you'll see it's open cornfields on either side. Don't let this fool you. This highway is just like any other highway. I believe it extends from Chicago to Tennessee. I could be wrong. I didn't look it up. There are highway overpasses with pedestrian walkways but this isn't one of them. Our search for this cache was VERY brief and I'll tell you why...it wasn't the fact that there wasn't any place to park or the fact that we were 100' up over an expressway with cars doing 70mph below and frigid cold 40 mph winds that burnt our faces to a crisp...the fear wasn't for ourselves but for the people in the cars passing by under us ! They HAD TO see us up there wandering around !I know if I was approaching the underpass and saw someone, "up there," hanging over the edge, I'd be freaked ! What were the motorists thinking ? Were they thinking we were going to jump ? Hurl a huge boulder over the railing ? Strange thing was, there were long lengths of guardrail on both sides of the overpass where the cache could've easily been placed ? Anyway, my question is: If a LEO pulled up, could we have been arrested ? thanks.
  18. Advice ? If you see, "beta tester," ANYWHERE, RUN THE OTHER WAY ! Do Not attempt to understand it or change it.
  19. I'd just like to quote a great log I saw on a 5/5 cache at the end of a bonus series: I bet there are plenty of cachers who are in your area that would never go for this cache, especially if it involved finding a series of cachs, then boating to an island, then walking through 425' of stinging nettles. I bet there are plenty of folks in the area who could apply your "ostracizing" comment to this cache. Yet you had a blast at it: So . . . it would appear that different cachers have different experiences with different caches. In short, to each his or her own. Thank you ???? I'm not all that great at this forum stuff but I think this is a compliment ?
  20. No. 8 in the GS "Challenge Cache," guidelines states: "Requiring cachers to find an explicit list of caches (rather than a broader category of caches) will likely prevent the cache from being published." Does GC2J33N require cachers to find an explicit list of caches ? EDIT: I knew there was a "challenge cache," in my area that didn't seem to abide by "challenge cache," guideline #4... "A challenge cache based on one or more non-accomplishments, such as DNFs, will likely not be published." I just found it and it has been archived GC1BQ7P.
  21. In the GS guidelines for "challenge caches," 4.14. challenge caches, No. 7 states: "An individual's attempt to complete a challenge should be independent of the actions of other cachers. A challenge is supposed to recognize the completion of an achievement, rather than the winner of a competition. For example, a challenge based on "First to Finds" is dependent on the actions of other cachers, is a competition, and cannot be verified, so would likely not be published." So what about GC22XE6 ? In order to log said cache as a find you have to prove you have 100 FTF's ??
  22. I have yet to see a "challenge cache," that's friendly towards new cachers with not a lot of finds, cachers who aren't totally obsessed or cachers who aren't part of a "certain group," of cachers. So, with that being said, I have an idea for a, "challenge cache," of my own ! In order to QUALIFY to log my, "challenge cache," you have to have uhhhhh, let's see..... 8% of your total finds in the form of giving back to the geocaching community as OWNED HIDES !!! I understand that one of the prerequisites to having a, "challenge cache," approved and published you have to have accomplished or reached the goal of said challenge personally. After all, you can't require others to accomplish a goal you yourself have not reached ! We have approx. 2,500 finds and we've given back to the GC community with 195 hides so if we hide 5 more caches, we qualify and we would be allowed to own a "challenge cache," which requires others to do the same right ? SO, if you have, let's say, 11,000 finds, in order to QUALIFY to log my, "challenge cache," you need to have.....880 hides out there ! Jeesh. that's a lot of hides. EDIT: PMO caches are always being bashed with comments like, "They're nothing special," etc... If I ever decide to take on a, "challenge cache," and spend 100 consecutive days finding a cache or the filling in of the 365 day grid, that cache needs to be the best/most special cache I've ever seen !
  23. I'm happy to have found this thread because the dismissal of the simple/little/easy/30 second/on site ALR requirement cache being replaced by the outrageous ??????? challenge caches that require you to spend a year of your life to qualify to log, really bugs me ! These, "challenge ???? caches," are ALR's taken to a whole new, unachievable by most, level, and they OSTRACIZE a large group of cachers keeping them from EVER logging these ?????? caches !!!! For example: You have to find 100 caches in a 100 days, consecutively. You have to find 365 caches in 365 days, consecutively. You have to NOT FIND/log DNF's on 100 caches rated 1.5-1.5. You have to find a cache in every county in the state. You have to find 75% of the caches owned by a particular CO. You have to find 12 caches with the help/assistance or in the company of other cachers. You have to have 15% of your total finds from caches other than traditional. These are ALL Additional Logging Requirements !! Edit: PS: Guess how many I/we, 'qualify," for, would ever qualify for, or care to qualify for ? ZERO
  24. Your wanting to help for the sake of helping is both kind and admirable. Unfortunately, this is a game/sport where you have to ask for permission before you lend assistance or help someone for fear of insulting or making them angry. I remember the time we replaced a LPC and then received a really angry, bordering on hate mail, email from the owner stating how dare we replace her LPC without asking. Not that it matters but if you did what you have planned for one of our caches, we would be eternally grateful and thankful that you were a cacher in our area.
  25. Life is not fair. Maybe the well known and accepted "backdoor" method thus not sneaky at all should not be a backdoor just let non-premium member log them the same way a premium member does. That way it would not be "sneaky" A non-premium member does not need to ask your permission they can log without it. By the way if you pay $1,500 for that First Class airline ticket you may as well start getting "ticked off" and "feel taken and cheated by the airline" now... probably a good chance that more than half of those sitting up next to you didn't pay that $1,500 but paid that $400 or less for a coach seat and got a free upgrade. I have only flown ten fights in the last month and all in first and haven't paid for a single one. Life is not fair. I haven't used any of the "normal" premium features in years. No pocket queries, no pmo caches, no fancy maps.... only ones I have used are the few Waymarking ones This is in response to the comment that begins..."Life is not fair....." How about this ? How about stop advertising the PMO cache option as a perk to paying members ? THAT'S THE PROBLEM I HAVE ! I don't like it when a company/business/establishment whatever, OR a person, another human being, promises me somthing and then doesn't live up to that promise. How hard is that to understand and comprehend ? BOTTOM LINE...when you make your cache PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY, IT'S NOT PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY and if you're new to the game and not privy to THE SLEAZY BACKDOOR and you don't check the membership status of everyone who logs your caches, YOU'VE BEEN HAD !!!! Either offer it or don't offer it and if you offer it, honor it ! Creating (and using), THE SLEAZY BACKDOOR is NOT honorable and anyone who thinks it is probably sneaks into movie theaters via the backdoor in the alley because they don't wanna pay $10 for a ticket, come in the front entrance and hand the guy at the door their ticket thereby stating, "Here's my ticket ! I PAID TO SEE THE MOVIE !!"
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