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  1. Paragraphs Make reading So much easier Sorry! Instead of making fun of me, how about helping me? I would like to post photos of the sabotaged containers but I'm not sure how to do it. I don't know much about how things work in the forums but would appreciate any help and/or advice.
  2. What were they supposed to do? Stop after 5 and have a picnic while waiting for others to come along? If they got 8 in a row, you have to ask, were the other people in town sleeping? FTF hounds don't have cars that go at warp speed. If a person is so motivated, if a series of caches is published closer to them than where the FTF hound is, they can get their FTFs. Found it 11/02/2012Oh you have got to be freaking kidding me! I spent my lunch break hitting some new caches up in North Aurora, trying to snag my first ftf. I planned out my route of unfound caches, but when i got there, i found they had all been found by someone else, but not logged online. So for an after-work cache run, i figured I'd hit the other end of town. Found a bunch of unfound caches down here by 111th, far from TSAWSF, or whatever it is. But no. Anyway, i love the container. 'tis the season to be late for a FTF. Perpetually second, -ding
  3. We are so lucky to have a special cacher in our area who creates some of THE BEST series around! His series are not about the 5 star difficulty micro hide or the impossible terrain etc... His focus is on the journey and taking you to THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES you would NEVER otherwise see or experience if not for his caches. His series are mostly made up of numerous traditionals with clues to 1 or more ? finals. Today we ventured out to find his series with 24 traditionals, some of which have clues to the final, and the final. A large part of the fun is in collecting the clues/codes on/in each cache and then putting things together at the end to see where the final is. The traditionals are scattered in groups of 4-5 in several local parks/preserves. To our dismay we find all 5 in one park with half the clues PURPOSEFULLY either burned off, ripped off or scraped off. We're freaking out because we just hiked almost 2 miles to the farthest of these 5 caches only to find half the clues on each, to the final, 'destroyed.' 2 miles isn't that far BUT who wants to trekk back again? We send the CO an email stating half the codes are missing on 5 caches in the series and please call us so we can not only get the codes but also write the codes on the logsheets or wherever in each so the next cachers to visit can get the codes and make it to the final....until he can come out and fix things. We speak to the CO a bit later as we're getting into our vehicle and it turns out he already knows about the 'sabotage' which is why he, unbeknownst to us, has posted the full coords to the final on that cache page thus rendering it pretty much another traditional. I had mixed emotions while speaking to him. I FELT SO BAD for him. I was irate for us and SERIOUSLY TICKED OFF that someone would do what they did to his hard worked series. He on the other hand was very calm and laid back almost forgiving. Long story short, whoever did this should be stripped of their GC membership! They ruined our journey. They ruined the COs hard work. They ruined the experience and joy of this series for a lot of people. I guess my question is, what sort of person does this sort of thing? This CO is the nicest person you could ever want to know. He has helped me with so many things. Recently he spent hours teaching me about waypoint projections and not just copying/pasting info but really taking the time to help me understand and even offering to meet in person so we could practice together. It just makes me really sad that there are people in the game who would do evil things like this to such a great person. We have our caches stolen all the time or the caps or lids stolen from our caches by another member. We have come to, I guess, accept it and move on.What we experienced today with witnessing these codes being burned off/scraped off this member's caches really made me mad.
  4. you say you love a good competition for FTFs but obviously you don't because basically, you feel you should have FTFs handed to you and you're put off by those who earn them. That's not being competitive, that's being snobby and having an attitude that others 'owe you' something you didn't earn. If you have a reasonable argument as to why hounds 'owe you' FTFs, we would love to hear it. Being a true FTF hound takes alotta work and alotta dedication. We are coming up on 800 FTFs. It's a personal goal to reach 1,000 and catch that other hound in our area who has EARNED himself around 1,300. Our last run netted us 28. Our record in one morning/afternoon/evening is 34. These last 28 caches were 25-30 miles from homebase. They were not in our backyard and we headed out before the sun came up. I don't believe for one second that you would feel any amount of joy from acquiring a FTF that a hound 'let you find/have,' as compared to the joy you would feel if you acquired a FTF because you actually beat the local hound AND EARNED IT!
  5. there was this one time, when i was a kid, i played hide-n-seek by myself! i hid myself and then somehow, miraculously, i found myself! i won but didn't really feel good about it because after all, i basically knew where i was the whole time so how, HOW, i asked myself, was this fair???
  6. it is 4,000 characters but i hope this limit doesnt deter you from using up the 4,000 character limit and continuing your log with a note extension. for me personally as the 'log author' for teamseek it's very difficult ( I'm sure it's my passion,excitement and longwindedness) when we experience a great cache, to keep it short. Just know that CO's appreciate it when finders show appreciation for their hides by posting a 'long log.' As a CO myself, no log is too long! When we receive a long log or a log posted by a cacher who obviously enjoyed one of our hides, it only makes us want to go out and hide more!
  7. if you wanna use a personal photo as a background on one of your cache pages, it first has to be uploaded onto the internet. it's simple. what we did is we created a cache page that's strictly used for uploading images. then, once the image is uploaded on that cache page, right click 'properties' and copy/paste the URL into the background image box for your new cache page.
  8. PS: I forgot to give props to the GeoApp for iPhone! IT ROCKS! I LOVE IT! WOULDN'T USE ANYTHING ELSE!
  9. It will be 2 years this Halloween since I got my iPhone 4 and I will NEVER use anything else to cache! I see lots of DNF logs posted by cachers who state 'All I had was my iPhone,' and it's baffling to me WHY they're posting a DNF, blaming the iPhone compass! I wouldn't trade my iPhone for a handheld GPSr if you paid me! As for covers, I've had a 3-piece Ballistic cover on my iPhone since day 1, cost, $35. It's 2 pieces that snap together tight around the phone with an attached screensaver and the 3rd piece is a thick, flexible rubber outer layer of protection with port plugs. In the 2 years since I got my iPhone I haven't had a single mishap until 4 days ago when I was approx 20' up in a tree signing a logsheet and DROPPED MY PHONE INTO THE Kishwaukee River!! Panic set in and my teammate jumped in to retrieve my phone. So happens the Kish was only about 2' deep and crystal clear this day so my iPhone was clearly visible laying on the bottom. OMG! I would say it was submerged for 15-20 seconds max. I unsnapped the cover and the phone was bone dry, including the ports. It was still on. My teammate rang my phone. Ring tone good BUT i couldn't hear him speaking until I turned the speaker on AND I didn't have keyboard sounds or on/off sounds etc... Googled it and found that my phone was thinking I had headphones plugged in. One person said they blew compressed air into the headphone port and it worked SO there I was, blowing into the headphone port on my phone and IT WORKED! All sounds came back and my phone is in perfect working order! Yea! This potentially tragic mishap got me to thinking about HOW VITAL A GOOD/QUALITY CASE IS for my investment. My 2 year contract expires next week at which time I will purchase the iPhone 5. I have been researching the best cases, WATERPROOF CASES, and found the LifeProof case which is so waterproof you can swim with your iPhone in your pocket. It's pricey, about $80 depending on where you buy but for me, $80 is absolutely worth it if I know my iPhone won't be destroyed next time I drop it in a lake/river/pond or in the snow. Life Proof cases for iPhone 5 are not yet available but you can get on the wait list like I did. Other companies have cases on the market right now for iPhone 5 BUT those cases went available to the public without iPhone 5 specs which Apple does not divulge before each new iPhone is available so how 'trustworthy' can they be to keep your investment safe? Also, the LifeProof case only adds 1.5mm to each edge! During my research I kept reading complaints about how 'ugly' this protector is! Who cares what it looks like as long as it does what it's supposed to do? If it only came in black and white polka dots I would put it on my phone if I knew I could drop it in a river and not FREAK cuz I knew it would be perfect when I pulled it outta the water. This protector comes in 'tactical' colors (created for military use) for iPhone 4 and 4S so I'm sure the same options will eventually be available to iPhone 5 users. For me, my iPhone is an investment I wanna protect and and spending $80 for a 'cover' is the same as shelling out $ for an alarm on my house and my vehicle. http://www.lifeproof.com/shop/iphone-5-black http://www.lifeproof.com/shop/iphone-5-black
  10. its horrible that you have to deal with all this nonsense of paying member's caches getting in your way and you and your son can't hide your 'treasure' where you wanted!! that is just so wrong and i totally feel for you! what a shame! what an outrage!
  11. DUDE!!!! HELLO!!! You're a premium member!!!
  12. Long pants didn't help on a recent cache find in Austria. Got the "seven minute itch" right through my nylon hiking pants! Youch! There's your problem. I love my nylon hiking pants (when they don't snag and tear) but they're too thin to stop the needle-like crystals of the nettle leaves. I've even had a bit of sting through denims at times. Long pants don't help! I'm not a whimpy cacher by any stretch but when I plowed through 450' of Stinging Nettle, uh, yea, the tears were falling! I was wearing Carrharts and my legs were ON FIRE! We were on an island on the Fox River, final stage of a Boy Scout multi....Scoutmaster. There was no way I was gonna wimp out on making it to the cache but by the time we made our way back to our canoe I was ballin' like a baby. I thought FOR SURE when I rolled my pants legs up, my legs were gonna be nothin' more than char-broiled stumps! Don't laugh! I was SHOCKED to see only minor redness! So ya,I'll admit it! This was the 3rd time I cried while geocaching! This plant shoots acid via hairs that are like hypodermic needles and you don't feel the burn right away! It takes a few minutes and then you wanna throw yourself on the ground and roll cuz you think you're on fire! I would NEVER place a cache in or near this dastardly weed!!
  13. eI agree. I think that most cachers who leave 'throw-downs' do so with the best intentions and only want to help. Someone left a throw-down at one of our cache locations the other day because he couldn't find our cache and was sure it was gone. The hard part about contacting this member about this particular throw-down was, this cacher didn't then log his own throw-down as a find! Ikes! We don't mind if someone does this on one of our LPC caches when the location is obvious.
  14. How about just leaving it right where it is, as it is, and letting it ride? You initially rated it what you thought it should be so leave it alone. No need to feel guilty if your cache receives DNFs. Stop catering. If someone wants to find it, they'll work to find it.
  15. A few days ago we received an email from what appeared to be just another GC.com member. It was brief and asked if we cross reference our caches with OpenCaching.com using a certain handle (not our own but very similar). I was perplexed so I clicked on the link to opencaching.com. There I saw ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE of our 237 owned caches listed on the site ! I wrote back and said no we did not post our caches on the site nor did we give anyone else permission to do so. This person wrote back and was VERY apologetic. He then stated he was an "Ambassador," of opencaching.com. and stated he would send immediate notification to have our cache listings removed from the site. It seems 123 of our caches passed through the review process and were posted on the site without any verification/permission from us !! This person noticed the huge amount of caches listed and wrote to us to make sure we gave permission. 2 hours later our 123 caches were removed from opencaching.com. I was livid when I saw so many of our caches listed on the site but this GC.com member/OpenCaching.com Ambassador was so nice, as was "the site itself," who wrote to us later, I was just thankful our caches were removed.
  16. No one else has asked so I will... WHY are you unwilling to pay Groundspeak for a membership ?
  17. Rate the size of your cache container the way you want to rate it and don't ask everybody else what you should rate it ! It's your cache ! You own it so OWN IT and don't be bullied into changing your ratings !
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