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  1. I've had a slight change of plan regarding my travelling to the event, as I have a commitment in Durban on the Friday afternoon from which I cannot get out. So, I will leave PMB at 5am on the Saturday and head straight for the Amajuba Mountain parking lot - about 3 hours drive. Wazat, can you please send me contact details for the campsite in Utrecht so that I can make a booking for Saturday night? According to my GSAK stats, I should get to my 100th find by 3rd November 2007 - well, I'm hoping to step up the gas a bit more between now and the event so that I can celebrate my 100th with you guys at the event!
  2. Hi Wally & Chippy, I am planning to devote an entire day the weekend after next to find caches in the Drakensberg, starting from the Southern area upwards, so I hope to find all or most of your caches!
  3. This sounds exciting! You can count on me being there. I will probably travel up from PMB on the Friday afternoon, so I will camp overnight on Friday night as well as Saturday night, and then travel home on Sunday afternoon after the event. Hopefully I will have some company on Friday night! If anyone needs a lift from PMB or wants to share my tent, give me a shout.
  4. You can count me in! Keep me posted...
  5. What an awesome unit, the eTrex Vista HCx! While I'm sitting indoors with a storm raging outside, it's picking up 9 satellites and displaying an accuracy of 8 metres! Not too shabby...
  6. Just a little update - I decided that the GPS 60 was not good enough for me, so this morning I went back to the good folk of CUM in PMB and they kindly exchanged it for an eTrex Vista HCx. Cost me about double, but what a difference in value! Now I've also got the latest Topo & Rec mapset loaded on my 1GB micro-SD card. Test drove it on a cache just now, and I'm impressed!
  7. I got them at a place called "Tuscan Decor" in PMB - the smaller one (30cm diameter) cost me R78 and the slightly bigger one (45cm) cost R86. I think I've recruited the owner to geocaching!
  8. ...and here are my secret weapons, acquired today! Hehehe!
  9. Any opinions on the Garmin GPS 60?
  10. I've just got myself a GPS 60 unit (I've been using a StreetPilot c310 up until now), which has a geocaching mode. However, I don't have any topo map detail loaded on the unit - how does one get topo detail installed on the GPS 60? I hope I haven't bought the wrong unit!
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Fish Eagle! Yes, it all seems to be working as it should, bar the few caches that have not yet been updated!
  12. Does anyone know where, in KZN, I can buy some fake rocks? I think they could serve as great hiding places for caches!
  13. I think I've solved the mystery with GSAK - you need to edit your Pocket Queries as well. There is a Province/State option which you need to activate. I cannot see if this has solved the problem yet, as I have only just made the change and my new Pocket Query has not yet arrived in my Inbox. The only problem with this (as I see it) is that you can only activate one province per Pocket Query, not all the provinces in SA.
  14. Mmmm - I see what you mean! Even after refreshing GSAK with new pocket queries, the "State" column changes from "none" to "Nil". Any bright ideas anyone???
  15. Hi Leon - this is how I did it: In GSAK, go to View...Add/Delete Columns and then tick the "State" box, just after "Terrain".
  16. Thanks for letting us know - I've done my changes! Remember that you also need to edit your profile location. Now, the big question - how long will it take for the owners of over 2000 caches in SA to update their cache locations? How will they even know that they need to / can update their cache locations?
  17. Thanks Wazat! The nice thing about this milestone was that it was also a FTF! By the way, how do you guys pick up these milestones?
  18. Ok, I have managed to open a PayPal account and paid for GSAK!
  19. I see there are only a few caches in Port Alfred - hopefully there will be a lot more by the time I get there in December!
  20. Bakkie, you are an officer and a gentleman! Thank you very much!
  21. The form refers to credit card options, but it then insists on creating a PayPal account! I've been going round and round in circles trying to pay direct, but without success.
  22. I want to purchase a registration for GSAK, but I don't want to go the PayPal route. Any other ways that I can pay?
  23. Is there anyone in the Port Alfred area who can send me the GPS co-ordinates of the Links Coastal Inn?
  24. Only 4 more finds to get to my half-century! Boy, is this hobby addictive or what?
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