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  1. Opos, dptlcaiue psot! How dwos one dtelee a psot?
  2. Tihs is my hlmbue oinpin on tihs vrey sneisvite mteatr - peoridvd the magesse gtes cmanemuictod, tehn who creas waht the sllnepg is lkie? Tehy say taht, as lnog as the fsrit and lsat lterets of a wrod are croecrt, it wlil be uoneorsdtd! So, if tihs psot mekas ssnee, tehn its pposure has been ahevcehd. So, clihl out - the mnaes is not as irptnamot as the end!
  3. Ok, ok! I'm on my way there first thing in the morning! Let's see if I can get a FTF and move Load Shedder in one go! Perhaps I'll even move my own TB along...
  4. Well, I've emailed Elite Garmin and he has replied, confirming that he's the culprit and apologised and that he will do the necessary updating soon.
  5. Hi, I am trying to contact a cacher going by the name similar to "Extreme Garmin". At one of my caches, "Troll Hole - GCNORD", s/he logged a find in the logbook in Dec 07 / Jan 08 and noted that a coin was taken. However, no log was made on the website, and the coin is still theoretically in the cache's inventory, although it is physically not there anymore. Anyone know what the correct spelling of this cacher's name is?
  6. Looks interesting, but I'll need a quiet hour or so to work through the process! The more I see what can be done with GSAK, the more impressed I become! An amazing piece of software. I've just tested this macro and it works perfectly! I had to adjust some of my computer's file associations (from notepad to wscript) - found out how to do that from the very comprehensive thread on the GSAK forum.
  7. Looks interesting, but I'll need a quiet hour or so to work through the process! The more I see what can be done with GSAK, the more impressed I become! An amazing piece of software.
  8. That's a good idea! Not as immediate as an email notification, but good enough. I keep a weekly updated database of all SA's caches on GSAK, so in theory I should achieve what I need. However, I can't seem to get GSAK to display all the logs for every cache, even though I've checked that there are no filters restricting the number of logs. Any ideas that I should consider?
  9. I can't answer your question, but I know of a few caches in KZN that were first found only 6 months after they were published, some of which I have found! Well worth the effort. They are: GC12GZG, GC12GZ2, GC12GZ9, and GC12GZR.
  10. I agree that your method will work in your case, because of your TB, but what if I want to track anyone else's logs? I can't exactly ask them to set up a TB like you've done!
  11. Is there a way to get an automatic email notification of all logs made by a particular cacher?
  12. Last weekend I was fortunate to attend the Gorgeous Gorge Get-Together Event, in the Crocodile River Gorge near Nelspruit, organised by Fish Eagle, together with about 50 other cachers. What an amazing event - memories of it will stay with me for a long time! Surprisingly, there were only 2 KZN cachers present - I&J (Vryheid) and myself (Pietermaritzburg). As expected, there was the usual geo-chatter and swopping of stories. One topic that came up, however, put me to shame, as a KZN'er. There was a general feeling amongst the up-country cachers that KZN caches, on the whole, do not take holiday-makers and tourists into account, especially along the South Coast where most tourists go. There are numerous stunning opportunities for caches on the South Coast, yet the number of caches placed there are far and few! Some up-country cachers have even considered placing caches on the South Coast themselves, but they have not received much positive response to their appeals to KZN cachers to maintain them. Are we going to do something about this? I believe they have a valid point, and I hope to correct it to some extent, even though the South Coast is quite some distance from me. When I look at the distances some of the up-country cachers do, in order to place caches, we don't have any excuses!
  13. How does this feature work? I've managed to download a gpx file, but what do I do with it now? It wants to be opened as a GSAK file, but when I open it with GSAK, nothing seems to happen! Sorry to be such a mamparra, but I can't get my mind around this...
  14. Have a look at Tracks4Africa - I've only started looking at it myself, so I can't comment much on it, but it might be the answer to your question!
  15. You are so correct, Rhino! This particular cache has become so elusive to me that I'm getting quite obsessed by it! And I'm the 'owner'...
  16. How about "The Valentine Buggy Race"?
  17. I would like the opinion of this forum on a very bizarre situation in which I find myself! Of the four caches that I have taken over, I have previously found only three while they were under previous ownership. Have I now lost the opportunity to find the fourth cache, as I now own it?! Obviously I need to find it, so that I can maintain it, but am I allowed to log it as a find?
  18. That my kinda of cache - a true KZN cache! well done! great shape! Any takers to join me for a trot up and back in under an hour.... So when you gonna do it, mountain-man? The nipple has been a virgin for far too long now...
  19. I have been requested by a fellow cacher to take over his caches, as he has other priorities and can't maintain them anymore. How does one go about transferring ownership of a cache?
  20. Hi GPS Derek, In GSAK, select File...Export, then GPX/LOC File. On the next window, ensure that GPX file is selected, then save the file somewhere on your computer. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and then copy the GPX file to the phone's SD card. On the phone, open CacheMate and select the Import Plugin icon. Then tap on Start and then tap on the GPX file name, to start the import of the GPX data into CacheMate. Hope this helps!
  21. Here are the oldest active caches per province: - Western Cape GC185 Sentinel View 18 Jan 2001 - Mpumalanga GC1341 Eucaliptus 2 Apr 2001 - Free State GC9ED MADIBA TRAIL Bloemfontein 20 May 2001 - North West GCE74 Magaliesberg 1(Maanhaarrand - North West Province) 30 Jun 2001 - Gauteng GC13FB Pretoria East 001: 29 Jul 2001 - Northern Cape GC2964 R385 Posmansburg (GMC015Z) 21 Nov 2001 - Eastern Cape GC3007 Port Elizabeth - C St Francis 30 Dec 2001 - Limpopo GC573F Yebo Gogo 12 May 2002 - Kwazulu Natal GC6680 Balelesberg - Utrecht 20 Jun 2002
  22. My niece, Julie, is a waitron at the Barnyard so please be nice to her if she serves your table!
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