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  1. Mmmm - I kinda like that name... Reminds me of BLACK BEARD - the fearless pirate! Maybe I should do it - BWhelan seemed to change over quite seamlessly...
  2. I was way out - mine is at S 29° 03.244 E 30° 05.574 - somewhere near Mooi River and Estcourt!
  3. I would guess that mine would be somewhere in Lesotho? Let me check now...
  4. Yee-hah! Ek het die eerste TD in KZN (GC1CB16 - XVI Howick) vandag gevind! Dankie DiePienaars - dit was veel pret!
  5. Hi Anton, I've thought about this feature as well, so I would be very keen to see it materialise!
  6. Hi Steve, Yes, the system will apply the relevant unlock code depending on which unit you have plugged in. When you open Mapsource and select Transfer, the name of the unit, which is currently plugged in, will appear.
  7. Hi Seeker Two, I also have 2 units and the process is quite simple and automated. Plug the first unit into your computer, connect to the internet and run the DVD. Follow all the prompts, make your purchase selection and pay online. The prompts will guide you through the installation and will unlock the mapset you chose for the first unit and it will then automatically transfer the unlocked mapset to the first unit. Then, unplug the first unit and plug in the second unit and follow the same procedure as above. There is no need to delete the first unlock code before the second unlock code is done - your computer's registry will record both. You can have as many mapsets unlocked on one computer as you like - the restriction is that each mapset can only be unlocked to one unit.
  8. My next mountain is shaped more like a - well, let's just say that it might be called "Neville's Haemorrhoid"!
  9. Something else that I've just discovered with the DEM mapset: Using DEM on Mapsource, it is possible to create a track which contains elevation data. Great for forward planning of a geocaching hike in the mountains!
  10. You need to buy both the Topo mapset and the DEM mapset - you can then toggle between the two mapsets. Remember, though, Garmin's rules are that you can only register a mapset to ONE GPSr only, although you can register more than one mapset to the same GPSr. You can also install a mapset to multiple computers.
  11. DEM if you've got a Colorado unit. Otherwise, do as I have done - install Topo on your GPSr and use DEM on your computer...
  12. I personally don't have a problem with clutter - I suppose you can reduce it by setting your GPSr to show less detail. Otherwise, have both mapsets loaded on your GPSr and toggle between the two.
  13. I picked up my copy of the DVD yesterday at Cape Union Mart in Pietermaritzburg - the installation went flawlessly. Apparently the initial despatch of DVD's had a lot of errors in them (due to a faulty replication process of the master DVD), but they were quickly recalled from the dealers and replaced within a few days. Although my eTrex Vista HCx cannot display the new DEM mapset, I have installed it on my laptop and it's awesome!
  14. I found it! I found it! I found it! This must be one of the most important milestones for me - so you can all stop teasing me now!
  15. What you can do is set the grace limit to, say, 10% above the preset speed limit - this means that a 100km/hr POI will beep at you if you exceed 110km/hr and a 120km/hr POI will beep at you if you exceed 132km/hr.
  16. If you go to here you will see a dropdown list (bottom right of page) of POI Uploader compatible units.
  17. Just to add to what Wazat said... I transfer the Road Safety POI's to my GPSr every week, and it has saved my bacon many a time - not only money-wise (in terms of speed traps) but also safety wise (in terms of hazards such as sudden severe speed-bumps and inverse cambers). There's even a free little application on the site that you can download, which will modify the data so that you will continue to hear a beep for as long as you are exceeding the speed limit in the proximity of the POI. It can also be modified to incorporate a grace speed limit, i.e. if the limit is 120km/hr, the beep will continue if you are exceeding, say, 132km/hr (10% grace). I regularly contribute to the database - it's as easy as saving a waypoint on your GPSr and emailing it, in Mapsource format, to the relevant person at Garmap.
  18. Noddy, my initial thoughts on your proposal were positive, but I've since changed my mind. My feeling is that geocaching is not meant to be competitive, although there is certainly some friendly rivalry amongst many members! Your proposal, if implemented, would promote competitiveness. It may be asked "why not promote competitiveness?" - well, I believe that the fields of play are very uneven and unfair, by the very nature of the game. Firstly, not all caches require the same amount of skill. Secondly, and I believe this is the more significant point, not all cachers have the same access to time and money in order to reach the milestones proposed. Serious caching requires lots of time and bucks! That alone makes the "competition" very unfair! My humble opinion is that recognition should rather be given to those cachers that are regarded by their peers as true ambassadors of the game, however that is defined - not by the numbers achieved.
  19. Consider it done! Check it out here!
  20. Sounds like a great idea, dakardrix! However, I think DiePienaars have started planting a series of caches along the Comrades route - their first in the series was published late yesterday (a FTF for me early this morning!) - "Comrades #1" (GC1AXQT). I'm not suggesting that you don't do anything - but I think you should know nevertheless... In any event, I'd be happy to look after any caches that you want to plant in my backyard!
  21. Thanks, Wazat and cincol! It seems that milestones come and go faster than when I first started! The downside is that I'm travelling further and further to find those little boxes - PMB is not very cache-dense!
  22. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a bumper sticker with the geocaching logo? I have sustained a minor blemish on my car's rear bumper, so I thought a GC sticker would be a good idea to cover it up, as well as tell the world about my addiction!
  23. Sheez - I feel guilty to be caught online. Not because I'm supposed to working, but because I'm not out and about caching!
  24. You can download a zipped Mapsource file that I updated - it shows the caches for the entire country. Click on here to download it. It is about three days old.
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