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  1. Actually, it's now 4312 (including archived and temporarily unavailable caches! Total archived caches = 1011 Total unavailable caches = 126 Total available caches = 3175
  2. There's been a deathly silence in the Sandpit since Rhino and I dropped off the TB! C'mon, guys - it can't be that hard! Besides, I'm dying to publish the pictures and videos we took, showing how we got it there, but I don't want to do it before someone picks the TB up, otherwise they'll use our method!
  3. Yeah, something like that! The cache was published with the coordinates as follows: S 29° 49.357 E 029° 57.673. I rushed there to claim a FTF and found myself in the middle of nowhere. After querying the location with the owner, it was established that the coordinates should have been S29° 49.357 E030° 57.673 - which is about 100km away! Still got the FTF... A little bonus that came from the wild-goose chase was that I discovered an interesting old bridge over a century old, so I planted a cache there!
  4. At last count there were 891 TBs and GCs in all the SA caches.
  5. GC1GZ0K - Little Netherlands TB Hotel (22 TBs & GCs)
  6. GC16R15 - The Neighbour of Leap Year's Day Bash (40 attendees).
  7. Here are the results (last updated on Thursday/Friday last week): WC: GCMYYZ - Table Top Trove (230 finds) GP: GC3055 - Smuts House, Irene (195 finds) NW: GCE74 - Magaliesberg 1 (Maanhaarrand-North West Province) (98 finds) MP: GCVG1V - Dalmanutha (74 finds) KZN: GCGTQ1 - Windy Corner (70 finds) EC: GCTF3T - Zuurkop (64 finds) AND GCTF3R - Domkrag Dam (64 finds) FS: GCN856 - Women's Monument (64 finds) AND GC22B1 - N1 Sandrivier - GMC001Z (64 finds) LP: GC137MW - Siamese Vegetation (56 finds) NC: GCRRCB - Steinhopf Coffee stop cache "NC" (34 finds) Working on the other questions!
  8. As a result of requests from various cachers, I have moved the event to the previous weekend, which is also a long weekend! Check out the updated listing for details.
  9. The event has been published - GC1NER7 In the Shadow of the Dragon! I hope to see a bumper turnout in this pristine location!
  10. I am about to publish a camping weekend event in the Drakensberg (Under the Shadow of the Dragon) and would like to give all fellow cachers forewarning of the event. Once the event has been published, I will post the link here. I will be making a block camping booking for the long weekend Friday, 1st May to Sunday, 3rd May in the Dragon Peaks Resort, Champagne Castle (S29 01.155 E29 26.268). There are many quality caches within easy driving distance of the resort, so you are bound to be kept busy all weekend! The facilities at the resort are top-notch and, for those of you who prefer more upmarket accommodation, there are many self-catering chalets available. Even though the location is in KZN, I would like to see many non-KZN'ers attend this proposed event. We will all have the opportunity to swop caching stories around the campfire on the Friday and Saturday nights, so a good time should be had by all. So what do you think? Let me know!
  11. What no pictures on the cache page or TB page, thats just not cricket guys come on. Oh no, we can't do that (yet, anyway), coz that would give away our secret method of getting it there!
  12. Ok all you Sandpitters, the deed is done! The esteemed TB is now resident in a KZN cache - GC1KTM3.Good luck to the brave cacher who retrieves it!
  13. Today's the day that the "special" TB will be dropped at a cache near you - if you feel the ground tremor, then you will know that it has just been dropped! I have managed to marshall a team of cachers with lifting equipment and backup medical crew to help me place the TB in its new home - Broken Beyond Repair! Be careful when you retrieve the TB - you might also be broken beyond repair! Good luck!
  14. Hey, fellow Sandpitters - I've got some exciting news for y'all! I attended a great event in Piet Retief this past weekend, organised by DamhuisClan and Ding bat, and I picked up a most unusual TB that Ding bat had dropped off at one of the caches there. I now have this one-of-a-kind TB in my sweaty little palms (or arms), and I will soon be placing it in one of the KZN caches - just gotta find one big enough and challenging enough! This TB has never visited the Sandpit before (so far it has only visited Mpumalanga and Gauteng), and only one Sandpitter (Noddy) has ever picked it up (in Gauteng), so this is a first for us! Watch this space if you want to be the next Sandpitter to pick up this TB - it will be an experience that you will not forget, I can assure you. Tee hee hee...
  15. Well, I've now put CacheBerry through its paces and I'm very impressed with it! I used it for two days running, while driving from Cape Town to Durban. I also used it all day today. It's quite liberating to have everything you need in your pocket, including the listing, hints, TB details and past logs. Although there is the option to type in offline field notes, which can then be uploaded to GC later, I prefer to use the direct link from CacheBerry to the relevant listing on GC in order to log my finds - so my logs are done in realtime! With the built in GPS receiver on the BlackBerry, it is also possible to sort the database into nearest caches, and the search and filter options are awesome. The full QWERTY keyboard on my BlackBerry Curve makes typing of logs in the field an absolute pleasure.
  16. Go to www.cacheberry.com - all the info is there, but it would be nice to get some first-hand accounts from cachers that have used it.
  17. Yes, I can - I am just looking at other options. The HTML option works, but it doesn't have all the database functionality that something like Cachemate (and perhaps Cacheberry) has.
  18. I am glad to report that the thread has been re-enabled - it should be much easier to find now. No hints required!
  19. I've just noticed that my thread named "Any CacheBerry users out there?" has disappeared! Who stole it?
  20. Am I the only BlackBerry owner that wants to do paperless caching???
  21. I've just chucked out my HTC touch-screen phone, which was giving me endless hassles. It would frequently freeze or slow down to a crawl, and it has been sent to JHB twice to be fixed, including a replacement touch-screen. For paperless caching, I initially used Cachemate on the HTC, and then switched to exporting caches in HTML format from GSAK. I now access all the SA caches (including logs) on my nuvi 610, which I update weekly from GSAK. I have replaced the HTC with a BlackBerry Curve, which is awesome and VERY stable! However, Cachemate does not run on a BlackBerry, but there is a similar application called Cacheberry which is dedicated to run on BlackBerrys. Are there any cachers out there that use Cacheberry on their BlackBerrys? Pros and cons?
  22. Not quite - when Ding bat enters his retro-log, he will have dated it with the date that he found the cache with DamhuisClan, so his log will automatically be sorted in chronological order. It will not necessarily reflect as the last log.
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