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  1. I eventually figured it out! Had to give myself a crash-course in HTML editing...
  2. I also thought it might be to do with the HTML settings, but I still don't know how to insert the image into the description! Any thoughts?
  3. I've recently published my first listing (GC14BEN) and I uploaded an image to the listing. However, when I view the listing, the image does not display automatically - only the link to the image displays. How do I fix this?
  4. Thanks, Wazat - that's very useful! And I take it that a muggle is any person that is not a geocacher?
  5. Hi all, I'm situated in Hilton, KZN and I am very new to geocaching (only got one find so far!). I've noticed that there is whole new language being used by geocachers and I'm struggling to make sense of a lot of it! Can anyone educate this newbie by publishing a list of all the jargon and abbreviations, together with their meanings? Hope to meet some of you soon!
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