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  1. I eventually got it to work! When I initially installed CacheMate onto my PocketPC, I installed it onto the SD card. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it into the device itself (not the SD card) and now it works!
  2. I have installed CacheMate onto my Pocket PC (Windows Mobile v5.0), and it is registered. When I try to import a database file, I get the following messages just after tapping on Start: “Database error: database disk image is malformed” and then “Error saving database record!”. I have uninstalled CacheMate and reinstalled it. I have also re-exported my GPX file out of GSAK, but the error is still there. Any ideas as to how I can solve this problem?
  3. Will do - depending on how my schedule is going at the time (not sure how long those Northern KZN caches will delay me! ).
  4. Hi Wazat, Hopefully I will find a few of your caches on Saturday next week - I will be on my way to the Kruger Park from PMB, via Newcastle and Volksrust. I've saved all the caches near the route.
  5. Hi Marlese, You should be able to get it at the nearest Cape Union Mart or Due South store.
  6. If you live in KZN, there's a place in Pinetown (Pinecrest Centre) called PC Zone that is selling Kingston 1GB SD Cards for R99. I've loaded the entire v1.5 Topo & Rec mapset onto it. No need to load the v1.5 SM as well, as the topo mapset includes everything that SM has, plus more.
  7. Thanks Bear&Fox! I've signed up with photobucket and posted a link to an image on this thread.
  8. I thought you might be interested in seeing a screenshot of the new Topo v1.5 mapset.
  9. Hi Metro Nomad, The reason I was asking is that I was thinking of attaching an image file of a screenshot of the new SAS Topo V1.5 mapset for the sake of those who were making enquiries about it in another thread.
  10. Is it possible to attach files to topics? If so, how does one do it?
  11. No anomolies noted as yet. You have the choice of loading streetmaps on its own (max size about 100MB), or with parts of topo or topo on its own. Topo includes all the streetmaps detail so, depending on how much SD card capacity your GPSr has, you can load topo (or parts of it) and also have streetmaps functionality included for those parts of topo you have loaded. The entire topo mapset is over 800MB in size! In my case, I only have 256MB capacity on my GPSr, so I've loaded the entire streetmaps mapset, which used up just under half of my capacity, then I loaded the topo mapsets that I require in the foreseeable future, up to the remaining capacity. As far as I am aware, you cannot disable any of the objects imbedded in the mapsets - you can, however, manage the POI's that you wish to load onto your GPSr. The topo roads are not routable. However, even in topo, the roads that are routable in streetmaps are routable in topo. Hope this helps!
  12. Yes, it does auto-route on GPS units. I got my copy today and it's fantastic! Now one can combine detailed topographical detail and streetmaps on the same unit - makes geocaching so convenient!
  13. I've just heard that Due South, in Gateway Shopping Centre, have received stock of V1.5. Hope I get there, what with the petrol strike and all!
  14. You can't download it - it all fits onto a DVD! If you already have V1, you only pay about R50 for the disk and register free of charge. If you have an earlier version, or no earlier version, you pay online when you register the software - the price ranges from about R200 to R2,500, depending on what you currently have. If you register with the GARMAP forum (www.garmap.co.za/Forum) you can find out all the details there! It will be good if you can check out the Pavalion for me! If you manage to get a copy, let me know and I will collect from you (maybe when you come to Hilton later!).
  15. Does anyone know if there is an outlet in KZN that has got stock of Southern Africa Streetmaps version 1.5? I've been phoning around, but nobody seems to have - yet all around the rest of the country it's available!
  16. Hi Geoff, Is V1.5 in the shops already? The last I heard was that it was only going to be released next week sometime. I'm waiting on tenterhooks for the upgrade!
  17. Hey, I did the Quarry Cache on my own last Sunday - on foot! What an adventure! I still can't get the mud and cow dung stains out of my jeans, and got poked by various species of nettle, thorn bush and bullrushes! It's impossible to get to the location on foot, without stepping in some green slimy water, but I did it anyway... Enjoy!
  18. Please could someone tell me how to use the paperless caching feature? I have tried to make sense of the information on the website, but I find it a bit confusing. I have a smartphone with Windows Mobile v5.
  19. Thanks Wazat - you're a genius! By the way, I'll be passing through your neck of the woods at the end of August, enroute to Kruger Park, so I might pick up a few caches along the way if I have time...
  20. I have done that, but I keep seeing USA times...
  21. I have done that, but I keep seeing USA times...
  22. I have done that, but I keep seeing USA times...
  23. Is there any way of setting the time on www.geocaching.com (including this forum) to reflect SA local time?
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