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  1. Humm... it seems that we should wait a "few" more days to a stabilized GPS
  2. Hello, has anyone experienced the new GPSMAP 65s? Thank you AA
  3. Hello! I tried it on Lisbon, my town. It seems that the route was for car driving because the path that the device chose. It did not choose the direct streets. I changed the map for the city navigator Garmin map and the route was more suitable for walking. Why am I using OpenStreetMap? Well my Garmin map it's a bit old and it is expensive to get a recent one so I was trying the OpenStreetMap to see how suitable it was for my use many thanks regards
  4. Hello! Yes I did. I did select my pedestrian profile on my Oregon 600. It has the Activity equal to Hiking. Should I choose the Pedestrian Walk activity? Many thanks
  5. Hello! Anyone has experience of the use of the openstreetmaps for pedestrian walks, on Garmin devices? I just tried it but it seems not so good for this kind of routes. The route it suggested was more for driving. Maybe the Openstreet Maps are for driving use only (?) or I have to do some kind of configuration Many thanks Regards experience of the use of the openstreet maps for pedestrian walks, on Garmin device? I just tried it but it seems not
  6. Hello, does anyone already tested the bluetooth connection with a smartphone? I read somewhere that it does not work very well and it is difficult to connect Many thanks
  7. Hi, it seems that Garmin pushed a new firmware update 5.30 Regards
  8. Hi, it seems that Garmin gave up from the upgrade 5.20. I could not find it with Garmin Express. Any news? Regards
  9. Hi, It seems that the etrex 20/30 has a different GPS chipset. It only affects Montana, Oregon 6x0 and Etrex Touch Regarding this firmware update, does anyone knows exactly what it is? kindest regards
  10. Hello to all I wonder if anyone knows if Garmin wants to update the hand held equipment to allow the new Galileo system Kindest regards
  11. Hi I'm sorry but at first I would like to say that the forums are to help each other. Be patient If I well understood the question and if I remembered well the old etrex models allows to follow a track with notifications (compass, on track, off track, ...) directly. Now, with the new models, I have to create a route based on the track you want to follow. I usually do that with basecamp. This is valid for hiking or riding. Good rides / hiking Best regards for you all
  12. Hi, I'm not a professional geocacher but I suggest a GPS with electronic compass. My suggestions are (all at the same size): 1. Etrex 35 (new model. I do not know if it is already at stores - touch one ) 2. Etrex 30x 3. Etrex 30 4. Dakota 20 (Touch one) If you do not want the most update one the Etrex 30 or Dakota 20 is a good choice. Good caches
  13. Hi, I saw this: Garmin has posted Oregon6xx System, SEA (GCD file) software version 2.30. Does anyone know what is this software version? http://gpsinformation.net/allory/new.htm Regards
  14. Hi, I expecting much more. The Oregon model and us deserve better. But indeed is good news. It is better than nothing
  15. Hi, I would like to get your opinion about the use of the microSD card. I have a microSD card on it with maps and waypoints and usually when I power on my Oregon it took much time to get ready and sometimes it seems it doesn't get all the data. In particular waypoints. I try to find some waypoints and they not appear. My question is: Do you use micro SD card? And if so what is your experience with it? Any recommendations to use it properly? Many thanks
  16. Hi All, I have a Oregon 600. It is my fourth Garmin GPS. I really do not need a new model but in the past Garmin was much more active. We had a new sw release once a month. And Oregon still has some bugs. In my opinion the oregon is a good device but it could be better if Garmin wants that to. My question is mainly regarding the sw releases and not regarding new models. I wish a good year for you all and for Garmin to. Regards AA
  17. Hi, It seems that Garmin give up from outdoor GPS. In the recent past it was usually we have frequent sw updates with bug fixes or even new functionalities. What are your opinion? Do you think that Garmin lost to smartphones? I sincerely hope not because I prefer a GPS than a smartphone. merry Christmas to all AA
  18. Hi, only to say that this new firmware version has problems. "Multiple reports of frequent lock-ups and crashes" It is your choice. I am a little bit dissapointed with garmin. Two consecutive releases with this kind of problems Some people has no problems. Strange. regards
  19. Sviking did you try the updatw with webupdater? I thing it is better. The last experience with express with my etrex 30 was not successfully I have to reinstall all teh sw with the vendor help. I am stiil with 3.60. I will wait a few more days. Good luck Regards
  20. Hi, I just revert to 3.60. I am a little bit disappointed with this new firmware version. Lets see what will Garmin do next week The software is also checking for the right GMA to the right map, who knows what's it doing more That is one of the reasons for revert. I understand why Garmin doing it but I have no money now to buy expensive maps
  21. Hi, I would like to share an odd behavior of my Oregon 600 with v3.60. My Oregon sometimes takes to much time to loading waypoint, tracks and routes when I turns on the GPS. With the exactly same data. I have a microsd installed on it. And sometimes the Oregon does not show the waypoints saved on the Microsd. Then I reboots the GPS and they appear. I noticed this with this new firmware version. I could not assure that this did not happen with last firmware version Does someone else detect the same behavior? Thank you
  22. I already did it. It was a network problem in my office.
  23. Hi, I tried the upfate webupdater and I got an error. Someting like "a problem with garmin site. Try later..." Anybody has the some problem? Thanks
  24. Hi, I suggest Trackmaker. It's free and it seems acceptable. It also has a non free version but we could do much things with the free one. http://www.trackmaker.com/
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