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  1. 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete Working on it 4. Santa Arrived
  2. Haha Dennis! I was thinking the same thing! Guess I didn't give him enough hugs at the event Move over Snoopy, I'm now in the Dog House... I can't event get out of of the state before I find out that the pot is being stired. (and can you ever get enough huggs?) Okay, OFFICALLY I would like to say Congrats to all the lucky cachers I KNOW, those I Don't KNOW and again to thank the Great Geo-Pumpkin for visiting me. Hope I can get a few more states from home before I stir the pot somemore. Look out I-80 caches, here I come...
  3. After a week on the road, I just had time to check to see who has been visiet. Glad to see some friends were visited.. (GBOTS and LD). Congrats to all.
  4. Okay folks, I don't know what I did, or who know me, but I got a present left on my windshield today. Thought it was a church tract left at Walmart and when I pulled it off, I found out it was an envelope with my name on it and a great new coin inside. It must have been someone at the "Flash Mob Event at the WITCHES village" event, unless I'm being followed around town... hum... Not being a coin trader for the most part, mostly due to avalable time at home and off of the road. I don't know how I was lucky enough to be picked for this. This is my 3rd mystery coin in the past 3 weeks. wow, what will next week bring? I do thank you for this coin and for being willing to share the joy of mystery coins with me and the geocoin community at large. Again, I am touched by being picked.
  5. Well, I am proud to say that I received a CCC coin in the mail yesterday. Don't know where anyone got my address, but I am glad that they did...
  6. Congratulations Dave! Nice to see another pumpkin show up in Utah. Also congratulations to all the other lucky finders! Think it's just dumb luck that I get coins like this, but I am glad all of the same.
  7. Well, I am proud to say that I received a CCC coin in the mail yesterday. Don't know where anyone got my address, but I am glad that they did...
  8. PM sent if you still need a coin.
  9. Well, I got home to Salt Lake from a road trip to San Jose, and while checking my e-mail, I found out that the Great Geo-Pumpkin made a stop near my house. So being the good little trucker I am, I hauled my back side over to see if there was a gift left behind, or if I would get a bag of rocks this year... well, I much have done something right. I now am the proud owner of my first Great Geo-Pumpkin coin. I beleive, I Do, I Do, I REALLY Do...
  10. I know the coin I have shows milage not quite as true as the ones posted here, but it has gotten the milage. I have a coin sent to be by RattleCrew of Kansas when he found out I drive truck. The coin is the Caching in a Kenworth coin. Caching in a Kenworth coin 80,000+ and 36 states... mostly in the new owner's pocket.
  11. Just want to say I was lucky enough to get one of the 5 gold coins in the Utah event.
  12. AS a Floyd fan Including Sid's work, I had to get this coin, which I got off of e-bay. Can someone tell me where to find the site to get teh activation code for the coin? Thanks.
  13. I had to follow Damenace's footsteps in the snow to find one of these COOL coins. I must be doing something right, as I got a Santa coin last year without having to look for it. linelinelinelinePOSTlinelinelineline (just keeping my post in line)
  14. I was wondering if anyone else is having problems getting pocket queries. For the last week, I have tried a couple different queries, including the new cache along a route, to have either a weekly PC come to my e-mail with no results, not just not getting the e-mails at all. I can see the queries from GC site, but nothing come to my e-mail. This is a bit dishartening as I am a truck driver and plan for caches on the road to help break up the 11 hours of driving a day. Thanks
  15. Okay, I'm a cacheaholic and thought I would try to do benchmarks while out caching in several towns around the county. I am trying my first try, and have loaded just the bench marks into my GPS and though GSAK, have them in my palm, at least the location for finding the nearest so I can plan a walk though a town I don't know. I tried to follow the information on how to cross create a pocket quiere, but got lost in the programs to use. The one I followed instuctions to get, came up with text on the page, something I think is code... okay, I'm not computer savie, but would like to get started. Can someone help. I am willing to call someone if they can help walk me though sometime when I'm on line. I am a truck driver, and thus not always on line, but can try to work something out. Any help is greatful. Also, with the changes to GS, do these still count towards the total cache count, or do I get to start a new count on benchmarks? Thanks all dave aka Lyonden_ut Caching in a Kenworth
  16. Alright here we go, there is a small handful of the TNT geocoins remaining. Here is an image of the coin: I am looking to trade off the rest of the coins that I have. I ask that you please review my list of keepers by following the link in my signature line. I will consider all reasonable offers for coins not already on the list. YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE Please note: 1) Trades for more than 1 TNT Personal Geocoin will not be excepted 2) If you have already made a trade for a TNT Personal Geocoin do not ask for another one. We have a list of those who we have traded with already. 3) DO NOT contact me through my profile, I will not get your request. 4) Please contact me @ lyondenutah@gmail.com for trade requests only
  17. I don't want every one hating me, but I found a coin in the Bay Area. While spending the night (in a Kenworth) near Livermore, I stopped to check a TB drop. I had dropped a TB here the other day, and found it a close location to park the truck. I walked back over to the cache to see if there was any new TB's to swap, and there was this coin. I don't want anyone to think that Damenace had anything to do with this... he found his in Utah, and I'm on the road with work when I found mine. Just plain dumb luck. Now I need to cache harder in the Bay Area, but finding parking for a semi is Hard.... well, not that hard when you figure I've cached in 20+ states in the truck. Again, don't hate me, it's just plain dumb luck. I found it and when I told Damenace about it, he told be about this thread so here I am, reporting in.
  18. If you open it up to former military, I would like to get one, as my littel brother was in Desert Storm, and I spend the summer of '81 floating (USS America CV 66)south of there before it became a hot spot... Please let me know lyonden_ut BU1(AW) USN Ret Seabee's Can Do
  19. Well, as a driver in the western states, and having grabbed caches in 20 states, most from a kenworth, count me in. I can put together the list of caches I have found that are eazy/kinda eazy to get to in rest areas, exits and such that I have been to. Currently I have placed several in restsops or exits in the west Utah desert that can be gotten to.
  20. Well, being that this is my first post on this forum, and not many people know me outside of Salt Lake, even though I've cached in 21 states.... I have to say that those who cry about micros seem to think someone's twisting your arm to find them. I am a truck driver, and do find my share of both large and small caches around the country. 2/3rd of my caches I've placed are small, mostly fitting in a theme, like bridge caches. Most of the time I sign the log and move on. When I place a larger cache, I don't like to buy "Stuff" just to fill it, so I do a theme there too. Personnally, there is room in this hobby for ALL SIZES of caches. There are sevaral around Salt Lake that I personnal will not go for, either due to time to work out the puzzle or no time to hike in. Not all micro's are a mint tin at the base of a lamp post. There are alot placed with ALOT of work/thought into them. It's not all that hard to put an ammo can under some sage brush (as we have a lot in the west) and call it hidden. I love caching for the mind workout. When you come across a pile of rocks where there are no real piles of rocks, it's a dead give-away. There is one cache in IA that I could not find, and it's an ammo can, in a forest, located off a road side rest stop. If I get back that way, I'll look for it again. I just found a small mint tin in a CA rest stop that required a bit of a walk, but there was no real way to hide an ammo can there, without it disappering. So, my final thought is, if you don't like micros, don't go for them. If you like having to think where someone would hide a micro, the look for them. If you don't like hiking to a cache, then don't. If you like hiking for a great view plus a cache, then go for it. There is enough room in this hobby for all of us. 55+ placed, 1060 Found (not bad for the first 1 1/2 years)
  21. Okay everybody, I've stumbled onto benchmarking and can use some information. I have been caching a lot in my first year, byt want to branch out to benchmarks as well. I have information on 4 that are out in Utah's west desert, on a road I travel with work. They are BLM survey markers. Question 1) How do I log finds (photos required?) Question 2) How do I report markers found that are not in listing? Question 3) Is is just traditional benchmarks, or do BLM survey markers count in the hunt too? Any information I can get very helpful, and will be used with much gratitude. Thanks Dave aka lyonden_ut
  22. SAX, My above note was not intended at you or anyone else, just tossing out my thoughts as a newbee. Thanks
  23. Just adding my 2 cents worh as someone new to geocaching. A frined of mine locally in Salt Lake turned me onto the idea of caching. Due to $$$, unable to do it for a while. I did get started by doing aprox. 30 virtural's before I got a GPS. I have gotten aprox. 70 traditional/micros in the last month with a GPS. I will still do virtuals becuase the ones I seem to find are ones with something to do with the history of the founding of Utah, and the historical information many small towns have that is forgotten or just not taught I have thought of many places that might make a nice virtual find, but think better that maybe it does not have the "WOW" factor, enough to really make someone think about what happened here, and how it may have affected the local peoples in years gone by. My thoughts is leave them, and if you (anyone) has a problem with them, don't look for them. I feel that way with some micors, that the intense hunt is taking away my fun, so I don't do many. There are prople who LOVE micros, and more power to them. Again, being new, maybe I have missed something about the find count. I do mine after work, because I don't have a family life right now, and this is something that makes my off work time enjoyable. I like learning about the history in the area, as well as trying to match whits with those who spent the time finding some of these hiding places. I found a virtual site over the Memorial Weekend in a small centeral Utah town that I never knew existed, and my family is from that part of the state. To learn the history of why this town even existed made the extra miles out of the way worth it. So, after putting in a Dime's worth of my two cents... please take it from a newbee, if you don't like them, don't look for them. Let those of us who do, still have access to the history others have located and are willing to share. Be sides, who are we competing against???? I do this for fun adn relaxation, not to compete with the guys who got me started. I have more time than they do to look.. as they are lucky to have a family life.
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