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  1. And what about Macintosh support?


    Garmin promised us Mapsource for 2007: nothing has happened (except Mapconvert and Mapinstall, that are almost useless because you need a PC). We're december 18th.


    I hope there will be full Mac OS support this time. :)


    I agree...Mac users are left behind in some aspects of software development.

  2. I have an iPhone and it's a little frustrating when it comes to GPS's and third party apps/hardware. Yes Apple will not officially support jailbroken phones.


    I'm currently use a program called Navizon that gives me positional data from cell towers. It's not too bad for general directions and it integrates well with Google Maps. No turn by turn but I don't think the module will offer that ether. Works with my data plan so I'm not tied to wi-fi.


    In Feb 2008 Apple is going to offer a SDK for third party vendors...so that would make us think they'll allow things like the GPS module soon. We'll have to see, but I don't see the battery being too friendly to some attachment sucking power. It already struggles with wi-fi, edge, and Bluethooth all running.


    I hack the heck out of my phone to make it do what I need. It's such a capable and dynamic device, but they lock it down and force people to take the risk.

  3. It was only a matter of time before this became a widespread issue with portable units. Same happened to my buddies girlfriend's car 20 ft from his bedroom window. With units selling for under $200 just about everybody is getting them. The thieves are basically shopping. Nearly zero work required. It's hard to have anything nice anymore.

  4. I upgraded mine and I'm not sure if it was brighter, but the lights last longer and seemed more durable than the original type. I was pretty hard on it too (jogging on trails at night).


    Live dangerously! Spend the $5 bucks! :-)

  5. My mind was changed about micros:


    I walked by this cache 1000 times. Then I found GCYHEN - the best urban cache I've ever did.


    Micro in plane site of a large courtyard with tons of people around, police substation...the works! It took me over an hour just to place it back, but the thrill was way worth it. Was like a Double-O-Seven mission!

  6. I'm actually testing out my iPhone for paperless caching in urban environments. In the past I used a BlackBerry 8700 and it was the best so far!


    I see that cachemate is not available for the iPhone. What solution do you use for paperless caching?



    I sync GC's to my address book and the caches are parsed into individual contacts. Here is a quick video (OS X Centric) I did with my BlackBerry 8700. Same principal works on my iPhone.





    I can also download the PDF's and take them too!

  7. This is my daypack:


    Bug spray/cream


    BlackBerry (Paperless Caching)





    Extra AA batteries



    First Aid Kit



    Back Pack




    Not shown: Emergency whistle

    Poncho rain liner

    Emergency blanket

    Plastic bags/100 mph Tape

    Parachute cord


    I'll be adding some field manuals soon. To identify plants and bugs.



  8. Does anyone else use geocaching as an incentive for jogging?


    While I do enjoy a nice jog in a park somewhere, I must say that jogging toward a cache gives me a little extra motivation. I mean, I like jogging in and of itself, but knowing that I might score a find somewhere in there makes me want to remain dedicated a little more. Then again, maybe I'm simply craving some sort of instant gratification for doing something healthy. :huh:


    I do! Use to do a lot of H3 running so I like looking for things when I'm jogging. Keeps my mind off the workout.

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