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  1. Sorry have to provide a link to get my annotations in. http://www.flickr.com/photos/74372784@N00/1698637776/
  2. If you want to add a little exercise to a location based hobby try Orienteering
  3. My wife and I make the best "Geocahcer"....We both enjoy the hike, I handle the technology she's got the eye.
  4. I agree...Mac users are left behind in some aspects of software development.
  5. I have an iPhone and it's a little frustrating when it comes to GPS's and third party apps/hardware. Yes Apple will not officially support jailbroken phones. I'm currently use a program called Navizon that gives me positional data from cell towers. It's not too bad for general directions and it integrates well with Google Maps. No turn by turn but I don't think the module will offer that ether. Works with my data plan so I'm not tied to wi-fi. In Feb 2008 Apple is going to offer a SDK for third party vendors...so that would make us think they'll allow things like the GPS module soon. We'll have to see, but I don't see the battery being too friendly to some attachment sucking power. It already struggles with wi-fi, edge, and Bluethooth all running. I hack the heck out of my phone to make it do what I need. It's such a capable and dynamic device, but they lock it down and force people to take the risk.
  6. kurchian -Us paperless Mac folks are a small group. Let us know what you come up with. Thanks!
  7. Here is an article on how to get the eTrex Legend working with Google Earth. I'm not affiliated with the website and I don't own an eTrex Legend so I can't really comment, but thought some here may be interested in the method. Enjoy!
  8. You can export caches to Address Book and print off the vcards. Don't forget with Macaching you can sync caches to an iPod/phones and use that instead of a PDA. I did it with my BlackBerry 8700 and iPhone Did a quick Vid here
  9. It was only a matter of time before this became a widespread issue with portable units. Same happened to my buddies girlfriend's car 20 ft from his bedroom window. With units selling for under $200 just about everybody is getting them. The thieves are basically shopping. Nearly zero work required. It's hard to have anything nice anymore.
  10. I upgraded mine and I'm not sure if it was brighter, but the lights last longer and seemed more durable than the original type. I was pretty hard on it too (jogging on trails at night). Live dangerously! Spend the $5 bucks! :-)
  11. Dang! I was suppose to retire in 2012! Now your telling me the world is going to end? (Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012)
  12. My mind was changed about micros: I walked by this cache 1000 times. Then I found GCYHEN - the best urban cache I've ever did. Micro in plane site of a large courtyard with tons of people around, police substation...the works! It took me over an hour just to place it back, but the thrill was way worth it. Was like a Double-O-Seven mission!
  13. i use the ole "copy & paste then edit" from another set of coords...
  14. I see that cachemate is not available for the iPhone. What solution do you use for paperless caching? I sync GC's to my address book and the caches are parsed into individual contacts. Here is a quick video (OS X Centric) I did with my BlackBerry 8700. Same principal works on my iPhone. Video: I can also download the PDF's and take them too!
  15. This is my daypack: Bug spray/cream GPSr BlackBerry (Paperless Caching) Knife Marker/Pen/Pencil Harmonica Notebooks Extra AA batteries TB's Stamp First Aid Kit Gloves Flint Back Pack Water Camera/Case Not shown: Emergency whistle Poncho rain liner Emergency blanket Plastic bags/100 mph Tape Parachute cord I'll be adding some field manuals soon. To identify plants and bugs.
  16. I'm actually testing out my iPhone for paperless caching in urban environments. In the past I used a BlackBerry 8700 and it was the best so far!
  17. I think it's creative! Paint a note on it saying "it will not bite"
  18. Thanks! I need all the help I can get. I always seem to find the bad stuff. :-(
  19. I use my BlackBerry 8700. Works great for me!
  20. Yes! Hash House Harriers. More info here...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers Dare I say geohashing?
  21. I do! Use to do a lot of H3 running so I like looking for things when I'm jogging. Keeps my mind off the workout.
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