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  1. It doesn't appear to have any Finds? Not sure what "ALR" is. There's just notes on there as of right now.
  2. No. Mainly because no one knows why the CO has been inactive for so long. Maybe they come back in a year after something out of their control and find out their cache has been adopted to someone else by Groundspeak.
  3. There was an email stating the TBs would be sent out around August 24th.
  4. If you want to clean out cache containers, replace logbooks, and repair containers that's on you. But you're missing the bigger picture. Its the CO's job to do that stuff, and by you doing those things for them it promotes lazy CO's who generally rely on other cachers such as yourself to maintain their cache for them. You may see this as preserving the cache or keeping the game alive but once the CO decides he's not going to lift a finger to maintain his/her own cache, and then totally disappears from the game, the cache containers are left out there to rot, and then when they finally come up missing, then what? Finally archive it? All those NM logs go unanswered for months on end except for the times when you come around and prop it back up only for it to get archived months later due to CO inactivity. To each their own.
  5. I don't know. Lets ask the cache owners who haven't logged into GC.com in several months, and haven't actively found a cache in years. The issue isn't just as simple as dumping out the water, arisoft. The issue is the cache container itself needs replacing and it's the CO's job to maintain their own cache.
  6. The media's job is to hype things up and get folks excited. People around Washington set out Thursday to get prime spots to see it in Oregon and the media was reporting that gas stations were running out of gas, and stores were running out of food. The media has a way to make people think that things are happening when in reality, it's not that big of deal.
  7. Right?? Thank you, WarNinjas. Picking a lock that's attached to a geocache is a lot different then picking a lock that grants you entry into someone's home. Or car. Or business. Or whatever.
  8. No, I can not tell you about a real case that the repair has not worked because I do not involve myself in fixing up others' caches for them. There has been plenty of opportunities to assist but like I said. It's the CO's responsibility to ensure their cache is in working order. So far I have NA-ed 58 caches due to lengthy inactivity or severe maintenance issues and only 12 have come back into play in my area. What does that tell you.
  9. Yeah, and if you keep doing these kinds of things you'll be taking new containers out to every cache owned by a nonexistent cache owner, and then when you get tired of replacing caches, log books, dumping out containers full of water, plastic baggies and whatever else then the problems with those caches continue to remain.
  10. Is race becoming an issue, or has it become an issue in the past? What kind of discussion do we need to have as cachers regarding race and geocaching?
  11. I couldn't imagine a police officer, after a cacher shows him/her the geocache he/she is after, and explaining the game, and why he/she has a set of lock picking set, would still take the cacher to jail for further questioning resulting in formal charges, and it leading into a court battle where one had to get a lawyer. I'm assuming you have been jailed and formally charged over geocaching because of your response...I'd love to hear the story.
  12. They may just announce the winners in a blog post. GS may not contact those who did not get selected.
  13. Since the police are the ones who are charging you with possession of burglary tools, and charging you with intent to burglarize, they are the ones who must prove your intentions to do those things. Right?
  14. Okay, and what does that mean? Golf is overwhelming white. NBA is overwhelmingly black. Football is overwhelmingly black. Baseball is overwhelmingly latino. What does all that mean? I guess it means what you want it to mean. And I'm sure you have stats to back up your claims just like I have stats to back up my claims.
  15. No worries, Kurarion. I just hope people don't think they're actually getting a trackable after filling out the form.
  16. Why would it be "full" when they are randomly picking 1,500 cachers to receive a Magic trackable?
  17. Who told you that you're not allowed to take vacation during the summer? Are you saying Groundspeak ought to be more consider of your scheduled vacation and run the promotions when you're home and able to complete the whole thing? If that's the case, GS has a lot of work ahead of them to make sure everyone is home and available to complete the summer promotions.
  18. No, intent is walking around a mall parking lot with a slim Jim down the front of your pants. That's intent. Having possession of a lock picking set on the way to a geocache that requires you to pick a lock is not intent. I can buy slim jams and lock picking sets off of Amazon.
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