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  1. Some times geocaching requires physical effort. Trail running helps me stay in shape for climbing trees.
  2. I'm the type of owner that tries very hard to maintain my caches, and not hide more than I am capable of maintaining.
  3. Nah, I don't think it's a big deal. Obviously in National Parks or protected areas it would be a concern but I'm sure there are things in place to keep geo-trails to a minimum. It all comes down to good placement by the CO.
  4. Because it's a volunteer based employment and feeling unsupported at "work" drives one to want to quit.
  5. Nearly identical but not quite. There's your answer.
  6. Or the fact that the Reviewer is probably right, and doesn't want to bend the rules to make a Cacher happy. This reminds of working retail and when you tell a customer, "Sorry, lady. I can't return this ratty, stinky handbag that you've had in the trunk of your car for last two years." Then she throws a fit and wants to speak to a manager.
  7. Privacy over proof that someone actually went to that location.
  8. Why do you need to climb the tree at all? Come up with a neat TOTT to get the cache down.
  9. 32 was my best while hiking. A year later I hit 50 in one day by riding a scooter with two other people on a power trail and then on our way home we found a few more to reach 50.
  10. Thanks. Melbourne is certainly a place I plan to visit some day.
  11. I good place to start is the guidelines for placing a cache.
  12. Finding all the DNFs you acquired last weekend?
  13. There was a cache near a trailhead that was in a neighborhood. I had to jump small pony fence to get to the cache and the neighbor lady came out and stared at me. I signed the log and left. No big deal.
  14. Why is this such a bad thing? Cachers can log the Virtual then find yours or vice versa.
  15. Log a Needs Maintenance log then log a Found it! log. Make sure your NM logs are descriptive so the CO knows what's going on.
  16. Yeah, you could do a NA log. But make sure you indicate the inactiveness of the CO, that the cache is not being repaired and there's no log book to properly sign. Other route you could take is that you've already put your NM log and move on.
  17. Of course they have. That's the job of the Reviewer. They will now follow up with the cache owners in 30 days or so, and if the CO failed to respond with their intentions, the Reviewer will archive the cache. If you find a cache, and the log book is in terrible condition and you're not able to sign or you tried and your pen keeps punching through the paper or it literally falls apart in your hands, there's no reason not to claim this as a Find. Log your Find, drop a NM on the cache and move on.
  18. So you have the TB code available to be discovered. Is that your intentions? I wanted to ask before I discover it.
  19. It doesn't appear to have any Finds? Not sure what "ALR" is. There's just notes on there as of right now.
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