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  1. Yeah, it's some kind of weird geocaching conspiracy.
  2. I think this is key right here... It goes hand in hand. CO's who place so many caches that they can't possibly keep up, attracts more and more "just for the numbers" type cachers.
  3. There are some good Virtuals in the Olympic National Park (which, one day I plan to get) and a whole bunch on Mt. Rainer. It'll be a great summer for Virtuals.
  4. Per your stats page it is considered a Find. So there's that.
  5. Yeah, because cachers destroy the vegetation looking for a needle in a haystack.
  6. Micro cache containers are sometimes as small as pencil erasers. Most are magnetic. There are also evil/deceiving containers that blend in well with urban environment. Try browsing the GC.com store and look at some of the containers they have for sale. It'll help give you an idea of what you're looking for. Also, log your DNFs.
  7. What's not fair about not getting a particular souvenir?
  8. I had a cacher try to claim a find on one of my caches (which I had disabled days prior to their find claim) and I deleted his Found it! log. And yeah, I got a nasty email and threats they'd take it up with HQ. So be it. HQ never contacted me and I never heard from the cacher again.
  9. Sad that it only takes one cacher to log a find on an archived cache which create a snowball effect. Edit: Why doesn't the CO just delete Found it! logs?
  10. My streak is about to hit four days in a row by tomorrow morning.
  11. I liked puzzle caches at first. Then I stopped liking them.
  12. Years? Really? Honestly, I wouldn't want to be that guy either. There are Virtual Caches in my area that belong to CO's who haven't Cached in years, and haven't logged into the website in years as well. Their cache description requires Cachers to send them emails to claim a find. There isn't an active CO to maintain the cache page or the logs. If someone posted a NA on those Virtuals based on non-existent COs , I don't think I'd like to be the reviewer to archive said caches.
  13. ...except people weren't really discussing anything.
  14. I looked at the cache you're referring to, and it now has several Found it! logs, which one log actually helps to find the cache. These caches have such high traffic, that one night of "Thx for the souvenir" and "Happy New Year" will soon be drowned out by Found it! logs. In another week or two, you would have to scroll down quite a bit to see what you're actually talking about anymore. It's nice to see, (and I'm sure for HQ too) people expressing their gratitude on a cache.
  15. I kind of agree. I just go caching and I try not to worry too much about the other guy.
  16. I agree. I appreciate things being handled at the lowest level first, and I try (like you've stated) to not tarnish the working relationship between myself and the local reviewers. After all, this is volunteer work, and it's a hobby. People tend to forget that.
  17. The Space Needle and Pike Place Market are new Virtual in Seattle.
  18. Last year I spent considerable amount of time just caching for Virtual Caches in my area. I frequently look at the Geocaching Map and I have spotted two new Virtual Caches that have popped up in the area. I'll probably go get them this week.
  19. Maybe try to contact the previous Cache Owner of that cache that you found and let them know you have their cache. It's probably pointless to do so, since it's been left out there for a year or so... Then drop your cache and submit your cache listing to your local reviewer. If you're talking about a Throw Down to log that archived cache as a Find, that is highly discouraged.
  20. Power trails out where I live are pretty amazing because they take you for miles into beautiful forests and along rivers.
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