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  1. Thank you for posting this question and the responses! I have had the same questions and find the response very useful.
  2. I wan't sure if I explained what you were asking, because you can not view the the g2 charts on the unit in Mapsource. I was saying to create waypoints in the unit and transfer just the waypoints to Mapsource to manipulate them. As far as using your exisiting Bluecharts and creating waypoints and tracks in it and sending those to the GPS and viewing in your g2 charts on the units, yes you can. I do the same with Garmin's U.S. Inland Lakes on my PC. For the most part the U.S. Inland Lakes and g2 Charts are the same, except for 1 area on the TN River where 2 g2 charts mate with each other and 1 of the g2 charts has the channel off by about 200'. It's obvious when you zoom in on the unit that the geographic features don't match (line up) changing from 1 chart to the next. In this case the U.S. Inland Lakes is correct and the g2 chart is off. edit: g2 charts have considerably more detail than Inland Lakes detail but the general buoy locations, sailing lanes, lights and markers are basically the same for my area.
  3. Prior to returning to Amazon to get the rebate, you may want to check the price. I have been tracking the price of the Oregon on Amazon and the price has increased nearly $100 which would outweigh the benefit of the rebate.
  4. It would also be interesting to know what the free space is on the 400c and the 400i.
  5. Is the DEM limitation due to hardware (I thought that the hardware was the same for all 400 units) or the preloaded software?
  6. I am considering purchasing a Garmin Colorado but having difficulty deciding on the partitular model to purchase. I currently do not own a GPS unit or any maps with the exception of Microsoft Streets and Trips. I have read many posts and have not seen much discussion on the 400c or 400i but quite a bit on the 300 and 400t. My potential uses for a GPS unit include all of the following: Geocaching, Hiking, On-water use - both inland lakes and coastal areas, On-the-road navigation, International travel - US, Eastearn Europe, China. I have been looking for some additional information about the 400c to make sure it is the best choice for me. How much internal memory does it have? Does the built-in BlueChart® g2 coastal charts require seperate unlock codes for each region? Does the built-in basemap include DEM for the worldmap portion or is it upgradeable perhaps with the purchase of the Garmin WorldMap? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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