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  1. The ground is for walking on. Ditch the tent, hang a hammock.
  2. Don't get me in this foolishness.
  3. I have my UPS tracking number
  4. Retired Sept. 23,1999 and still tring to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
  5. I have carried a leatherman ( the original) since day one. This year I replaced it with a Surge. It is on the heavy side, but you can remove the diamond-coated file to sharpen the knife blade with. Locking blades and tools. Open knifes with one hand. The Wave looks good also.
  6. Magellan GPS 2000. July 1996.
  7. The first thing to do is to test your batteries to see if they are up to capacity. If not run refresh cycle. When I purchased this unit I had about thirty batteries in use. My old charger charged 4 at once, not 4 as individuals, and gave no indication of one battery in set being bad. This caused the set to have a short cycle time. After removing 4 bad batteries run times increased. This took a couple of days. As far charge rates I see no reason to stress them by using any thing over 200mA. I now have lo-discharge batteries in cameras and radios and use regular NIMH in GPS. Having extra sets of batteries so that you are not tempted to quick charge would pay for themselves.
  8. Just curious, was there any specific reasons for choosing the La Crosse over the Maha? http://www.thomas-distributing.com/la_cros...ery_charger.php http://www.thomas-distributing.com/maha-mh...ery-charger.php Norm They are basically the same unit . The La Crosse is $25.00 easier on the wallet.
  9. Whatever battery's you chose don't fry them with a quick charger. Thomas Distributing have La Crosse BC-900 for $35.00. Best charger out there.
  10. fjones15


    Why would you use a GPS not a Laser?
  11. This time of the year Columbia Bugaboos and snowshoes.
  12. If the end of season prices are that good check out the Symmetry coat. I use that to. I would bring gatiers with me first time out just in case. Not all boots the same.
  13. I have the PN-20 and have found GSAK to be the best way to go.
  14. As you know the most important thing is to stay dry. For years I wore base layer under Hind winter cycling tights, with gaiters. This year I tried Sporthill symmetry pants. The best $60.00 I ever spent. I got them at L.L.Bean. I have tried other snowshoeing pants and found them too heavy. If it is too warm i just ware microfiber boxers under them. If you are snowshoeing and plain on wearing fleece. have a day pack to carry it in when you over heat.
  15. Having retired in Sept. 1999. I get out every morning and do a 6mi. loop. Walk, run or snowshoe in winter. Three and a half mi. is on an abandon R.R. bed. See pileated woodpeckers every day. They don't pay attention to me any more. I have seen up to seven in one day.
  16. What you are seeing as teethmarks are actually the chisel marks made by the pileated woodpeckers bill. This is a large bird 16 to 19 in. I've sat and watched them do it. No teeth or claws, just bill.
  17. fjones15


    [Make sure you get the 1.4 firmware update; Chip When I downloaded it there were only 6 hits on the announcement. Much faster routing. Getting 8 blue bars inside the house through is slate roof. Hope to do some side by side with other units this week. fred
  18. I went out last night. Full moon 19 deg. no wind. Went to a cache I DNF last summer. It is in a Wildlife Management area. It took about an hour to get to GZ on snowshoes. Spent 20min. looking for cache, too cold for activity level. DNF But one of the most enjoyable hikes I have taken in a long time. Never had to turn on flash light.
  19. fjones15


    Yes my DeLorme PN-20 dose. and I used it for the same thing.
  20. I have had my PN-20 since they became available. I do not pay any attention to theGPS accuracy display. What is important to me is how accurate is when I am at a known coordinates, like a Benchmark. When displaying DOQQ (Aerial photo) it show where I am despite the + -. what I mean is that the courser is usually directly on me no matter what the accuracy display says.
  21. I think it depends on your level of activity. Under Armour is o k if you are just standing around. I snowshoe and usually are soaked. All iever ware is DUOFOLD. It is the only thing that moves the moisture away from skin fast enough. I just ware DUOFOLD underwear with Sporthill Symmetry jacket and paints. Good for 0 to about 30 deg. Any warmer than that ditch the underwear.
  22. I use three sizes of shoes. 36x10 for deep powder, buchwacking,and braking trail. 8x30 wet snow. 8x21 for packed trails and running. I use H.S.C.'s. the price is right and if I need repair they are only an hour away.
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