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  1. Doh...I forgot to turn in on for the gps to update after loading version 3.40....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!
  2. I have the updated stuff on the gps (version 3.40) and it is plugged in while I do this.....
  3. I have the subscription plus basecamp loaded, but when I click to load birdseye imagery the box pops up, but says I need to have a gps that is compatible with it. I have an oregon 450 and don't understand why it is saying this. I've activated my account and it shows my gps in the left hand corner......any help?
  4. I would like the EMGT monopoly board silver satin one, bit i'd take the bronze as well
  5. Anyone Have The Monopoly Geocoin that they would be willing to sell?
  6. Is the Garmin Venture HC better or the Garmin etrex legend?
  7. I just created a puzzle by myself on adobe....but i don't know how to get that image on my cache page description. How do I get the picture onto the long description part?
  8. Those line breaks and paragraph breaks were just the thing i needed. Thank you im new to this HTML stuff. You were a HUGE help
  9. I want to place Evince in my cache description ( a coord checker which is an HTML) when i place this in the long description and hit HTML box it ruins my normal font making everything not spaced and all together. Was wondering if anyone knew how to stop my text from being messed up but still have evince a HTML
  10. Hello to to other geocachers in wheelchairs! Do you have stories of going off road? Is there a way to do a search for accessible caches?
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