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  1. Can someone explain why Geocoins once activated can't be transferred between Geocachers inventory? It would seem reasonable if the owner of a Geocoin wanted to give ownership to someone else that it should be allowed by the owner? If you can transfer ownership of a coin please tell me how. OTazMan
  2. Now that I got everyone’s hackles up I will post my final thoughts. 1. I LOVE geocaching and I am not going to leave, sorry everyone who might be disappointed. 2. I am not the only one who is disappointed about the direction Geocaching has gone. I have received at least 6 responses off list from people who are lurkers and have left Geocaching and gone to alternative sights. I didn't even know alternatives to Geocaching existed and I don't plan to visit them. But this supports my theory that people have gotten upset enough to leave. 3. I completely agree with FireRef check the bold quote above. 4. I do have one proposed solution I think virtual caches should be brought back in the instance when a National Park or Monument specifically disallows caching. There are too many gorgeous wilderness areas that should have a geocache but can't. Don't call them Virtual call them something else? Monument and Park Cache something like an EarthCache??? Check the Virtual Caches around Crater to see all the activity they have received during the summer months obviously people like them! I completely agree that a virtual cache in a McDonalds or in a city is not appropriate for Geocaching. So who do I tell to get my idea looked at? 5. I thought a lot of the responses where appropriate and fine especially the stick up the... responses. But the responses that revolved around this is a for profit sight is just completely ludicrous what does a profit or non-profit have to do with the discussion? I can guarantee that if the first concern is making money then it will quickly doom it to not be profitable. OTazMan
  3. Wow that post was me being calm and civil. I am pretty sure you will hear the word ** on about any PG movie that I can think of and they wouldn't even bleep it. Anyway your response confirms my point of #2. I am actually surprised that you didn't delete the post. 2. Loosen up how event rules and caches are applied. I also love a couple of responses that pretty much say to avoid the problems post one thing in the cache or event and then do something completely different. That is lying and I try to avoid that. OTazMan
  4. Who out there has tried to create an event, cache or other type of geocaching find that was told that it didn't fit within the rules? I know there are a lot of you out there because the logs, caches and events are filled with complaints where the administrators have a stick up their *** . Go look at this GC18TXJ for a great example. I was also trying to create a cache where fellow geocachers could come see my Christmas display between Thanksgiving and New Years do a hunt, log a find and say hello in the process. (An extended event or limited Geocache.) Do you think this is allowed no! I also know of a geocacher who finally got fed up with the rules and pulled all of her Caches in Vancouver, WA. She had something like 30 hides and she pulled them all and deactivated them because she was tired with the restrictive rules. Why is Waymarking taking over what used to be Geocaching's domain? Why do I want to start another account and do things that used to be allowed on Geocaching? I refuse to do Waymarking after I figured out that most of the features of Waymarking used to be a part of geocaching. Virtual, webcam and Locationless caches all used to be a part of geocaching. It is now impossible to do a new Geocache in a lot of the major national parks. For example Crater Lake doesn't allow actual caches so instead the park is full off virtual caches before the rules where put in place. Now if you want to create a geocache it is not allowed and you have to create a earthcache which are very difficult to make and a lot of people don't like doing them or Waymarking. The Waymarking has 75,000 entries and I would dare say that 70,000 of them are places that a geocacher is not going to care about. Example - http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM68H What should Geocaching do to resolve these problems: 1. Bring back Virtual Caches and Reverse Caches. 2. Loosen up how event rules and caches are applied. 3. Allow creativity and bending of the rules or more flexible rules!!!!! 4. Geocache administrators should be NICE and allow creativity. 5. Stop trying to force Waymarking on us Geocachers. What happens if something is not done to resolve these issues? Simple more people will stop geocaching which is a bad thing. OTazMan
  5. Thanks for all of the trades: Shootie 57Chevy DreamCachers - that was a lot of great stuff. :^) SlowDownRacer If you haven't received mine in a couple of days let me know. OTazMan Anyone else want to trade? http://picasaweb.google.com/otazman/GeoCaching
  6. My new wooden nickel just arrived who is looking for a trade. Especially interested in Nice looking poker chips. E-mail me if interested, please attach a picture or include a link. OTazMan Wooden Nickel Cache On, OTazMan
  7. I was researching this coin and was trying to figure out what the messages are but the writing is too small. In my research I discovered that there is a secret to the coin? Has anyone solved the secret and/or read the messages? If so please e-mail the info off list. Thanks, OTazMan
  8. I have the Garmin 60CSX and have a couple of questions about how the altimeter and compass work. 1. Is the built in altimeter being used when a good GPS signal is being received? 2. Can the internal altimeter be disabled so that only the GPS signal is received? 3. When is the internal compass being used on the compass page and when is the GPS signal being used? 4. The most frustrating problem I have is when using the compass page while walking the red direction pointer just spins and is almost useless? While driving it works perfectly. Can the direction arrow be fixed so that it doesn't spin and gives a accurate direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. OTazMan
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