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  1. I have the Vista 60CSX, and I also have problems with the map page. I did compare the screeds side by side with the Vista CX, and the Vista background is a much brighter yellow color and the 60CSX is more of a washed out yellow-brownish. My other pages are just fine. I like the larger screen for in car navigation, but in bright dayight, it can be a little harder to see.
  2. I agree that you can't compare the Vista CX with the 60 CSX, I don't think I was comparing them in that way, I was just pointing out that the Sirf III chip really does make a difference, and it sounds like not all Sirf III chips work the same in different units, but it appears to work great in the 60 CSX- Some people can get reception in their house with the Vista CX, I could not, but I can with the 60 CSX. The chipset and the antenna really improves the reception. I am planning on buying a second unit for the family, and that will be the Vista HCX. I can't wait to see how that one works!
  3. Well - i own 2 devices with exactly the same Sirf III chip set. And there is MUCH difference between them. The GPSMap 60cx has a really good reception while the reception with the SAME CHIPSET in my Laptop i quite bad. So an antenna makes a BIG difference. It would be interesting to see side by side comparison of the reception of an extre hcx VS an gpsmap 60cx. My 60 CSX Instantly locks on the Satellites inside my house. The Vista CX never did that. (I borrowed one for a while.) I even tried inside my car, in my tuck under garage with the door closed, and it was able to acquire the satellites. It took a little longer, but I was amazed it could even get a signal. I have a satellite radio in my car, and I have no reception in my garage. So far I am impressed with the antenna and he Sirf III chip!
  4. I have similar questions. I was using (borrowing) a Vista CX, up until I recently bought a 60CSX, so I have been researching it to make sure I bought the right one. I have not found anyone who has tested the two side by side yet, but as the Vista HCX's become available, I am sure someone will. But this is what I have learned so far: The Vista HCX has a patch antenna, and the 60 CSX has a quad-helix antenna. Quad-helix is supposed to work better in heavy tree cover, and the patch works better next to rock walls and canyons. However, the 60 CSX has the ability to attach an external patch antenna, which should have better reception than either built-in antenna. So I believe you can have both on the 60 CSX. Also, the 60CSX has a larger screen, which helps for car navigation. I think the buttons on the 60 are a little more user friendly, being right on the front and labeled well. For example, when you want to find something (such as a waypoint, geocache, address, etc...) on the Vista you have to press the page button to the main menu, scroll to “find”, click the rocker bar and then you have your options of what to find. On the 60 CSX, you simply press the “find” button on the front, and you are brought right to your options. This works the same for marking waypoints too. It is nice having the “Mark” button right on front versus scrolling through the menu to get to the “mark” setting in the Vista. I have recently read some other blogs about users of the new Vista HCX, and there are some bugs such as the WAAS defaults to “disable” as soon as you turn it off. It does not hold the enable setting for whatever reason. There has also been some difficulty with the unit not acquiring the satellites if you turn it off, and then on right away. You have to wait about 10 minutes before you turn it back on again. I am sure Garmin will come up with a firmware update to fix these bugs as they become known. I did ask a guy at a local sporting good store, and he said the 60 series is a more rugged and built better than the Etrex Vista series. I do think that if Garmin wants to sell the 60 CSX for $100 more than the Vista HCX, they will need to do some creative marketing to point out the differences. So I may just be trying to talk myself into why I bought the unit, (Best price I found was at shipdog.com- $331.00 total, shipping included.) But I believe I am happy with it. I will patiently wait until someone has compared the two side by side!
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