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  1. The aviation unit I had (lowrance airmap 100) had the Jeppson database and already had restricted airspaces included. Unless you are talking about adding the new ones that pop up all the time now since 9-11..
  2. It does have the basemap and you can autoroute with it (but its only large roads). You need to buy city navigator 8 if you want to have street level maping.
  3. A circle shows up on mine!! Proximity alarms are circles only as far as I know and it will do for most small airports but restricted airspace is sometimes not a circle but this is as good as it gets unless you buy and aviation unit (I asssume you dont want to spend the moola for one of those with the jeppson data base)
  4. Once I was traveling from indiana to oklahoma. I loaded all the maps up from home to there and began my journey. The 60csx kept giving me a screwy route. Turns out I had missed the map that had the "effingham" corner of I-70 on it. Even though the basemap has I-70 I had not loaded the city select V6 map for that few mile part of I-70. Nothing I could do would make it routh on that part of I-70. My old GPSV would routh through loaded maps to basemap OK but not the 60csx. In my experience, if you dont have ALL the maps loaded for the route you are taking then then 60csx will NOT route correctly. Now that I have a 1 gig card I never have this problem but back then I still had the small card that came with it and so had to pick and choose my maps.
  5. Is there a web page that shows all the key codes for the 60csx? Will I loose my maps on a hard reset?
  6. They are equivalent units so choose on your form factor preference. The larger memory is mute since you will probably buy a 512 or 1gig card anyway and the one in the unit will go to waste since its so small. I have the 60csx...I would have purchased the 76 if it had been cheaper (rebate). I think I could live with either form factor.
  7. Hold on, let me see if I can find it....the search on here is 'sucky' I couldn't find it on here but heres some info from the amazon.com site review area http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ASBKL...5?redirect=true From Amazon ******************************************************************************************* This review covers the version 2.20 firmware released Nov 22 2005 and still current as of today (2/27/06). I already owned a RINO 130 which I was mostly happy with, and my wife bought me the 530 as an upgrade. My biggest complaints about the 130 were the serial download and the lack of auto-routing. The 530 was supposed to fix both of those and then some (plus color!), so I was very optimistic. The product, with firmware 2.2, is however a complete disaster. So - the good things first off. The USB interface works great. The original 100 series of RINOs should have never been released with serial interfaces, so it is nice that they finally fixed it. It used to take 1 hour 20 minutes to download a mapset to the 130 (24MB), and I can do 50MB to the 530 in a couple of minutes. Also very nice is that you can overlay maps (MetroGuide and Topo for instance) and select between then. On the older 130 you would have to replace them over the serial port which was a huge nuisance. The color screen is really much nicer than the monochrome LCD. And the Li Battery pack is nice, although for me it means I have to buy the AA pack because I intend to use it for weeklong trips without recharging. The walkie-talkie range is much improved over the original. Still nowhere near the claims, but improved. Also good, and unexpected, is the GPS works much better. The old unit had to be windshielf mounted in a car, this one works in your lap in the front seat. And now - why you shouldn't even consider buying it until a new firmware comes out .... 1) Screen redraw problems? Yep. Lockups requiring the battery to be removed? Yep. Crashes requiring a power cycle? You bet. On a 4 hour week last saturday I noticed that approximately 15% of the time I hit the "push-to-talk" button it would cause the screen to blank out completely. The buttons still made proper noises, and the walkie-talkie would still send and receive, but the display showed nothing. That meant ~20 times I had to power cycle the device to get the display back, on a single afternoon hike. This is all kinds of unacceptable. Trying to find addresses or intersections on it would result in the device hanging indefinately with all buttons non-responsive. And often times the GPS screen would just refuse to redraw (everything else would work, and all other screens, just no map). 2) Auto-routing. Where to start with this? This is worse than useless, as it actually breaks functionality that worked on the Rino 130 (namely, you could use your PC to calculate a route and download it). There are so many things wrong here. My *belief* is that the 530 unit, regardless of what maps you have downloaded to it, will only routefind with its built in mapset, which only has major highways. So you will never get directions that include specific streets of freeway exits. Even better - the algorithm to routefind appears to be "find nearest freeway and direct person to that freeway as the crow flys". So if you are 5 miles south of your target, and the nearest freeway is 10 miles north of your target, it will advise you to "drive 15 miles north to freeway". You can be 10 feet away from your target and it will still send you to a freeway. Fine, no problem I thought. I will just download a route from my computer onto it. WRONG. As soon as you try to activate a route it immediately attempts to recalculate it, and you end up with either a) no route at all and just an arrow pointing you towards your target or the same horrible highway only routes which have a tendency to take you 2x the distance you need. Not a problem with the "optimize for time or distance" either, I went through every combination of options for routing. Bug reports to garmin over the issues have so far gone unreturned, so garmin's customer service isn't exactly recommended either. I'll post a new review of any furthur firmware revisions.
  8. Glad to hear it and your solutions. I've had this sort of thing happen (batteries out for extended period) and was surprised I had to go through such a reset. happy GPSing!!!!
  9. Glad to hear it and your solutions. I've had this sort of thing happen (batteries out for extended period) and was surprised I had to go through such a reset. happy GPSing!!!!
  10. I've heard about that too but cant remember what state it was. I wouldn't surprise me for CA though. I'm surprised they havent'j closed the beaches as to keep us from hurting ourselves by exposing ourselves to the sun.
  11. You know, on that 3 axis compass thing. It would be nice to have the magnetic compass work whileon the dash in my car but to be honest, the car is usually a difficult environment for a magnetic compass to work ( you have to calibrate) and this would also mean that North on the gps would either be the direction of the antenna or the back of the case. I can see why garmin chose just to implement a 1 axis since real compass's are just one axis. I would take the 3 axis option if it was available but, when walking, I just dont think it matters much and holding the gps level flat makes it easy to know what direction is marked as north.
  12. Is it just me or does the search on this board particularly SUCK bad. I mean, "sorry you cant type in words that have less than 5 characters" Gimme a break!!! Surely this can be confiured better...the board overal is great!! Whos in charge??? Lets fix the search on this board (either that, or tell me why/how I'm just too stupid to use it correctly)... :-) Rant Over
  13. A week or three ago someone on here said they lock up when transmitting...guess theirs a problem with the electronics so close to a transmitter. So a search on here (if it lets you..)
  14. I take it you dont have this working yet? Pleae post when you find your problem... Thanks what is "MC-TBT"?
  15. Assuming a clear view of the sky and outside then, when you first turn on the unit it can take a long time to first gets its position. Usually you can tell it where it is at, in general, so it had something close as a starting position. On my old lowrance I would move the map pointer to my spot in southern indiana and that was all it needed to then acquire sats pretty quickly. Give it 5 or 10 minutes of no moving with clear sky and it should Find itself.
  16. What GPS are you using and what mapping software is loaded? If the city is not listed then you have to move the curser to where the city is and make a waypoint there I would guess, to navigate to.
  17. I suppose you have to weight the advantages of an antenna to the disadvantages (extra stuff to hook up and carry around). If I was in a marginal area much of the time and thought an antenna would help I would use one. For me, until now, it would be extra hassle that I really havne't felt the need for in any way. BTW, I actaully have been finding geocach's that last week. The 60csx walks me up to within 10 ft of them every time. The Magnetic compass on the GPS is very nice for this and now I'm glad I have it (before it was just a novalty).
  18. So Garmin gave you and unlock code for free? Wow, amazing. So, what will you expect from the seller now? I guess now that you have your own unlock code you can copy the original disks and send them back to the seller and get a refund since he had nothing to do with you getting your maps unlocked..
  19. The reason I can think of it not showing those is due to you not "navigating" to one of those waypoints? Other than that it should be showing you distance and bearing to the waypoin y ou are navigating to.
  20. Yep, Garmin gave us all 60csx's at the last christmas party. :-) Actually, I work for the US Navy. Here's my home page: http://www.grimlabs.com
  21. Yes, just to point out...the two things I miss from the gps V are the "add via to route" function (I cant belive the 60 doesn't have it) and the way you can change from horizontal to vertical display. I never did use the detour function of the V (I was too dumb to figure it out) but I guess thats not on the 60csx either. Make sure you have city select or city navigator so the autorouting is what you expect. I bought a 1gig transflash card..its nice to get a whole route from indiana to orlando in the gps. As you know, the autorouting in the V doesn't work that well if all the maps from point A to B are not loaded...same with the 60csx. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for your comments, I believe you have made my mind up.
  22. My upgrade was from the gps V to the 60csx. Every issue I had wiht the V was fixed by the csx. I love it and am now very satisfied with my GPS. It does so much more and does it so much better you will be thrilled to death!!! Seriously, if you got the money then its a no brainer (in my humble opion). The V was great the 60csx is lightyears better. Oh, I work for Garmin..LOL Just kidding. Thanks for your reply.
  23. With an "x" version your really really dont need and external antenna. The only reason can see to get an external antenna would be if you were using it in a boat below deck (and then it might not be necessary)
  24. Yikes, tell that to the zillions of pilots that use barometric altimeters daily. A barometric altimeter is the most accurate "short term". It will change as a result of local pressure changes and so needs to be recalibrated often. That said, If I needed the MOST accurate elevation inforamtion from a track on my gps I would definitly only trust the barometric altimeter as long as I calibrated before the run/hike/bike ride. GPS altimeter indications are notoriously less accurate than the GPS horizontal accuracy.
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