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  1. Its an option on one of the menus (compass menu?) that lets you set a speed and "time at that speed" that the electronic compass will take over. I think the default is like 90 seconds and 10mph so most walkers should pretty quickly be using the electronic over the move direction.
  2. It sounds like you are really having trouble with your 60csx is it true that you have traded it in 3 times? Lets try to find out if its a setting or something else. 1) have you downloaded the latest firmware with webupdater? This is very important. 2) is your lock on road turned OFF. You dont want the gps snapping you to the nearest road when trying to find that offroad cache. 3) Are you holding your gps flat (looking down at it with the antenna pointed the direction you are walking?
  3. As long as you have money in your account the bank will cash it... If the check is bad then they take the money from your account to cover. All EBAYer's listen up!!! When someone sends you a check or MO for an item you are selling dont send the item until the check has CLEARED!!! This is a common rip off!!!! You loose the item and get no money!
  4. I think, even more to the point, that this was a JOKE and given that, he can take certain liberties with the technical details. I loved it!!! More to the point, this is a stationary antenna, and will only report the position of the antenna no matter how long the cable is.
  5. I would just point out that Lowrance left me high and dry when my 10yr lithium battery died on my airmap100 when it was two years old. I loved the lowrance otherwise but dont expect them to do anything for your after your warranty is out (unlike Garmin). Todd For a relatively small company, Lowrance is fabulous and cutting edge. I used to own their first mapping unit that could download from their CD of marine maps. I think it was a Map Pro, or something like that. It came out around '96 or '97 and was the first in the industry. What I'm looking for now is a handheld with a large screen. I just don't know wether to Magellan now that Thales in France owns them. Nothing against the French, of course .
  6. Wait a second..I think Lowrance uses SIRF I and is pretty darn sensitive. If never losing lock is our criteria then you need a lowrance or a Garmin. If you want to autoroute then you need the garmin I am not looking for a unit as complicated as the 60csx, but would like something that could find me places other than in the middle of lake erie(the most common use of the etrex so far!). The rino, for example pairs a quad helix antenna with the 12 channel receiver(same as the etrex?), and I am curious if a unit like that maintains a better lock, in general. Thanks again.
  7. Mine did that once while doing a recalcuation across the country..I figured it had had to recalculate one to many times and it was too much for it. Now I wonder what really cuased it? There is an area like that in a park in Seattle. Every single time I have driven across one section it powes off, pluged in or not.
  8. Opinions I have seen give them very poor reviews compared to the newest handhelds. Nice to have built in but also a limitation that way. Maps are expensive and not as good, functionality is not as good. From what I've read, spend half the money and get a good garmin road unit like a 2720. This has been talked about on this forum but since the search feature stinks it may be lost to us. Try a search on here for pioneer...I think that one was mentioned.
  9. Looks like 8 and 7 are a downgrade from 6 as far as points of interest...thats dissapointing as I'mpretty dissatisfied with 6 missing lots of business's
  10. And in contrast to this, when my Lowrance airmap100's lithium battery went bad after two years (it was a 10 yr battery), Lowracne told me to go stick it. I'm a happy Garmin owner now.
  11. Your right..this deserves more explaination from garmin...
  12. Looks like your the guniea pig....let us know.. :-) Do you fell lucky???
  13. I did have my csx fade out on me and turn off once during a recalculation. Very strange behavior. Turned back on and it worked fine. Anyone else? I think I've read this once before so it has to be some kind of bug....but what the heck would make it fade away like that???? I believe that the 60CSx initially had a problem like this, which was corrected in one of the first firmware updates. So make sure you have the latest firmware update, and submit a bug report to Garmin if you do.
  14. Gernerally, YOu need to tell it where its at initially using the map to give it some basic info on what to look for. Either that or there should be a mode for cold restart that tells it to start looking from scratch...this can take a long time. I dont have an explorer so what I'm telling you may not apply but I think it does in general to all GPS's
  15. I thought I read on the garmin site that you were not allowed to upgrade to your second gps. Meaning, you had an old gps with say version 4 on it...you then bought a 60csx and so loaded 4 onto it as well as your second GPS. Then you upgrade to 8 NT but you are not allowed to because your 60csx is your second gps. Thisis the way I understood it....Am I wrong? The upgrade version ($75) is not out yet...that's what most Garmin owners are looking for. The "First time loading" version ($139) appears to be out.
  16. From indiana to Clearwater works OK and also indiana to OK city. I really think that if you have all the maps then it will do it from coast to coast. Longer routes, of course, take longer to calculate but even IN to FL was like 30 seconds or something like that.
  17. SO is NT for sure work on the csx version??? How exactly do you download "CN 8 NT...free"? I'd be happy enough buying it but nobody seems to be able to sell it to me... if there's a downloadable upgrade I'd buy CN 7.x and upgrade it. City Navigator V8 NT DVD can be bought right from Garmin off their website as I did. Came this week. You have to do a search for it though....they apparently don't want to sell it to badly. Try this: http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/citynavnt.jsp Steve
  18. I had a funny thing happen yesterday....I was watching my location then all of the sudden it was Way off the road...very weird...I watched and when I zoomed out it was back on the road... Very confused until I realized that I was looking at the north pointer when I was zoomed in and the location pointer was obscured by a road label (night mode). Anyway, Just a laugh for you guys...
  19. I've had mine fade out on me during a complex recalculation...anyone else? Very strange. I've got that error several times. The only time calculating the route was if I was right in front of where I wanted to be. I'm not sure what the problem was. I went home and reset to all defaults. Then reloaded all my maps and routes. From then on it has worked. I knew it wasn't memory because I had a 1gig card in it and only a couple of map sets.
  20. Do you set your track breadcrumbs to 1sec when running? I got poor distance measurements until I did this. The track points would skip over long portions of the sweeping curve of a run that I did and I lost miles due to it.
  21. So, I'm confused about this NT version of city navigator. I see on the garmin site that the non NT version is avaliable as a direct purchase or an upgrade. It turns out that you cant upgrade to the NT version on your second GPS so no upgrades for me I guess. As anyone bought the NT version of city navigator yet? It looks like its the version you want as it compress's the maps better so more maps for less memory card. Is this true and is eveyrone waiting for NT or just getting the regular version of CN8
  22. Vehical speedometers usually indicate a higher speed than the true speed as the manufactuers want to err or tne safe side. I'm surprised your is the opposite.
  23. I've never heard of mm in a compass. It would either be in degrees or radians or ordinal points like North or SouthWest and like that. mm is a linear measurement but degrees are circular like radians. So what military application are you talking about...I'm curious?? quote name='vertigojunky' date='Aug 7 2006, 02:56 PM' post='2391690'] I know the 60csx is capable of UTM and MGRS etc, but when switched to MGRS will the compass read in mm also? or does it remain in degrees? Is there a way to switch it to mm at all? I only ask because it's important in regards to military aplications. Thanks a bunch if anyone has any clue!
  24. What problem exactly? Did you buy a wrong style chip before you found out what to buy? Garmin told you you needed a micro (or transflash) memory chip for the csx and to be sure not to get the microII because it would NOT work. I think some have made that mistake of getting the micro II only to have it fry the chip. A mini is a different animal all together. I guess there is room for confusion with this but the "transflash" microSD is what to buy.
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