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  1. Yep, they sold you the wrong map product if you want to autoroute. You need city select or city navigator. about 110 bucks
  2. I don't know the specifics of how they can get this much gain. If its just in the preamp section or is an actual gain/pattern change of the antenna. Generally, if an antenna has higher gain (all else being equal) then its pattern suffers, in that it becomes more directional in one way or another. Sometimes this is a non-issue (For terrestrial antennas like when you loose gain straight up to increase it to the side). If this gain is achieved with a better preamp then you may have an issue with interference (as one poster said.."inter mod"). If you can, buy both and compare and then return one. I would be worried about the high gain model and especially if the low gain one suits your needs and works in all situations you expect it to. Let us know what you do and how well it works out....
  3. For sure you dont want city navigator for waterways and streams. I was just on a canoe trip and the river no way matched the map. You know how rivers change course over decades...well, what city select used for rivers must be decades old. I dont know about their topo software ...anyone care to comment on river accuracy????
  4. I have heard lots of good about the 600. I may be wrong but I dont thing the 600 autoroutes as well as the csx but if that is not an issue then the 600 sounds like your best bet.
  5. Mine has shut off before during time of autocalculation....the screen fades away and then its off. I turn it back on and all is OK again. Its a bug of some kind but hard to reproduce. I do think it only happens during times of maximum processor overload.
  6. Keep us posted on your progress....You might have a bad unit. Its happened before. I'm always amazed at the reception of this thing and my accuracy is the same as my old GPSV as well. I would never go back to the V so something must be amiss on your csx. Thanks. I know not to put too much stock in the stated accuracy - either what is printed on the box or what the GPS displays. In this case, my five year old unit seems to perform as well or better than the new one in actually finding a waypoint. If the 60Cx indicated only +/- 30 vs +/- 15 for my old V but tracked dead-on to a point I wouldn't really care. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The "observed" accuracy of my 60Cx is only "as good" or actually "worse" than my old unit in the conditions where it should be much better. I will try "down-dating" my software from 2.8 to 2.7 today and see if that helps. Perhaps the problem is in the new software. If it doesn't help I will exchange this unit. Doesn't sound like others are having these issues. Again, thanks for all the replys and suggestions.
  7. I lock on roads OFF. Also turn off WAAS just for something to try. ALSO, #1 update your firmware. These units had bad problems before the recent firmware of a few months ago. let us know
  8. The NT version of city select fits on 1 gig ...now if you want topo on there as well then it might be a problem.. That would be right. I saw the published limitation and went and brought a 1 GB card. Teach me for not doing my homework first. Thanks for the clarification. Regards Andrew
  9. Yes, that is the issue. the chunks are larger. NT actually is smaller as a whole than the older verions....the entire US will fit on a 1 gig card as opposed to before when it too about 1.5 gig. The maps are smaller but you are foced to load larger chunks. This is aproblem for folks with older units but when sporting a 1 gig card or a .5 gig card its no issue at all.. Thanks for the info. So, are the Navigator maps not broken into as small of "chunks" as with Select? Perhaps that is what the commentary on "twice the memory" was based on. On Select, Denver is eight maps alone, CO is 22 and NE is 15, and you are saying that with Navigator, ALL of NE and CO are six maps? I can see where that could be a problem loading enough maps to travel. Right now if I'm traveling out of NE or CO, I just load enough to encompass the corridor I'm traveling. What other limitations have you experienced? Thanks again, Scott
  10. OK, this was a test to see if you would be any good at geocaching.... I'm afraid you need some remedial classes before you will be allowed to move on to your first cache.. :-)
  11. You can set your unit to record tracks to th e card I think. Also, your own POI's. Do you ever travel out of your state? I do and I would like the whole US in mine. I have a one gig card and when I get 8NT it will completely fit. If you limit yourself to your state then you probably didn't need the new memory card.
  12. No way as of now...many of us have requested this be changed. At least the option to allow viewing the gps elevation as a display item. Also, when running I find the elevation data of the gps pretty poor and especially under trees. I like the barometer reading for this (with autocalibration turned off). Now, as you said, if a front moved through then your hosed but my runs are usually less than an hour. Days long hikes, I guess I would leave autocalbration on for the best overall accuracy for elevation. How often does a front move thorugh while your outside biking or running...I bet not very often and in this case I think the barometer would give far better results than the gps elevation. In my experience..
  13. Mine sold on ebay for $105 including disks for the city select 6 that was with it. I got less than I planned and would have kept it for that price. They were selling on there for 140 to 150 then. 120 with maps is an OK price I guess. I had one for 3 years before upgading to the 60CSx and I loved it. However I always found the V shape of it awkward to carry. Also I've seen these units for 150.00 new including mapping software. You might want to look around. El Diablo
  14. 50 bucks additional is not a killer the way I see it. I would focus on the drawbacks and the advantages to the two models. BTW, I do have a csx myself and am glad I do. But remember, all anyone ever complains about the the 60csx is the compass and barometer so you might be sorry you bought into the "s" model. The only drawback I see at this point in my opinion is the altimeter/elevation cant be used on pressurized airplanes because they dont give you an option to display the GPS elevation if you have the S model (however, you can view it as a one time thing).
  15. Just before you take off calibrate your altimeter (if youknow your elevation) and then turn OFF the autocalibrate. I found that during a 40minuit runacross the same terrain that the unit got off by 25 feet or more but when I turned off autocalibrate it was accurate for this short range. If the barometric pressure changes then all bets are off but it usually does not change that fast.
  16. SIRF puts the reciever in a different league I had a VistaCS. Lost it and upgraded to a 60CSx. Got used to the different button layout in no time and IMO the SiRF chipset alone is worth the price difference. Jan
  17. Yes and no Most of what everyone complains about the csx is in the compass and altimeter but, if you dont have the features you cant complain (and you wont have a magnetic compass and acurate pressure sensing). This topic has been hotly discussed on here often. If you dont get the compass and altimeter then you get better battery life and your altimeter (elevation) will work in a pressurized airplane cabin. If you do get those features then you get a gps that has a compass that points the right way when stopped (except this needs calibrated way too much), but you have to hold it flat to work. The barometer/pressure sensor can give you very acurate hill climb resolution and accuracy however, you have to know the limitations and how to use it...if you dont know how/why it works then you will get funny numbers and will complain about it. Do some poking around on here and youll find many discussions on this topic
  18. but maybe you can unlock CN8 from your nuvi to your 60csx (if it came with a stand alone set of disks and two unlock codes as is usual)
  19. what a loaded question :-). It depends on what you want to do with it. Do you want autorouteing along with geocachign abilities? Then you can go with the flow and buy a 60csx garmin or 76csx. If you dont care about autorouting then the sky is the limit. Lowrance and magellan are both nice units. Do you have a price in mind or is the sky the limit..?
  20. I dont have version 8 but my version 6 was shown to have quite a few more POI"s than 7 or 8, Now how up to date these are is maybe a different story but it looks like version past 6 have less POI's not more.
  21. This happens to me all too often as well. I have a 60csx and sometimes the street just doesn't come up...it sucks and I dont know if a CAR dedicated model would be better or not...probably not. It think its just a failing of the database.
  22. Mine stays on my dash all the time...it doesnt seem to phase it...now my skyfi2, it turns black when HOT
  23. This is a reply I got from the OP. Seems like they are up to date and doing everything correctly. Does anyone else have anything to offer? Does garmin send back refurbs when you send in for replacement or new units? maybe are return to the store would be better? ************************************************************** I've only exchanged the 60CSX one time, but am about ready to do so again, which would mean 3 different ones in less than 2 months. I'm just afraid the NEXT 60csx will have even worse problems! Yes, I use the updater frequently, the latest just yesterday & it says I'm up to date with everything. I usually switch from "follow road" to "off road" when I make the last turn ....I go to "find geocache" & then "off road". Sometimes I just hit the page while I'm using the navigation till it switches to compass, but that seems to be inaccurate, so I mostly just go to the find cache option again & the off road option. What I'm finding a lot is that if I miss my turn, I lose the navigation & the compass just goes blank (no red arrow). Eventually the mapping navigation reroutes, but not the compass...have to do the "find" thing again. I have a lot of trouble with the compass going blank, but I can get it back usually. Yes, I'm holding the GPS flat in most instances - the little message saying to" hold level" reminds me when I don't. Recalibrating solves most problems temporairly, but I don't think I should have to recalibrate 3 times while just going from one cache to another, but that seems to be what it requires. I'm not talking about replacing batteries here - I always start with fresh batteries & recalibrate the minute they are put in, but obviously, that's not enough. I'm just totally befuddled with this GPS. I've talked to a really savvy cacher that uses the Garmin 60csx & he loves it, his dad loves his & they've had absolutely no trouble & hadn't heard any complaints of my variety by anyone , other than one couple that had the trouble with the arrow always pointing the wrong way. I sure hope you have some answers. I just don't know what to do other than try another Garmin csx one more time.
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