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  1. Sorry, its not brayton but "braysville" which shows up in the eastern part of the state? Are Garmin Maps prone to errors like this or so I just have a problem. I am using 2.12beta firmware? Todd
  2. Thats exactly what I did...its not there. This is a Class D towered airport. I should be listed I would think. The base map has Monroe county airport on it..but when you load mapsource cityselect, that one dissapears and there is no airport there to take its place. Maybe someone else can try this. Load the map for Bloomington, IN and then try to find monroe county airport or BMG as its listed by the FAA. Its just not there??? Also, a little town called "freedom" indiana changes its name to "brayton" as you zoom in. Not sure whats up with that either. Todd Snyder
  3. I'm an X pilot and sold my airmap 100 for a new gps V. I assumed that airport "locations" would at least be on the maps. Actually, I live in Bloomington, IN and it appears that the airport there appears on the basemap but when I load my mapselect for the area the airport info dissapears. I suppose I can go in and put user waypoints at all the airport locations that are missing but I hoped I wouldnt' have to. Anyone else have this problem? Todd
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