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  1. Wow. I too am the female companion of an obsessive cacher. I really really don't like going. I find it kinda boring, but I see the thrill on my friend's face and I would never deny him his pleasure. I tag along and just sit or stand and watch. Sometimes if it is a really easy find I can get into it, but mostly I would really rather be shopping. And, my friend returns the favor by tagging along as I shop, when i really know he would rather do something else. To me, the point is being together, regardless of the activity. This issue has nothing to do with caching. I would guess your wife has an insecurity issue which turns into a control issue. Time for a therapist! And why the heck does it say "tadpole" under my picture?
  2. quote: http://www.bell-realty.com/search_details.cfm?ID=376 section 8 properties, even if you qualify. Nothing against poor people, but let's be honest here: You don't need to be tripping over a Wal-Mart tricycle on your way down the stairs. In my previous post, i sorta inferred that springfield isn't cool. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed WOW! First time reader and first time poster, geniustara, here. I am so far from being a Liberal and I am so sick of public schools policies. Policies such as not being able to have a Thanksgiving or Christmas party, due to the potential to offend other. Well, hey I am offended that I CAN'T say Christmas. I am so tired that most of what one could say MIGHT offend somebody. So in light of that, it very much surprises me that I am so ah...what would be the word...so excited about this post. Oregone, I think your posts when you find are darn funny. My first date with FM I looked through his book just to see if I could find anything else that you wrote. They were that funny. I feel so strongly about what has been written here and that it is taken as funny that I have to respond. I am not attacking you or your words. I am going to tell a little auto biographical story that nobody but a few members of my family know. When my mom chose her first husband, she chose very badly. He was an abusive alcoholic that liked to rip out her hair and make her bleed. Hey, we lived in Springfield and at times, public assistance was called upon. So far we are fittng right in. After eleven years of me watching this, my mom finally left him for good. She married another complete loser. This one was an alcoholic, but instead of taking enjoyment on hitting her, he liked to hit me instead. It took her thirteen years to leave him. During this thirteen years, he decided working was not for him. My mom tried to support us, but she refused to put me, my brother, or my sister in daycare. We ended up living in section 8 housing. We had government help with our groceries. My mom worked long and hard hours, but it was not enough to do it all. I will tell all of you that there were no tricycles to trip over. My face was always clean, as were my clothes and hair. You would have never know that there was a problem by looking at me or our house. Today, I am divorced with two kids myself. I am very proud to say that I have made it all on my own with no governmental help. However, had that help not been available to my mother when I was a child, I can't imagine where or what I would be today. I get very defensive when comments such as this are made, because they are about people that none of us know. They are about my mom. You just don't do that.
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