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  1. Thanks for the effort you guys have made in helping with my question
  2. OK Im probably not being clear here. I own several trackables, most are still on the move, some have vanished and have been missing for 2 years i want to delete then from my list of trackables I own . the input I have had so far doesn't tell me how to do that. Any help with detailed step by step instruction would be most appreciated.
  3. My question was "how do i remove it from my inventory? Thanks
  4. trackdayguy


    I have several trackables that for reasons unknown to me have not been passed on. How do I remove these trackables from my inventory ? Thanks Terry
  5. I have 2 there. Carpet & Motorsport
  6. Looking for a Geocaching friend in Central Alberta. Once a week maybe more. 270 finds so just a beginner. You can either post or text to: 403-778-2146 Terry
  7. I am a little puzzled by what the 4 small icons are on the bottom right hand corner of the map are. one is a pad lock the other id an arrow the other is a circle and finally looks like a stack of papers. Please advice.
  8. Thanks guys, its now in my inventory.
  9. trackdayguy


    Found a Trackable, no idea who owns it. Any suggestions on how I can get it back in the system ?
  10. I have had to move my Cache and therefore had to edit the concordance, cant seem to see how to do it, any advice would be helpful
  11. Does your app locate all the caches including those only available to premium members ?
  12. So I guess I shouldn't upgrade from the classic, sounds like a down grade 😱
  13. I'm currently using the classic app and have had no issues with it. When they say it won't be supported after September, what does that mean, won't it work 😱
  14. I must be missing something. How do I open log
  15. So can one place a new cache in the same location as one that has been archived ?
  16. Yes, I guess that would be helpful Ah
  17. Thanks. I think the issue was that the Cache had been there 9 years, the original tin container had rusted out and the Geocacher had moved on, its a great location alongside the Red Deer River in Alberta.
  18. It appears that I have uploaded 2 identicle pictures, I cant see any way in deleting one.
  19. trackdayguy

    New Cache

    A few months ago we looked for a Cache that had clearly been removed, we notice several weeks later that the Cache had been deleted from the system. Are we ok to place a new Cache in the same location
  20. Thanks guys, good advice. As has been said before the game only works when everyone plays by the rules. The other thing we have noticed is there is no point dropping a Trackable in an infrequently visited Cache. A month ago we visited a cache at Gap Lake, it had 2 Trackable which we didn't take and a month later they are still there, we plan on revisiting the Cache picking up the Trackable and dropping it in a more popular location.
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