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  1. Well, not in their mailbox, but received all the same.... :laughing: Congratulations to Karin and her hubby, Grodan & Fiabus! Today they safely welcomed a new blessing to their family! I won't spoil their fun with more details, that honor is for them to give, but I wanted to let everyone know that the baby made it and all is well :laughing: Naomi
  2. I thought i had mailed out invites to everyone who mailed me? If I missed you, remail me, please. And no, you don't need gmail to use it
  3. Naomi- I'm not questioning Motocycleboi's integrity at all! I've purchased several coins from him in the past with-out a hitch. It's just that "Stuff" happens and since I paid for these over 45 days ago, I'll be SOL if something should go wrong. I've got some coins coming from other sellers and have the same concerns. I'm SURE everything will work out, just a little "gun shy" now that an extra dollar (or SEK) is a little harder to come by BOY, do I understand what you mean! It really stinks that a few bad apples have messed up things for the everyone else. It really saddens and disappoints me that it has happened this way. I know you'll be really pleased when you get yours, they are lovely coins! Naom
  4. One other thing, Tuesday, January 6th, is a holiday here, so no mail that day, which can also cause a delay And here I thought folks just confused Sweden and Switzerland! I had no idea about Swaziland, too Naomi
  5. Sunrayers, I don't think you have anything to worry about Folks on this side of the pond have been receiving them, yours will be there soon, it just takes a little longer to go over to you guys. People here in Sweden, where mail is known for taking only one day to be delivered on average, started to receive theirs last Friday, mine came on Monday, so just wait patiently and this beauty will be there before you know it. Motocycleboi is very trustworthy! Naomi
  6. That is actually the inspiration for the coin. We have had several losses and needed something that was a kind of memorial, without feeling like I was being morbid or wallowing... Thanks! It's not something that ever really leaves you. You see a baby and you wonder, you see pregnant women and have an ache deep inside... it's with you forever. I wear an angel pendant around my neck for my little one that didn't make it. You're not wallowing or being morbid. You're being human! *hugs* Naomi
  7. As someone who's had a miscarriage, this coin will be high on my list of coins to buy. I don't buy many coins a year due to finances, but this one, however, is a must! Naomi
  8. Always nice to see a new mystery coin show up! Congrats on being the first recipient, and thanks, whoever you are, for brightening up folks' day! Naomi
  9. These are ready? Oh, cool! I hope I get the ones I ordered soon too. CF30 Yeppers, Sarah, they were being received on this side of the pond in the great frozen north last Friday and today! Hopefully yours will make it soon! As far as that wonderful mission (Steph, adopt me, please!!) all I can say is that you're one of the most deserving people out there, I'm glad you got the wonderful coins you did! You truly do deserve it! Naomi
  10. I may have missed it, but will these have their own icon, or will they share the icon for the 2008 ET? Naomi
  11. Unless I'm reading this wrong, this map isn't completely correct. We're GMT +1 here in Sweden, not -1. It can make things a little confusing. Sweden - noon England - 11 am New York City - 6 am Texas - 5 am Denver - 4 am LA - 3 am Naomi
  12. Well, now I at least know where the bucket list title of Steph's coin comes from.... 1. Get out of debt, totally. 2. Save enough so that we can afford for Micke to finish his education and me to work only part time and spend more time with the kids. 3. Conquer my depression 4. Be healthy 5. Remember to live, love and laugh, and that if I can remember those things, the rest will fall in place!
  13. Man, Karma just rocks, what a neat coin!!! *jealous* But in a good way! Naomi
  14. YUMMM, Bilar and Marianne, two of my absolute favorite candies here!!
  15. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, it was a pleasure collecting the bits and pieces for it! God Jul is Swedish for Merry Christmas and pronounced 'goo yule,' the d isn't exactly silent, it's just normally not said since we say it somewhat fast . The drink mix goes with the spicy mix that you got. The drink is called glögg (gluhhgg) and it's very delicious and traditional for our Christmas celebrations. It's yummy! I hope you get to make it and that you enjoy it! Merry Christmas, all! Naomi
  16. It's not a dreamcatcher (boy, I'd like one of those!) but a suncatcher
  17. We were also blessed with this lovely coin today! I'll be placing it on our tree. You guys did a wonderful job on it, I love it! I was also blessed with a gorgeous Christmas card with EmmaGem, BigD and mamma on it and a coin to go with it. Thank you for making my mail day today! Merry Christmas all, and Happy New Year! Naomi
  18. I don't think I'd drill a suncatcher. They are 3 pieces and on top of that, the enamel in the suncatcher part could possibly pop out from the vibrations. If you were going to do it, do it as close to the edge as possible, to avoid disrupting the retaining ring. Good luck. I love suncatchers, having designed 3 of them, but could never let them travel, hehehe, they are my beauties and I keep them to admire them and show off at events! Naomi
  19. You and me both, Laval!! I've got a group of about 10 cachers here in Sweden who are really waiting, too, since we went in together HURRY MAIL! Dumb holidays Naomi
  20. Ahhh, the best gift of all, the miracle of life! Congratulations, Fossillady, enjoy Josiah and the pleasure that is a grandchild! Naomi
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