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  1. ...and This AWESOME person , SIVOTA, just up and sent it to me. You are an Angel for granting a wish. I hope I can do the same for you one day. Good comes to Good people and there will be alot of good your way.


    Thank You soo much,

    You are much Appreciated,




    Sivota is one very, very special person. You rarely hear much from her, but she is so very generous and kind and big hearted. She really is incredible, she's made so many peoples' day! I wish I had the ability to be more like her!


    I got a trade today, one of those mega cool, spun cast, Fear No Cache coins. Thanks to Dan and Hollora for arranging this trade with me! It's been so long since I've had coin mail, this was a pleasant surprise!


    Naomi :D

  2. I don't understand the fascination with using pens, either, to be honest. I'm in Sweden and we get pretty cold in the winters, too. We almost all use pencils, usually involuntarily donated from the local IKEA store :), and a pencil sharpener is a standard part of our caching bag!


    Are people just that paranoid that someone is going to erase their log or something?

  3. <Content removed by moderator>


    From the guidelines:

    This forum is intended only for personal selling or giving away of geocaching related items. No company or business postings/advertising are allowed. Charity solicitations are also not acceptable. Groundspeak reserves the right to determine if an item for sale is inappropriate for this board and may moderate users and/or remove the posts in our discretion.


    <While it's likely not the posters intent to promote a business, Groundspeak wishes these forums to be free from business postings - thanks.>

  4. Opalsns...


    I just gotta say that when you first showed up here I spent DAYS trying to figure out what on earth your nickname meant, first I thought you had misspelt "psalms" or something, lol, but then I finally got it and I love it, one of my favorite words and effects!


    Naomi :D

  5. They are a decent size, actually much bigger than I thought they would be and they were much prettier than I expected them to be! There was a decent heft to them, too.


    My 9 year old received one as a gift, a pink pear shaped one, we were really impressed with them, I don't think anyone would be disappointed by them!

  6. It is SOOOOO cool going up on that elevator in the arch! It's shaped a bit like a donut that has been quartered and you sit against the edges, horseshoe shaped and it goes up, starts to tilt a little bit, then straightens out since it kind of zig zags up the inside of the monument. The view from the top is just great.


    GO, you'll love Saint Louis! It's a wonderful town!


    Inside one of the elevator cars... 400px-Gateway_Arch_tram_car.JPG

  7. Sarah, what a wonderful coin! I love the backside, and the front side brings back memories of a great weekend spent in St Louis many, many years ago! Going up in the Gateway Arch, going to the Children's museum that is so hands on, and going to the Brewery and seeing it all...


    One of my favorite American Cities by far! Great job!


    Naomi ;)

  8. I see it as very durable and if someone wanted to put it out is would hold up nicely. I just can't imagine someone putting one like this in the wild.


    -HHH :lol:


    Call me a sadist, but I have my drill all primed to maim one of these bad boys and set it loose as soon as they arrive! :P


    OMG, save the coin, save the coin! If you are so dead set on losing one of them, lol, just send it to me, I'll at least give it a good home! :D:laughing::laughing:


    Absolutely awesome job here!


    Naomi :blink:

  9. I was a little off, :P official word is approximately 14 letters per line and up to 4 lines. The mint says that some letters take more space than others and that they may be able to squeeze 15 on a line, but the target is 14 and under! (be sure and include spaces in your letter count)



    UGH, I've got it down to that except for ONE line, the first line, and it is 15 characters!


    Is there a way to see if it would work?


    Also, will you be posting the better pics soon? I'm curious to know if the transparent enamel is the hard or soft enamel, too... ie, will it be level with the edge of the coin or sunken in?



    Naomi :D

  10. when did the Titanic remints go out? I have not received mine.


    If you ordered Lady Lucks with the Titanics, they will ship when the Lady Luck coins arrive.


    That is correct, however, Mustang Joni is not the voice of GeocoinDesign.com. If you have any questions about that, you can email me privately at info@geocoindesign.com.





    You are right! I have NOTHING to do with this company, and wouldn't even buy a coin from them.


    But since I knew the information, and the company has a history of not responding to customer inquiries, then I just took the information stated in another thread to help a fellow coiner.


    Again, I have NOTHING to do with this company!


    Thank goodness for that, Joni!!!!

  11. Ok, I saw in an earlier post that up to 4 lines of engraving will be offered, but I need to know how many characters per line, and sooner, rather than later, so that Micke and I can work on something to go on back of this!




  12. We did a really nice camping event last summer at our local lake. The lake has a latrine, some picnic tables, a camping area for campers (no utilities) and a tent area. It's 1 mile, 1.6km from our house, so nice and close.


    The event lasted from Friday night to Sunday whenever you wanted to leave, although some folks came only for Saturday and some even left on Saturday night, their choice.


    Friday night was a meet and greet, we all got together, grilled our own food that we brought with us, the lake had a grill, we also brought our grill from home and there was another grill and a couple of campstoves there. Everyone brought their own blankets to sit on or folding chairs. There isn't a problem with fire ants here, so sitting on the ground was safe :yikes:. Someone made a KILLER hot drink with milk, brown sugar and spiced rum that we all enjoyed that night, nights in July can be chilly here in Sweden, so it was a hit.


    Saturday we met up at 9 am and Micke and I handed out printed sheets with the caches that were set up for the day. There were 21 of them. That was part of the fun of the event, finding good places for good caches in the weeks before. Our local reviewer worked with us and didn't release them until 5 pm that day for the rest of the world to find, but the folks at the event had first chances to get them. Inside every cache we put a couple of numbered tickets, the FTF had the option of taking both or taking one and leaving one for the next person. There was one high difficulty/terrain cache that we put more tickets in because of those factors. Everyone had until 5 pm to go cache to their hearts' desire. It was great to watch, they took their papers and headed to their cars and started putting in numbers, hehehe... ohhh, the concentration, the intensity, the competitiveness!! You should have heard the comments, hehehe! And off they went! One of the caches was in front of my in-law's place, they sat out all day and watched folks hit it and giggled, hehehe.


    Everyone came back roughly 5 ish, we all laughed and talked about the caches and which they liked and didn't like, etc., had snacks and just relaxed together. After everyone had wound down I brought out the goodies. I had collected more than 30 geocoins, pathtags, signature items and so on, as well as having a 'grand prize' of a small backpack filled with geocaching snacks and candies and such. I had gotten enough donations that everyone was able to leave with a geocoin of their own to release or collect, up to them. It was cool because those who won more than one were giving up their winning to someone who hadn't won, and even the kids ended up going home with a gift of some sort!


    The cool thing about this was that Saturday Mr Mousekakat, Mini-Mousekakat, Baby-Mousekakat, a couple of the older kids that didn't want to go caching, and I hung out at the lake all day, swung in the hammock, relaxed, picnicked, ate some junk food and drank cold beer/soda and just took it easy. An event can be really tiring on the organizers, so it was a great break!


    Sunday was up to everyone what they did. We headed back to the lake around 9:30 and there were still a number of folks there, they are going out again after more caches (ohhh, how they love a good cache, hehehe) and then taking off from there.


    We provided a grill, a cheap tent pavillion, the one you can get for like 20 bucks at Waly World, brought all the folding chairs we had and a couple of blankets to sit on and a hammock. We also provided trash bags, plastic utensils, and paper plates for those who needed them. There was enough ketchup, mustard and things like that that everyone shared them. We also provided a container for cans to be recycled.


    It was a very successful event with more than 30 people showing up. It was a lot of fun, we even had people camping in our back yard under our apple trees, 2 in the guest room, and a family of 4 in the little cabin we have in the back yard, as well as a family of 3 staying at the bed and breakfast at the stables next door.


    We're looking forward to doing it again this year with the exception of ONE little "bump" in the road... We did it the last weekend of July last year.... and the last week of July this year we're expecting a new Baby-Mousekakat the second, so looks like we may end up skipping this year and just doing it bigger and better next year!


    Events are great, have fun!




    edited to add... The caches were all stocked out of pocket from us, we hit dollar store for most, but it still cost a bit to put out 21 fully stocked caches. The geocoins and signature items and pathtags were all donated, I put up a post asking for donations and people were great about sending them. You can also contact Groundspeak and see if they would be willing to donate a couple of items, they are wonderful about things like this normally!

  13. How I learned to look at them was to focus not on the picture, but on a reflection from behind me, but a small one, like a light in the background... focus on that, look 'through' the actual image, and just relax a bit and you'll notice that it's getting to look deeper than just 2D, and after it does, you'll find that you are actually able to look around the image a bit and explore it.


    It's seriously cool when you can finally get it to 'work!'

  14. Mousekakat, your proposal of making a picture in other colours is very good, I didn't think of the trouble it could cause to some people. Here I have taken the background from a portion of my cat's fur, so yeah, pretty brownish. I will work on another picture with more lighter colours. Would blue be all right?

    I will offer both pictures on the cache page and people could try them out and see which one works best for them.


    Heck, I'm impressed you found a way to make one of these gizmos, I loved them when they first came out so much that I bought a poster sized one and framed it for my bedroom wall, it was the Statue of Liberty and NYC skyline and a big moon if you could 'decipher' it :)


    If I remember right, mine was in blues, yellows and some bluegreens.


    In any case, I love these things. I am an American living in Sweden and we've got one of these stereogram mystery caches about 45 minutes from me that we've solved, just waiting on the thaw to go get it.... it's currently -18c here right now (around 0f) and aside from going to work when I gotta, I ain't leaving the warmth of the house :rolleyes:


    Texas gals have NO business living 7 hours from the polar circle!


    Naomi :)

  15. I can read it, kind of... and I've been able to see stereograms since they first came out in the mid 90's, so I know how to 'focus' on them.


    Is there a way for you to do this in different colors... the browns can give someone with red/green color blindness trouble, and it's rather dark. I'm sitting here in a sun lighted room and using a LCD monitor and felt it was a bit dark. I did have trouble reading the firs character of each line, and the bottom line was much more difficult to 'read' than the top one was, but I could do it with some serious concentration.


    Just my observations :rolleyes:


    Good luck!

    Naomi :)

  16. Well, not in their mailbox, but received all the same....


    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Congratulations to Karin and her hubby, Grodan & Fiabus! Today they safely welcomed a new blessing to their family! I won't spoil their fun with more details, that honor is for them to give, but I wanted to let everyone know that the baby made it and all is well :D

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:






    :laughing: :laughing: :D

    Oooh!! I just got an mms of the new little froglet!!! Such cute, chubby chubby cheeks! PRECIOUS!

    :D :D :D

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