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  1. Paula Collins is the artist, it's definitely a beautiful coin by her.


    castlecoinsandpins sells them.


    I asked Jim about doing another version recently and he didn't sound positive about it, but ya never know!



  2. I REALLY lilke it!


    Make the keys and the lettering raised, will give a nice contrast!


    LOVE the puzzle pieces and how you've got them incorporated along with the colors.


    I think it's going to be a great coin!

  3. Father son, father daughter, family!!


    You'll find that a great many cachers cache as families with family team names or they even go so far as to get their kids caching names so that they can log their own finds!


    Kids add a different dimension to things, micros have to be taken with finesse since they don't often have tradable items that the kids like, so you have to find a way to make searching for those treasures fun, but regular boxes with trading stuff... kids seem to love them!


    Enjoy the time with your son, but make some father daughter time, too... take the girls a few times, you'll find that not all the kids enjoy it, and before you know it, you'll have yourself a little caching team to go out into nature with, get away from the house with, get away from the tv and computer with, and you'll all be having a good time, seeing and discovering new things, and getting to know each other in ways you didn't know before.


    Caching is a great family hobby!


    Welcome home and stay safe!


    Naomi :D

  4. Well, I've apparently struck a nerve as I've gotten two "nastygrams," including one with profanity in it.


    Look, if you're innocent, then you're innocent. If you've got something to hide then that is something between you and your conscience.


    Like I stated earlier, if you've nothing to hide, then a simple tagline stating who you were or were a part of shouldn't be a problem. If you feel that it is a problem, then maybe there's something there to think about?


    I'm all for people getting their lives in order and back on track, but I think honesty is important.


    In any case, though, please don't be sending me pm's with foul language or thinly veiled foul language in it.

  5. My apologies if I mentioned anyone wrongly, however, as was pointed out, Jsam was using that login for pretty much everything and then decided to do differently, thus the confusion, although I find myself in agreement with how Tooey sees it.


    Basically, though, divorce, name change, what have you... even if there is a legitimate reason for the name change, as long as things are on the up and up, why not just put a "formerly of xxxxxxxxxx" or something like that in the signature line to let folks know, both old and new, especially if you have nothing to hide?


    Just a thought.

  6. Ok, gonna stick my neck out here a bit, what the heck...


    I'm having trouble with how folks are changing their names, especially venders...


    Geocoindesign, AEToys, and the list goes on.


    If people have had trouble in the past and want to make good and bring their 'company' back into being trusted vendors, that's fine by me and I really hope they succeed, BUT...


    Changing their names and going on with business just rubs me wrong. The problem isn't so much me, since I recognize who they are, but rather the fact that newer folks here don't know of them or their past business doings, and it seems really unfair to the new folks, especially if the vendor should happen to lapse into their old habits, or worse, never change into new, better, trustworthy habits.


    I'm not trying to make anyone angry here or point the finger. The names that I mentioned are just names that have changed in the close past that stick out in my mind.


    Is there something that can be done about this, or is it just buyer beware or? Personally, I'd like to see their old vendor name as part of their signature, if nothing else than just to point out that they aren't trying to hide who they were and problems they might have had in the past. Not trying to pin a bad rep on anyone or keep anyone from moving on to bigger and better things, but rather, just trying to keep it all on the up and up.


    Or am I just stirring the pot?




    <moderator edit to remove a name that did not change their store name>

  7. Add us to the list, we cache with our soon-to-be 3 year old and our 9 year old. The almost 3 year old has been caching since she was just over a year old and now 'plays' geocaching at home, lifting pillows and such looking for treasure :huh:.


    We've got another on the way and we'll be caching with it from the start, the three year old in a patapum carrier and the newborn in a sling carrier and the 9 year old carrying the swag bag and most likely complaining about it :ph34r:.


    We know a NUMBER of cachers who cache with kids, the kids add a lot to it, sometimes are a true help and sometimes are a serious hindrance, lol! Just takes patience and a bit of working around things at times!


    Riegerts, if you're going to be city caching a tomtom is GREAT and almost better than a handheld in some situations if your handheld is only a little etrex or something else small like that, but if you're going to be caching in the country be sure that you know how to use the map function, where you go to the map and click the little arrow in the top corner that shows where you are in relation to where you're going, otherwise it's hard to do. We learned how to cache on a TomTom and used it the first year, so it's VERY doable, just takes a bit of learning! Good luck and have fun and get those kids out and moving! Don't forget snacks, water and the camera!


    Naomi ;)

  8. I'm not as active as I used to be due to a lot going on in life here, but I do try to get things added a few names at a time.


    Basically, though, anyone who is a member of the document can send an invitation out to someone wanting to become a member.


    All you need to do is contact them and send them your email address and they can send you an invitation to the document.



  9. This domain and all inventory will be Liquidated. Activation codes will be hosted here then moved to Mesamint.com.


    Thanks! Mark, Sarah, Alan and Elli.. Team AEToys


    Hmmm... Mesamint.com...

    M ark

    E lli

    S arah

    A lan


    Things that make you go hmmmm....

  10. Wauw this forum is creating new missions every month :)

    (I started with the secret santa and thought that after that easter would come ;) )


    Will be ready for this one on april 1st

    ( or are you joking B) )


    Hehehe, no joke, Millie! I did a Sunshine Mission last year that was about identical to this one that went really well, so I thought to do it again :rolleyes:

  11. Last year's simple Sunshine mission seemed to go over really well...


    Since April showers bring May flowers I'd like to reserve April for sign-ups and May for sending for this mission if no one objects?


    It will be another simple mission, preferrably, but that is always up to the sender, but be advised that it will require only one coin and a card, and if you're mailing to someone in your own country, an added little something, but I'll post more on that later! Ideally, though, this is a mission that you should be able to send in just a card envelope (taped securely and well so there are no escapees) with maybe double postage and it's just meant to brighten someone's day, not break the bank!


    Signups for it will start April 1st, so you've got time to find a coin if you need to, or trade for that perfect coin!


    When it's time to start signups I'll ask Eartha to change the title of this thread since I know it's only one thread per topic, so keep your eyes open!


    Naomi :unsure:

  12. Ok, so i'm guessing that there won't be any mailers in my mailbox today - Southern New Brunswick is pretty much shut down - and i'm literally snowed in!




    Holy Sheepsh**!!


    Man, we don't even have it like that here in Sweden! Do me a favor, KEEP IT, lol!!


    Stay warm, read a couple of good books, cuddle up cozy with that kitty and enjoy the break!


    Naomi :yikes:

  13. Thank you so much, Dutch Lion, for making my day today!


    I've said it before and I'll say it again, mystery coiners somehow or another know just when to send their special gifts. Horrible headache since about 3 am this morning and it has continued all day long. Hanna brought me the mail when she got home, though, and it was like a ray of sunshine and MUCH better medicine than the paracetamol that I'm allowed to take right now!


    THANK YOU!!! I'm now the proud owner of number 79!


    Naomi :)

  14. We started caching when Caitlyn was just about a year old. I started with her in a sling carrier, but I've got a bad shoulder and that didn't last too long, so we bought a Patapum carrier that she still uses today, she's almost 3. In this pic she was 13 1/2 months old...pappa, as usual, was lost :)




    We've done all kinds of caches with both my kids, Hanna, who is 9 now, and Cait, who turns 3 May 23rd. We don't live in the US, and we don't live in a city, either, we're out in the boondocks, so most of our caches are out in the forest or non-urban settings. We've had some that are decent hikes and some that are right off the road. We've had the chance to experience so many things together, and summertimes for us are filled with caching trips since the winter we're under a few feet of snow. We almost always take some sort of picnic with us and spend an entire day doing it, the kids rest in the car and we carry Cait if she gets too tired or put her in the Patapum. This cache was in an old military bunker.




    Not all the caches we hit are in the middle of a forest. Some are in town or at historical places like this one. Notice who is eagerly scoping out the contents of the cache :o ?




    A couple of days ago Cait was in bed with me one morning. She had her baby doll with her and she took her and lifted her pillow and showed her doll under the pillow and said "look baby, is there a cache there?" Hehehe, too cute! I think that caching has been great for our family. It gets us out of the house and doing something as a family. It challenges us mentally and physically, and we see places and things we've never thought we'd see.


    Big difference between us and you is that Cait has been doing this as long as she remembers, so she doesn't really dictate much to us when we quit for the day, she accepts it and has fun and we also adapt with the carrier and snacks to her a bit, so we are able to spend an entire day doing this. I imagine it's different for everyone!


    Oh, and one last thing, dollar stores are your friend for cheap and fun swag, be prepared for a lot of crap in caches, and have fun!


    Naomi :D

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