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  1. What I really recommend is learning to use your TomTom. It's a great automotive GPS and it is also an adequate caching gps IF you learn to use it right, for example, using the map function and zoom, etc.


    There are probably at least 10 to 15 threads on the forum about using a TT for caching. There are those who are naysayers and there are those of us who very successfully cache with them because we've learned how to use them properly.


    Do a search :(

  2. I'll get them done shortly, just now woke up, otherwise, though!


    Naomi :D

    Think Velveta..........might wake ya up.............. :laughing::huh::D ...



    18 days, woooohooooo!!! Ohhh, I can taste the broccoli, rice, chicken, velveeta casserole now!!


    Ahhh, big ol' jet airliner, get Jim and my pasteurized cheese product (I can't call it cheese, lol) here in one piece!


    If you talk to him before he takes off, tell him bon voyage for me!


    Naomi :D

  3. OK, some of the missing missions have been solved, there are two emails that are very similar, geocoin.mission and geocoin.missions, and the folks at geocoin.mission were nice and forwarded addresses on to me, but when I mailed them out, I mailed them to the geocoin.mission. I need to find them and resend them to the right addresses :laughing:


    I'll get them done shortly, just now woke up, otherwise, though!


    Naomi :huh:

  4. WHEW!!


    Ok, now all the matches are sent out.


    Please check your spam folder if you haven't received your match yet.


    I'm just praying like mad that I got it all straight. It's a huge spreadsheet, more than 80 participants, and the last 10 or so were hand matched instead of using the random number generator to do the matchups since they were later additions. I just hope I didn't leave anyone out! Never fear, if I did, there is a backup plan, so everyone will get a little sunshine in their lives ;)


    Now for the fun parts, watching the sunshine shining in on folks' lives :D



  5. Today my girls got a TON of candy from Mats of s.p.a.M. for Easter and 2 days ago we received a really sweet envelope from Grodan for our family with chocolates and an Easter Witch in it!


    Thanks ya'll!!


    Naomi, Micke, Hanna, Cait and the bump :blink:

  6. OKIDOKY!!


    76 missions to organize and coordinate! I've got most of the matching done, just have to go back through and make sure it's right, that no one is left out, and that no one is sending to their recipient, as well! Even using a random number generator to insure that all is fair and spread out it ends up with a couple sending to their recipients, and I think that isn't much fun, so I've gotta fix them.


    In any case, Micke's home with a tummy bug, the kids are staying at gramma's tonight, and I've got to take some supplies to her since it's an emergency thing to keep from getting the girls sick, so I'll be finishing this in a while!


    In any case, I'm working on it and your recipients are soon on their way....


    Naomi :blink:

  7. Three firetrucks rolled into my mailbox yesterday. Woot woot! Love them all, but especially LOVE the gold truck. Now to decide.... activate, release, keep, trade, or give??? I signed up for a mission... I hope I get someone who likes firetrucks!


    I may have to join in on my own mission afterall :) lol!

  8. WOW WOW WOW!!!


    I am just totally overwhelmed with the response to this mission! I've got, as of now, 70 missions that are going to be exchanged, and the signups still have roughly another 36 hours! We've got all corners of the world covered, I think, except maybe the polar caps, lol! Even more fun is the responses from new folks who have been a bit overwhelmed with how to do a mission and wanted to get involved, just needed an easier one to ease into it with! I hope that especially for them their missions go well and they receive a nice smile!


    Now, my turn to tell a little secret... I'm not participating, and I don't want to, so don't send me anything! My pleasure and reward from this mission is seeing the response and reading the emails. There are people, and no, I won't mention or reveal anything, out there who are just incredible! I've got the whole range from generous to down, but the mission has lightened their day already and made THEM happy. That kind of response, reading those emails, that is my reward from doing this mission.


    There were a lot of people who have thanked me for doing this mission again, but the thanks doesn't go to me, I just put the spreadsheet and names together, YOU guys send the sunshine, and all thanks go to you, without you there would be no mission! Many of you know that this past year for me has been really, really hard, and you've seen me pull back from the forums a lot and into myself. This mission means a lot to me, and working on the spreadsheet today has lifted my heart in ways you don't know or realize... I hope to one day soon be back to myself and back spamming the forums with lots of hugs and laughter. It's been a long road, but I'm getting there!


    So.... THANK YOU!!! And let the sun shine in!

    Naomi :)

  9. Great response so far!


    This one is going to have me quite busy setting up the trades this weekend...not to mention putting my extremely feeble excel skills to the test, lol!


    Keep the signups coming...


    One other thing...


    It truly has been great seeing the new folks signing up for their first missions and their excitement to take part! I hope that for them especially the mission goes great on both ends and it's the start of something really nice for them :unsure:



  10. It really is great to see how folks here stand up for each other in events. I was blessed last summer with donations for our camping event and I've not forgotten it!


    Nicely done, those of you who are donating, you guys make this a nicer place to be :unsure:



  11. 004.gif




    Winter blahs, spring doldrums, S.A.D, cabin fever, caching withdrawals, late snowfall.... it's the time of the year for it all and that just makes me feel BLAH!


    So here's the deal. This is going to be a SHORT, quick and easy mission.


    It's one coin, trackable or non-trackable, that's all.


    The catch of the mission, though, is that you need to mail it by the end of April, AND, you need to include a greeting card with it that you either make or buy, as long as it has a personal note in it. If you are mailing to someone in your own country, a package of spring flower seeds would be nice, too :)


    This isn't meant to be a break the bank mission, nor is it meant to be a mission where you have to research and trade for coins. It should be nothing more than a card and a coin and possibly a package of flower seeds.


    The coin should just be something that you pick and decide to send, something you like that brings a smile to your face and that you think would bring a smile to the face of the person you're sending it to.


    So, if you're in, send me an email with your full name and address. Since it's a simple card and coin mission, I won't be asking if you're willing to send it overseas or not. Shipping costs should be minimal.


    Email me at geocoin.missions at gmail dot com if you are interested in joining in to bring a little sunshine to someone else and to receive a smile yourself!


    I'll give until Tuesday, April 7, 18:00 Eastern time (midnight GMT +1) to sign up and I'll then send out your recipient. Just a warning, don't sign up for this if you don't think you'll be able to fulfill your part of the mission. Being late or having something pop up is fine, just keep in touch with me so I can let your person know they aren't forgotten, but those who skip out on sending their missions will be hunted down and I will find you, lol!


    Remember, let's keep it really simple, keep it within the guidelines so no one feels bad for giving/sending a bunch or for receiving/sending just the guidelines and let's bring a smile to someone's face!


    Naomi :unsure:

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