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  1. I just wanted to add (as if my word means anything, lol) that these are just incredible coins... hefty, heavy, huge, and meaningful. I was surprosed with the weight of mine when I received it and so pleased with it. It's high quality and just so nice! If anyone is on the line about buying one, do it, you won't be sorry!! Naomi
  2. Me too!!!!!! OOOH!!! me too me too me too! dadgum ALWAYS BEING BROKE!!!
  3. Chicka, yours is coming from the other side of the globe, about as far from you as it can possibly come, lol! Just be patient, toots!
  4. Yeppers, it's that one with the kind of mauve-y/purple-y color in the middle! I guess I'm going to have to get in touch with Jenn and find out
  5. Our cabin is booked from July 4 till the first of September, but we've still got the guest room available if you're interested! Naomi
  6. Happy mother's day to all the mom's and mom's to be out there! Never has there been a more noble, overworked, underpaid job out there, or one more important! Naomi
  7. I agree with Eartha, don't post your emails publicly.... unless you feel the need to get more email on viagra amongst other things . If you send a pm to someone to request an invitation, please be sure that you include your email address IN the pm. Anyone who ads someone needs their email addy to do so!
  8. Missions have been audited and emails will be sent to the folks who either haven't posted as sent or received here. There are very few, thankfully, so hopefully we'll be able ot close this one out soon
  9. The coin itself isn't a mystery, ya'll! It's the sender who is! Here is the coin that was sent to me.... And that velveeta is SOOOO good! Jim is safely in Germany now and should be back in the States some time in the next 3 days or so!
  10. Today I received this one in copper... I can't find any info on it in copper with red ring and what looks to be a clear epoxy over the names... Anyone know anything about it? Naomi
  11. Nope, keep guessing, Fairyhoney! The coin is Jenn of Wicks Works designs coin that she just recently released, the one with our names on it A copper version, really nice!
  12. mousekakat


    Today in my mail I got a mystery package and inside it there was a great coin, one of the new "what was in your mailbox" coins, and a wonderful letter that just made my day! I don't want to reveal what Y.A.S.S. means, I want it to be a surprise for the next person, but to the mystery giver, thank you so much! It's been quite a while since I got any kind of mystery coin or package! Our guest, Castle Man, left today, so the house is really kind of quiet and calm today and this was a great thing to have happen! Naomi
  13. Whatever you do, please don't use a LONG chain... dumb things get caught up on everything in the cache, lol! Good luck with your TB!
  14. Ahhh, what a cool idea, SUN and MOONflower seeds, love it!!
  15. Ok, sorry for the delay, I'll be auditing things today. EVERYONE will get a mission, don't worry, just be patient. Chickahominy, I know the person sending yours, it's coming, and good things come to those who wait We were blessed with a weeklong visit by Castle Man from California and I didn't get the chance to do the audit on May 1 the way I wanted, so I'll be going through all 7 pages of this thread today to find who has sent and who has received and starting to contact non-senders. Remember, if you haven't sent by May 15 or notified me of a problem your name will be published here as a non-sender... It's about the only way I know of insuring that missions are sent as I'm tired of folks messing over people, so if you've got a problem sending yours, be sure to drop me an email and let me know! Naomi
  16. Not in the mail, but hand delivered by Castle Man! Thank you, Tooey, for the incredible glass lizard coin! You don't know how badly I had been wanting one, and I messed up the payment on the one I was going to buy when the email for it got mixed up in my sunshine mission emails and I missed the deadline, so this is wanted and appreciated more than you know!! Tooey, you rock! Naomi
  17. me wants a glittery smiley and a glowing smiley.... *hint hint*
  18. I know that with the sunshine mission one of the most common and positive things that was said was that people liked the simplicity of it, that they didn't have to go and plan and buy and buy and package and soforth and so on and then spend a lot on shipping, that it was light and easy and fun for them... So, with that being said, how about a 'celebrating the start of caching season/weather' or 'celebrating the end of the school year' type missions with folks sending a coin and then something small for summer caching, like skeeter wipes or buji wipes or ?? but limiting it to fit in one small bubble mailer? Another fun mission that I might just do is to 'sponsor a cache' mission where you set up a small cache (not a micro) in the other person's name and include a trackable in it and adopt the trackable and cache over to them so they have their own cache in another part of the country/world that you take on the responsibility of maintaining for them
  19. Incredible coin and something that really caught my attention since my grandfather has predominantly Mexican Indian in his lineage and it shows in his face and features very much so. I realize this is from further south in the Americas, but it's a close enough connection for me! Gonna be saving my pennies for this one! Naomi
  20. Those Mexican Sunflowers look pretty cool, too! I've never seen those before... hmmm... wonder if they would grow here in Sweden in our short growing season.... *makes a call to mother to place an order for seeds* Naomi
  21. Chicka, I have total faith in the person sending yours to you, just be patient
  22. Hope is a wonderful, powerful thing... I'm so glad to see it spreading here!
  23. That was your sunshine mission. My grandson got your name and he picked out the coin. Wasn't sure if it was supposed to be signed or not. He got a bunny for Easter and when he saw your avatar he sent the bunny to you because our dog likes to play with him and his bunny. Sorry it wasn't signed. What a sweet little grandson of yours! Shows he's a sensitive and observant little guy
  24. It's really great to be able to read these and see the photos, thanks, ya'll, I'm enjoying it! Now... please, if you haven't posted where you are in the mission yet, please do.... I've got the next two days off and I'd like to do a little "bookkeeping" and find out who's sent and who's received, and soforth and so on Thanks in advance, Naomi
  25. Did you guys leave your sense of humor in bed this morning
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