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  1. Man, it must be the season or something. Our car was broken in to Saturday night and they took our yellow eTrex, too... no cables for it, just a piece of crap old gps that had no maps or any other bells and whistles and was good only to us or maybe another cacher, and they took our TomTom, too. It really pisses me off that the scum of the earth out there makes those of us who are good people into their target. Hang in there, you've got my sympathy! Naomi
  2. Mine has been mailed. I mailed it one day last week I received mine one day last week, too
  3. I couldn't have said it better myself! I can't wait to see them in person! Naomi
  4. OHHH MY!!!! Me LOVES!!!!
  5. *drum roll, please!!* The winner is D.J. J Rock!! The use of props and costumes was what did it, hehe... it just cracked me up! Had I a second prize it would go to Tsun... that cowboy hat on under the elf hat killed me!! Honorable mention goes to everyone else! Thanks for a smile and lots of warm fuzzies! Naomi
  6. AHHHH! My dirty little secret is out! I like accordion cumbia/polka music with a Mexican influence! I'm so embarassed, lolol!!! Yes, that was part of my beloved cd collection that was stolen and the part that is hardest to replace since it's such 'niche' music! I grew up listening to it, my grandparents are Mexican American, and when I was younger I absolutely hated it, but as I grew up, I learned to appreciate it and then even love it. It's happy music, great beat, makes ya tap your toes and feel energetic.... even if the lyrics ARE totally sappy, lol! Fortunately, though, most of the stuff I can replace. It's a few of my Tejano cd's and my soundtrack for The Fifth Element that I'm having trouble finding on the net. Many, many thanks to the wonderful people here for such kind words! They make a huge difference and make you have renewed faith in the world after something crappy happens to ya like this! You are all some incredible people! Oh, and for the good news... well, in about 34 weeks, that is if all goes well THIS time around, we'll have an announcement to make... . That's all I'm gonna say about that . But shhhh, it's supposed to be a secret! Naomi
  7. Anyone else get the feeling that Montana is going to be experiencing an influx of vacationing geocoiners REAL soon? Hope their tourism bureau is ready for it, lol! Steph, if you need a surrogate of sorts to drop a few off in Europe, you know where to find me, lol! Naomi
  8. Because it's not just related to the cointest. I have some trades and other things outstanding, as well and I figured it would be better to post one thing instead of tracking down each thing. Haven't you ever had something rotten happen LadeB where you don't particularly feel like expending extra energy on crap like that or defending your actions? Naomi
  9. As I mentioned in my cointest thread we have had a little family stuff pop in and disrupt life here, but this weekend it was even further disrupted. If I owe anyone a coin in the mail right now, please be patient. I'm fine, my family is fine, we had a member get a little sick on Thursday, and we had some VERY unexpected news come on Tuesday to us (happy news, though, VERY happy news, just unexpected) and those were disuptive enough. The WORST part is this, though. We were in Stockholm for the weekend for an event we HAD to go to since we were the ones hosting it and couldn't get out of it. Someone broke into our car. They stole BOTH our gps's, the TomTom AND the eTrex that Roddy had sent us that finally had us using a handheld after more than a year of using the TomTom to cache with. They broke the passenger window and did a sweep of the glove box where we had them put away at. They took them, all my US cd's that I'll have trouble replacing, a batter charger for the car that was loaded with 4 rechargables, and a few other things. We're angry, heartbroken, upset, and frustrated. On the bright side, though, ALL my coin collection was in my car in the back of it and they didn't take my coins. Had they taken those as well, I don't know what I would have done! In any case, though, please give me and my family a few days to get our feet back under us. I promise I'll get anything owed sent out and get that cointest judged ASAP! I'll try to get it done by tomorrow! Naomi
  10. Now that you mention it, it does look rather more like a pelvic bone to some animal...
  11. Right now I'd have to say that chocolate, non-trackable geocoins are the worst idea
  12. And then some! Bless you for being there! I've been in those lines before in my distant past and I remember the feelings of anger, frustration, desperation and fear.... You deserve that coin and more!! Hang in there, don't burn out, we need more folks like you who care!! *hugs* Naomi
  13. Folks, I had a little shakeup in the family yesterday. All is well, just a bit of a change in the status quo, but it's going to take a couple of days to get back to normal again. Be patient, the answer will be out soon!
  14. What a cutie! Pengofamily is going to go nuts for it, hehe!
  15. Ahhh, another one converted over to the dark side, muhahaha!!!!
  16. OK, COINTEST CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES!!! The kids and I will go through these and make a decision...since there are so many to go through it will take a little while, but we'll get it done ASAP! If we get stuck, then we'll use a random number generator, but hopefully we'll be able to choose Naomi
  17. Oh Lord, these STILL crack me up, lol! The contest closes soon, get your entries in! Just remember, in order to be eligible to win they have to have at least ONE HUMAN geocacher/geocoiner in them! Naomi
  18. We used to have snow here about 6 or 7 months of the year and the yellow snow was everywhere, ALWAYS grosses me out... and then the spring thaw and what's UNDER the snow comes out, too.... GACK!!!
  19. I'm so happy for ya, Roddy! I know you've been wanting to do this one for a while! Here's a pic hotlinked from Oak's page!
  20. There is only one thing I hate more than High School Musical shows... and that's HANNA MONTANA!!! GRRRRR!
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