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  1. Found one in a college town in CA where there was an old bike chain locked to a bike rack. The cache was in a water bottle that was securely attached to the frame.
  2. I'm in central Alabama (Tuscaloosa), but am heading down to LA this weekend (08/15) to visit family. One other thing I plan to do is attend a local geocaching event that night in Fairhope. August 15th is International Geocaching Day, and there are events celebrating it. Check out: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8B85B_fairhopes-tx-ar-al-international-geocaching-day If you attend, you'll probably meet a lot of the locals. Maybe see you there. Edited to add: I just now saw that you've already posted a "Will Attend" log.
  3. Thank you Red90. I've made the changes to the interface settings and I'check it out when I get to my car.
  4. The GPSMAP 60CSx that I've been using to geocache with for the last nine years just gave up the ghost. I really enjoyed the way it worked. So, I've just replaced it with a new GPSMAP 64st. I'm still using the rechargeable Eneloop 1.2v batteries that I used in my 60CSx. So here's the thing I can't figure out. With my 60CSx I could plug it into my car's usb port and the map would be continually backlit. Now, when I do the same thing with my 64st, it doesn't even show the map - it just displays the "I'm connected to the usb port" symbol. Is there a setting I need to change to get back the utility of using it while plugged into my car's usb port? I've set the AA Battery type setting to "Precharged NiMh". Is that correct? Thanks!
  5. But to answer your question -- no, all the glory goes to your alias.
  6. It's also possible that it was drug off by an animal. Did you check around the area some?
  7. Just thank your lucky stars you only put out 25 on your PT. Just think of the headaches had you put out 100 or 1,000. Like AZchachemeister said, it'll slow down after the locals get done with it. But then again, if you have a big local caching community, guess you'll just have to get used to it.
  8. I created a PQ using the zip code 14075. It created a faily circular spread of caches with it's center somwhere between Lackawanna and Blasdell, and goes as far north as Amhurst It did spill over into Canada as well. Looks normal to me.
  9. OK, so back in my foolish (caching) youth, I logged a find on an armchair cache. Yes, that one. And, yes, I am embarrassed to admit it, but hey, everyone was doing it, right? I'd like to expunge that sin from my record, but when I try to delete my log, it says I can't delete a log from a locked cache. So, am I to be haunted by this caching indiscretion for the entirety of this life and the one to come?
  10. OK, so, it's me. I'm still using Windows NT with IE7. When I change the window zoom level to 95% or lower, I get the full map with the scale bar.
  11. Ever since the map change and change back, I don't get a scale bar on my google maps. Am I overlooking a setting or something? When I look at a map -- especially one that I can change the scale one -- I like to be able to guestamate distances/driving times, and I need a scale bar for that. What's a mapophile to do?
  12. I know what souveniers are. I can't seem to figure out why anyone cares about them.
  13. Thanks folks. Cleary the answer is none of the above. I'm going with not listed. Seems to make the most sense in this case.
  14. So, I am hiding a regular sized element with a micro sized container attached to it. The log goes in the micro sized container, and nothing can be put into the regular sized object. So, in my mind I should list this cache as a micro since only very small items would fit into it, but I feel a bit conflicted since cachers will assume that the object they are looking for is a micro when it is actually regular sized. I'm in the Valley of Indecision. Please help.
  15. I enjoyed it as a kid. I went through cub scouts, Webelos and boy scouts. Got as far as Life in rank, and then like others, I discovered girls. I did attend their outdoor activities like hiking and camping, but passed on the indoor meetings. When my oldest son was of scouting age, I was a scoutmaster for a few years. Since then, don't have much to do with them. Times change and attitudes change -- mine. I've come to the point where I can't support scouting any more. The organization's politcal stance against gays and non-believers is unconscionable. I just can't understand why they must take such hateful positions. ETA -- I do acknowledge that most scouts and local leaders are wonderful people, and that I have several caching friends that are involved in the scouting program.
  16. Well, it wouldn't be a complete list of haunted cache sites without The Face in the Courthouse Window in Carolton, Alabama.
  17. Nope. At least not at this time. Just too many real geocaches to do. If they didn't count toward my finds, then I may consider it. I enjoy moving a trackable every now and then, but they don't count toward my finds, and I consider it a seperate aspect of the whole game. I think these challenges are on the same level, but in a seperate catagory, as trackables.
  18. This whole challenges thing reminds me of the "New Coke" fiasco back in 1985.
  19. I understand your feeling on this subject, but the fact remains, there's no way to make someone learn something. In a hobby like this, part of the investment is going out of your way to figure out how things work. I've got a number of travel bugs and a few geocoins out. Some are still active. I've come to look at it this way: when I let a traveler go, I no longer really own it. It becomes a part of the greater part of the geocaching community. It's like throwing a bottle into the ocean -- there's no real way of knowing what's going to happen to it.
  20. That's the exact same situation I was in when I was looking for something to do with my kids when they came to visit. We enjoyed several summers of geocaching together. They've gotten older and not as much interested in caching, but it's still something they know I enjoy and they enjoy listening to the wild stories I have to tell about when I go out caching. It keeps maintaining a converstion on the phone just a bit easier. Good luck, and if your GF is interested in the happiness of your girls, she's a keeper.
  21. This is what I would do. Attend one of the local cacher get-togethers in your area and make a friend -- geocachers are some of the friendliest people I know. Ask them to help you set out your first cache. They will be glad to help with the coordinates using their gps and you might get some good helpful advise as well. I'd do it if I lived in Illinois, but I don't. And to +1 on what was said above, it might help (and is very often encouraged) to find a number of different cache types before putting your first out. Happy caching, and welcome to our addiction. - earl
  22. I've wondered what to do in this case. I was the first to post (FTF if you like) a reply to an EC close to where I live, and answered the pertinant questions in an email to the CO. However the description on the EC page was way off (I've written professional papers dealing with these rocks), so I included a few sentences that would correct several of these issues. Many months later he's never made any changes. He even recognizes someone else as the first to "correctly" log the cache. I wrote him again about the information, but have never received a reply. I'm half tempted to hit NA on this one.
  23. I set up a multi-like unknown that takes cachers just outside my window at work. I can't see the final from my window, but it's close to where I park my car, and have, by chance, met several cachers looking.
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