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  1. Agreed! and well said I want this too
  2. so with the log theory a log of "cache wet and smelly hard to find with all the litter we were also shot at by the local hoodies" would be much more worth doing that one logged "simply FANTASTIC". we are all for a rating system, its a shame GC.com is stuck some where in the last decade. the method we use is to look in local forums about good caches in the area but a rating system would make things much easyer
  3. should we have a rating system for caches? rated on condition , area , cache container, enjoyment of find etc , many people say their caching is about Quality not Quantity, but how do we know if say a cache in a wood, is in a well maintained woodland or a overgrown one full of litter? now caches are going live at a fast rate there is so much more choice of whice ones to do, and we feel a rating system would be usefull especially when visiting a new area
  4. record it and upload it to a web space as a mp3 ,wma etc then it can be downloaded burnt to cd , loaded to a mp3 player, phone ,tom tom etc etc
  5. Trekbuddy www.trekbuddy.net also look at our site www.thetrekbuddies.co.uk and you will see the app at work etc
  6. You should. From the Guidelines: You might, also, want to try a spellchecker. our caches are checked very often and are of a good quality , as for quality controll that is in the eye of the beholder!
  7. what prevents all my friends just logging one as found now , nothing , we have caches and i dont bother checking the log books to varify all the logs and by code word i mean a number you have to submit to log the same as a TB , also just because the log sheet has to be small does not mean the cache is small (please don't ask me to explain)
  8. A thought we have had is to give a cache a log id, a number given when the listing is published which is used to log the cache , this would save having to have a log in a nano, just the log id would be needed as proof of the find, this could be rolled out to all caches, this would cut down on maintanance replacing tiny full logs, any thoughts?
  9. we recently did a caching tour of scotland and the lake district and many caches in between building the pqs was a nightmare as we didnt know which caches we would be doing and with limited web access in the highlands we wanted a offline database . maybe we could have done along a route but that would have limited us so in the end we ran 35 pqs . if only we could download all uk caches in one go this would save building pqs and stress on the server
  10. TREKBUDDY http://www.trekbuddy.net read the wiki for it first though I use a nokia 5800 too, and trekbuddy is gpx and geocaching friendly best app so far good luck
  11. wow thanks guys keep them coming ............... we are intruiged by the most westerly, as we own the most easterly, hmmmmmmmm, excellent, hopefully drop in on that one Keep em coming
  12. Can anyone recommend any good caches in Scotland? we will be staying in inverness for 2 nights, then on to John o groats, then down the west coast, want to see the cairngorms, fort william, lock assynt etc Hardware/Software = Trekbuddy on a Nokia 5800xm with external 51ch MTK Bluetooth Receiver Memory Map on netbook Many Thanks Catch me also in http://www.eacachers.org.uk
  13. I know have a team of 2-4 people and I want to change my GC username is it possible to change the username but keep my logs as all of my logs have been found with company of my companion i emailed GC.com over a month ago but no reply
  14. Cool stuff also thanks for the links I have gsak installed just not sure on how to log on it, just installed today going to get some help from the fuzzybears this eve also Cool stuff on the Wifi We dont have it much here in rural suffolk but the mobile broadband isnt too bad whilst its working Many Thanks guys www.lewislj.co.uk www.eacachers.org.uk
  15. I have a dell inspiron netbook that i carry around while caching, Now does anyone know of any software that i can easily use on the netbook that allows logging my finds without having to keep going online with my mobile broadband dongle eg. log my finds offline, then go online and upload all as i cache in the countryside i rarely get a fast connection So the program i am after has to let me log my finds, upload a gpx file and is mobile broadband user friendly, as GC.com takes a while to load on a 56k GPRS connection in the sticks or an alternative mobile user friendly website to allow to make logs of my finds. Thanks in advance
  16. Get Trekbuddy and an app called Googleak More info on trekbuddy's site www.trekbuddy.net plus trekbuddy is open source for you programmers out there I use it as my main app now for caching, with sat images up to 21 zoom levels with windows live maps or google maps 19x zoom and custom CMS, and you can import .gpx files of the geocaches and hit go! and with googleak its very simple now and i use this all on my Nokia N95 with a 4GB SDHC micro sd card I am happy now dont think i would go back to any other app
  17. I want to buy a gps receiver for geocaching can anyone recommend one? i dont mind what it does/doesnt as long as it will let me input gps coords, and i will pay up to UK sterling £100 Thanks Lee
  18. Lee 2E1LJL, QTH Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom, Locator JO02UL
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