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  1. I bring my babies with me but I don't want to risk them getting bitten by ticks. I usually leave them in the car with the windows rolled up. They are usually fine after a couple hours in there. Kidding by the way.
  2. I can't even pull up the home page anymore. Ugh.
  3. I just bought a brand new Kawasaki KLR650 Dualsport motorcycle that gets 50mpg so I can continue my addiction.
  4. Welcome to your new addiction. You will never be able to quit now. You will be sitting at home and a new one will pop up and you'll have to go find it. You will have bags under your eyes at work in the morning and people will think your on crack. Have fun!!!
  5. yeah, same here. I can't get to my page and dowload a route for tomorrow. I am getting aggrivated. Everybody log off, i have things to do. Don't you know its all about me.
  6. I agree that there are many different kinds of "hard". I have had some that were personally hard for me to find that others find right off. Then there is one that I did that was as simple to find as anything but is nearly impossible to get to. It is technically in the US but it is 9500 miles from here. My picture next to the post explains it. It is called " No Further South From Here".
  7. Taking advice on things to do for fun from a guy in a store parking lot never turns out good. It usually ends up being addicted to something so I guess your lucky it was Caching.
  8. I ususally have no need for the maps because they tend to be worthless for the area that I am in. It shows no detail and most of the roads around here are not even shown. But when I print out a cache I choose the "make printer friendly" option and then you can select the level of zoom on the map and it usually prints along with the cache.
  9. It all depends on how busy of an area you are in and what time of the day and week you do it on. That has been my experience anyway. The people who approve them are human beings and if you submit on a Saturday night They may be out having fun. not me though. I am here reading message boards. I have had them take a full day or as soon as 15 minutes so be patient. It will come soon enough and then you will be waiting for the first to find to log it. Have fun.
  10. Why should we even bother placing caches anyway? This guy seems to be the very best cache hider person in the world. I bet he is the best at everything he does and lets everyone know it. The world needs more people like this to let you know when you aren't doing something to absolute perfection. I bet his kids all get straight A's. If they don't then they get the bend over the knee and a good spanking. He is a great guy.
  11. Do I have to watse my time downloadind google earth or will my Mapsend work as well?
  12. People with Garmins are awesome. When I run into Garmin owners in the woods I lay down in the streams so they don't get there boots wet. I heard that Garmin is ancient Hebrew for "GPS made by God".
  13. I have found micro's in busy areas and grabbed them and went around the corner to sign. After bringing it back I realized I don't remember where the heck I got it from.
  14. I tried using my wifes paypal account to pay for a subrscription but once I paid it won't accept the subscription number under my account. It will only work if she started a membership for her. How can I swap it to mine?
  15. Mine is called GCHN13 No farther south from here. Check it out. It is the "coolest" place I have ever or will ever be in my life. Hard to get to but easy to find.
  16. I usually pull my pants down and scream at a rock and they leave me alone.
  17. Thanks to everyone for the info. I had planned on getting premium anyway just because of the guilt I feel using the service and not contributing to the bills. I am glad to hear that it works with everything because being a Magellan guy I felt like an outcast among the snooty garmin people. Just kidding. Not really though.
  18. Yea thanks for the info. I had planned on it anyway but was curious if it would work.
  19. What makes me wonder is why they would allow cachers but not fishermen. Its like letting Volkswagon Jetta's park in front of my house but not pick-up trucks.
  20. I am about to move up to premium membership but wonder if it is worth it for me. I have a Magellan and it seems that if you don't have a Garmin that you don't really matter. Can the pocket querries be used with Magellin? What other advantages would I have by upgrading?
  21. My farthest was about 9400 miles and it was at the South Pole. Anyone else have the South Pole? Didn't think so. Ha!
  22. Letmein, that link doesn't work (at least when I click it). It doesn't work for me either.
  23. Will the Mapsend topo give you turn by turn directions on the streets? I have read all about the hiking advantages but what about driving? I own a eXplorer 400.
  24. Replied to the wrong post. Now I'm a douche.
  25. What really annoys me is people who use terms like "lmao". Unless you are a 13 year old girl you probably seem like a douche when you use it.
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