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  1. Sorry for posting this but I can't seem to find any TB Hotels between Everett and Seatac that are easily accessible. We're leaving tomorrow and was hopping to take a few with us. Thanks for any help.
  2. Is this cache idea up and running? Or does anyone have some waterfall bookmarks? I know it's an old post, but I want to hit several waterfalls this weekend since it's going to be so nice.
  3. As far as the Paperless part... I've recently started using my Smartphone for paperless caching and it works great!! http://www.smittyware.com/wmsp/cachemate/ Cachemate works great for paperless and its free if you dont use the GSPr part of the software. So just carry your phone and GPSr and your off. It imports GPX files fine.. I havent tried LOC but it says it will. Its really easy to use, it has the cache page, logs, hints, pictures. I have T-mobile's Shadow, its running Windows Mobile 6 but it doesnt have GPSr capabilities. ... so I just use it for paperless caching.
  4. I wasn't aware that adblocks would block simple unscripted jpg's..... good to know. I think that maybe a little hard to enforce... if I'm hosting a image, jpg or any other format, on my own sever, I can see where that image was loaded to geographically. I just thought it was fun to see where people "may" have been coming from...it's like those "hit counters" some people have on their cache pages, it's fun to see how may views they've had vs. how many people have actually logged it. But thanks for pointing that out...I guess it is more of an honor system... and I have removed it. I didn't mean for this to divert from the original post... sorry ernbob.
  5. Does anyone know of a place I could rent a Colorado for a day??? I'd like to try this out, but since I just bought my 60csx I'm not ready to spend money on a Colorado. Does Groundspeak rent Colorados?? Maybe loaded with cartridges for a days outing in Seattle? I saw that there's a cartridge for at the zoo.... does the zoo rent them while your there.... that'd be cool... and a good way to bring in people who may not know about the sport.
  6. I know it's not who's watching, but I have http://www.mixmap.com on my cache page and I can't see "who" is viewing the page.... but I can see when and where... which is kind of cool. People from all over have viewed my cache page.... even though I only have a few finders.
  7. The price is very reasonable and good considering all you get, I already have the exact same thing or I'd buy it.
  8. I'm not sure.. my guess would be that there's a problem with the protocols. There's serial and there's usb, but you're using both. GC.com uses the usb drivers from garmin... as does CM, I believe. If you can send from GC.com straight to your device without a problem, then CM should work fine. I've looked at CM code briefly and it looks like it should work. I'm sorry, I have no solution for your problem.
  9. Cuckoo Cachers will probably be jumping in here soon (he's good at that) and answering your questions... Silly question but you're connected to the internet when you use CM, right? Just out of curiosity, in CM, when you click "Create Report" are the descriptions and hints there?
  10. I was going to try a puzzle cache like this using eVoice.com's free phone answering service but the number I got was in Ohio and I'm in Washington, so I figured no one would call that far to get coords... I asked in GC's Midwest forum HERE if anyone wanted the number...
  11. You're correct, when you import to your .gpx into CM you should see Waypoint / Difficulty / Terrain / Name / Owner / Type / LatLon / Distance / Direction / Compass The cache page, logs and hints.. .wont show up till you send to your ipod. I'm a little confused... .can you send coords to you GPSr through GC.com??? If not then, something else is wrong and this CM thread might not be the best one to fix that.
  12. Let me start off by saying I'm still new and have no idea what I'm talking about.... But I was thinking of a way to help get people to my cache or other caches instead of leaving it to chance that someone might be in the area and click on that cache. I was thinking of maybe an event cache or something that had a start date and an end date for a two week period and every day a random, pre-existing cache would be listed on the event page.. sort of like an Advent Calendar... You'd have to find that particular cache on that particular day to claim the cache and event. So on day 1 a cache is listed and on day 2 that cache would no longer be eligible. You wouldn't have to find all the caches of course and it would stay within a certain radius from the event. And maybe on the last day a new cache is placed at the event coords to stay within the event cache rules. To bad it's too late to do the "12 days of Christmas cache"! I hope all that made sense. Any ideas if something like this would work, fall within the rules, or would have any interest?
  13. I just saw this from one of the banners on GC.... http://delorme.com/geocaching/ .. and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? The color aerial imagery seems very cool to me.
  14. My friend has a $200 gift card to Homedepot and she wants to buy a GPSr. "Garmin GPS 60 Handheld/Portable System with Worldwide City, POI Database"link The Garmin GPS 60 is non-mapping, but I'm confused on what exactly that means. I believe it means that you can not load CN or any others, but it comes with Worldwide City POI, so what does that mean? Gas Stations or just landmarks? Does it show streets or just the basic map (that my GPSMAP 60Csx came with before I installed CN)? Does it navigate or just point? Thanks for any help.
  15. I'm getting an error when I try and send to my GPSr... (the Ipod function still works great) and I can still send to my GPSr from GSAK and from geocaching.com, but not Cachemagnet... any ideas? Sending waypoints to garmin GPSr on port USB [ERROR] CreateFile on '\\.\\USB' failed: The system cannot find the file specified. GARMIN:Can't init USB Done.
  16. I spelled the link wrong, it's evoice.com
  17. When the cache's are in the woods... '74 Scout 2 And when the cache is near the mall... '02 Audi TT
  18. It's been done!!! That's exactly what I've been working on!!! NUTS! Oh well... I'm glad to hear that it works. KC7BNY (Ham radio call sign)
  19. I'm in Washington state and I was going to set up a puzzle cache where at the first stage they would find a phone number and when they called it, theres a message that gives the final coords, like when you call a movie theater and listen to the movie listings message. I was going to use eVioce.com's messaging system, they have them as actual answering machines but I was just going to use it to give the coords and not take messages... anyway, with the free version you cant get a local number and the number they gave me was (614) 386-6946. It has the default message now but you can change it. If anyone's interested in setting up a cache like this or using this number, let me know and you can have it.
  20. The new Google Maps (on geocaching.com) don't appear to be the same maps on maps.google.com. The maps on maps.google.com seem to be more up to date then the ones here and I was just wondering if they're going to be updated or anything? I love the new maps and I don't mean this as a complaint or rate, just a question.
  21. The iPod Classic is the original video iPod, but they now come with 160GB's.
  22. I load caches to my iPod Classic, but I dont use the method you use. I open the gsk with Cachemagnet and click send to ipod. It has the description, hints, and logs... each separate so that if you're reading the discription you're not tempted to look at the hint... until you need it. I use GSAK from time to time for other things, but I've never tried it for my ipod, it always sounded like too much work.
  23. Never heard of it. Got a link? That was funny!! LOL A direct link is against the rules, but if you look at bflentje hides.. you might find what your looking for.
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