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  1. I got home today after a great week at mousekakats home. Had some coin packages in my mailbox. Open a black envelope and found a totally unknown coin with number 153. A coin from Geo_Bandit. Called mousekakat and grodan and they informed me about the coin. I'm still a bit confused and shocked but a really happy man. I logged my 100 mystery/unknown cache today and I got a mystery coin at the same day, can it be better? Thanks Geo_Bandit for this coin, you made my day
  2. Great work grodan & fiabus. I just love these funny cats. I bougth one set. Now i'm waiting for my lazy postman.
  3. I need a plectrum for my guitar. A plectrum coin perhaps in the future Great work. Looking forward to have a guitar in my hands. I now saw that Landsharkz already have plectrum for sale.
  4. Nice looking coin. Was a bit sad today, but when I saw the frogs, I got a big Just waiting to lay my hands on these frogs. And perhaps you will send me some coins for a change Keep up the good work, grodan.
  5. You will get the activation code at http://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php
  6. Got some boomerang Still 1 in stock.
  7. An excellent coin. Nice design and a good history. Have been at Birka a couple of times and I really like Björkö. Have charged my wallet with SEK so I going for a full set. Keep up the good work, MCB
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