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  1. Perhaps your tester could post the .gwl file here and you can see exactly wheat it is doing.
  2. Here is how I did it. For example, to get the current hour, set up the following in User Functions: --Return the Hour function FullMoonHour() t=os.date('*t') start_day_hour=t.hour return start_day_hour; end In your code, simply set you local variable equal to this User Expression. Let me know if you want ne to post screen caps of URWIGO.
  3. I found a 50 plant grow op near a cache once. The "gardener" carried railway ties into the woods, built a raised garden with top soil etc. It was a thing of beauty. Took less than 5 minutes to remove it.
  4. Use this cache listing: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=0284e6d3-a7e4-4b78-b654-9be8d0d36e39&log=y
  5. It is working fine for me. I have several hundred caches on my Ignore List and they do not show up in my PQ's
  6. Ontario is a lot bigger than Texas (415,000 sq. mi vs. 268,000 sq. mi.) And counting Cache Tech, we actually are up to 6 reviewers at last count. We added 2 in the last few weeks. And they are busy. In the last 30 days, there has been close to 1,000 new caches in Ontario. Not to mention all the archiving, etc. the reviewers perform. And BTW, we have the best reviewers in the world.
  7. +1 276 comments boiled down to 2 words: The icon. .
  8. Why would you want to do this? You already found it on January 15, 2010. At least according to the log I received via email a couple of minutes ago... It would appear he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. His Found log is gone.
  9. If the cache container is taken, it should be archived. I would take issue with this if it were done. While it is no skin off my back one way or another I would think that treating this differently than the the other ones would be unfair. No skin off your back and no icon off your list of icons. Maybe if they took away the icon when the cache is archived you would think differently. That is uncalled for. You owe briansnat an apology. He is simply stating a fact.
  10. He is on temporary loan from Her Majesty's Secret Service, through CSIS.
  11. Every person who participates in an internet forum should be forced to come and read this forum and see how a good forum can be run. It never ceases to amaze me that not only is there someone here that can answer the question, but it is done typically in a matter of minutes. I am proud to be a member of this forum. Thanks matejcik for the quick solution. Thanks to everyone for making this forum the amazing community it is.
  12. Excellent timing on this question. I have a similar interest. I am trying to generate 5 unique random numbers between 1 and 52. I am trying to create a poker game. If someone would like to post a sample while loop, it would be much appreciated.
  13. I didn't have to sign on. The cookie remembered. And it is running like greased lightning. Good job.
  14. Are you sure the zone is active and visible?? Can you upload your file to here?
  15. Use the Set statement. Under the zone name is a series of named attributes. One is "Active". Using the Set statement you can select "True" or "False"
  16. I think Garmin really missed the boat with opencaching. Instead of creating an alternate listing site, they should have created a variation of the game. For example, they could have used the Wherigo concept and created a caching adventure where there was no need for log books and containers. You load the "cache coordinates" into the GPS and when you reach that location, the GPS recognizes it and automatically marks it found in the GPS. When you get back home, hook the GPS to the site and it marks them found. The problem with Wherigo is the lua language is not very secure and almost anyone can 'break" the cartridge. Presumably, Garmin could build everything into the firmware and make it much more secure. No log books, no containers, no false logging. I am sure it is not quite that simple but it is just one small idea they could have utilized to expand the game. We don't need an alternate listing site, as other wannabes have shown.
  17. I am struggling to understand what you are asking. So, this might be way off in terms of the answers you are looking for. If so, please clarify. I don't think there is a limit to the number of zones that you can have. However, there is a limit to the number of ACTIVE zones. For Garmin players, I believe anything more than 5 will start to give you trouble. Once you are finished with a zone, change its active status to false. For other zones, don't make their active status true until you absolutely have to. As for visibility, there is a "range" where the zone is visible. If you are outside that range, the zone will not be visible even if it is active. To get around this, check the "Always in Range" box for the zones. Hope this helps.
  18. I recently bought a Nuvi. It came with an offer for a free membership here. This is months after the launch of their site and probably a year or likely more after it was planned. Even OC prefers GC. If you spent any time at OC, you would prefer GC too.
  19. I have seen screen captures of the bookmarks in question. So the bookmarks do/did exist. But as pointed out earlier, there is nothing wrong with having a bookmark. And there is no rule against keeping copies of logs within those bookmarks. There is nothing in the bookmarks that could not be just as easily captured with GSAK. My take is that there is three sides to this story. The OP's. The Bookmark Owner, who is intelligent enough not to wade into this thread. And the truth. I am not sure what the OP is looking for anymore. A number of posters have clearly given what I consider to be excellent advice: Ignore him and he will get tired of the game. In fact, if the OP had not resurrected this thread yesterday, it would have passed on to page 2 and obscurity. Not sure why the OP has chosen to perpetuate the thread. I do not see him/her gaining much support here.
  20. I hope you said this in jest. Lowering yourself to his level just perpetuates the problem. And possibly escalates it. Ignore the guy. By doing anything else, you are simply feeding his enjoyment of jerking you around.
  21. This is a very interesting comment. I randomly checked 10 logs by the OP. Nine were blank logs and the tenth, while not offensive, was highly critical of the CO. Like so many of these geo-dramas, there is a lot more to the story than we are being told.
  22. Mine ran fine and were waiting when I got up this morning.
  23. I assume you mean to "wirelessly" transmit info from one cartridge to another while you are playing. If so, then I am pretty sure the answer is no.
  24. Tequila

    A Jerk?

    Here is another log where the finder calls the CO a jerk. But it is a pretty funny log, obviously in jest. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=dd40e16c-dca3-43e1-ac70-6e05487979b9
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