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  1. Sorry, but no. The original Fizzy challenge does indeed have icon requirements and date restrictions: Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge) So technically that is the only "style" of fizzy challenge and everything else (including a straight 81 D/T grid) is not. That is correct. That is why my Fizzy Challenge, Tequila:81 Proof, which I think was the first challenge cache in Canada, has the date restriction and the icon requirement. I copied it from Kentucky who copied it from California. .
  2. I sure hope they are on vacation. I would hate to think they are at work wasting company IT resources. Or worse yet. They work for some poor company with a stock at a 52 week low and about to get squashed by the competition. +1 Tequila, can I now borrow season 2 of Seinfeld? You sure can. I have moved on to classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. .
  3. I sure hope they are on vacation. I would hate to think they are at work wasting company IT resources. Or worse yet. They work for some poor company with a stock at a 52 week low and about to get squashed by the competition.
  4. Congratulations to fizbot on being the 32nd cacher to complete the T81 challenge. I think you probably hold the record for furtheest qualifying cache. Thanks for the great log and I am glad you enjoyed the challenge.
  5. I used film canisters. Inside I put the coordinates using small beads preprinted with numbers. They are available at most craft stores. I tied the beads together with strong fish line and used the same fish line to secure the film canisters to branches. The beads are plastic and the numbers do not fade or bleed if they get wet.
  6. I suspect they might all be long lost relatives of Rod Serling.
  7. Many of the topos in the GTA are woefully out of date due to large scale urban sprawl. But you are correct for rural and wilderness areas. The main thing that changes is magnetic declination but topos show how to calculate current declination.
  8. Most, if not all, topo maps in Canada are 1980's vintage. You should be able to buy them at good outdoor stores or government bookstores.
  9. The guideline reads "An individual's attempt to complete a challenge should be independent of the actions of other cachers". I'd say "other cachers" only means "other cache finders", not "cache owners". Otherwise, pretty much all challenge caches would be invalid, as they obviously depend on caches, which only exist by cache owners placing them. I've already pointed out that the guideline says SHOULD, not MUST. That means it's a recommendation, not a firm rule. My point exactly. Hence no need for the angst.
  10. The ability to find most challenge caches can be affected by the actions of others. Every time a cache owner archives a scarce icon (Wherigo, virtual, earthcache, etc.) it affects the ability to find a large number of different icons in a single day. It may mean someone has to travel an extra 200 meters but their ability has been affected. Every time a cache owner archives a unique D/T combo, it affects the ability to complete a D/T grid challenge. The oldest cache bingo challenge is affected every time one of the oldest caches is archived. The group of 25 caches changes but the newest addition may be considerably more difficult to reach/find thereby affecting the ability of others to complete the bingo challenge. The Back to School challenge was affected when someone changed the name of a cache to start with the number "0" thereby making it easier for some cachers to complete the challenge. etc. etc. etc.
  11. After thinking about this I am now under the opinion that this cache should have never been published. Please don't take this personal. By the owners own admission this cache violates the guidelines. Considering the recent publication date, it is not a grandfathered cache and the guidelines also state that pre-existing caches shall not be used to justify new ones. So I have to wonder how a cache that in my opinion is clearly not fair to all cachers was allowed to be published in the first place and then allowed to continue. If you feel that strongly about it, then you should log a Needs Archiving
  12. If you use GMT, it makes it a bit more difficult, but where there is a will, there is way. To answer to OP's question, use the lua time functions.
  13. cOme oN Tequila, yoU woulDn't wAnt toO shoW us hOw eaSy it is Too pUsh yOur bUttOns. Thank you so much for this much needed intermission. Actually, since this seems like an episode of Seinfeld, it is more of a "commercial break" than an "intermission". However, since commercial references may not be allowed, I guess "intermission" is the right word. Popcorn, licorice and over sized drinks are available in the lobby. None of which will be name brand.
  14. cOme oN Tequila, yoU woulDn't wAnt toO shoW us hOw eaSy it is Too pUsh yOur bUttOns. Not at all. Its just that this thread is the closest thing I can find to a new episode of Seinfeld.
  15. no, i do get the point of the Guidelines and i fully agree with the whole non-commercial guideline, however this little episode seems to take it all to an extreme and it was not necessary at all, there is no harm in casually mentioning any business name, the person that complained and sparked all this sudden changes should have been directed to appeals and this whole thing would have been avoided i am also familiar with the appeals process which i have used in the past with 100% satisfaction after all my activity in this thread i have a feeling that i will get to use the appeals again with the next cache i try to have published and you, or whomever deals with the appeals process, will get to see it i do feel though that it will really be a waste of time for appeals to deal with a silly issue of someone saying that "parking is across the road at Pizza-Pizza" or "$2 coupon for FTF" etc i know it may seem a very minor issue, and for the third time i will repeat that in the grand scheme of things it does not bother me, the reason i now feel so strong about this subject is the way it was done....you know the saying "its not what you say, its how you say it" Is there something wrong with the SHIFT key on your PC????????
  16. This the first hiccup in a very long time. Things are light years better than they used to be back a couple years ago.
  17. I have the same problem. This morning's PQ's are flagged as having ran and I got the confirmation email. But the files are not there. Yesterday they ran fine.
  18. I think a gwz file is just a .zip file with a different extension. Try zipping your file.
  19. Is there an exception for events or do we have to resort to "Meeting place is the coffee shop named after the hockey player"? Jo Jo Starbuck was a figure skater. I can find no reference to her ever being a hockey player.
  20. do they actually go walking in wooded areas or just latch on to the nearest tree? Great Question! Maybe the SooMukwas can tell us their strategy. Unless some other tree hugger/hippy can tell us. I just let the FTF hounds go first. Most of the time, there is nothing left to kill or destroy if you just follow their trail straight to the cache afterwards. I'm cringing right now at the thought of a land manager in Oakville logging onto the GS forums for the first time ..... can't imagine what, say, the Superintendant of Bronte Creek Provincial Park would think reading the above. Actually I can imagine - he's banned geocaching in that park for fears that cachers are just like that. well in that case they would have only themselves to blame if they approved the hide in a location that shouldn't be trampled on, wouldn't they? we placed caches in areas where we had to get permission, and before it was granted, someone from the park actually went out and found the cache, in one instance we were asked to move it because it was in what they deemed a sensitive area The point here is that if we go around promoting that we are a bunch of cave people tromping around on everything in sight, you won't get the chance to ask for that cache placement - sensitive or not. Case in point I've encountered at least a dozen land owners who are absolutely convinced that geocaching is about burying things off trail. Bragging about bushwhacking, or making statements that "most geocachers" trample vegetation leads land owners to an easy conclusion: ban it. I mention it here, because this thread is about Oakville. There are several land managers in the Oakville area who may take interest in this thread in the future: Town of Oakville, Ontario Parks (Bronte), Conservation Halton are some examples. If those three organizations suddenly turned around and banned the "destructive" hobby, where would we hide caches in South Halton? Right now, the Town of Oakville doesn't care (know?) about geocaching, Ontario Parks Bronte bans it outright, and Conservation Halton *promotes* the activity. Remember this thread will live on in Google long after we're done joking around about trampling the odd flowerbed. Of course a geocache should be placed where it will minimize impact. Post parking coordinates and trailheads. Talk to the land owners. But don't undo all that good work by carrying on in here like we expect GZ to get trashed. +1
  21. Very well said Dr. House. edited to add the word "said"
  22. Same result. Can you post the entire file here. Here is what my log shows: 20110701171743|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Engine Version 2.11, Player Name: Tequila, Device ID: 3497941058 20110701171743|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|ZCartridge:Start - Downloaded Fri Jul 1 14:16:49 2011 20110701171800|43.86998|-79.26864|185.453|23.849|ZCartridge:Sync 20110701171800|43.86998|-79.26864|185.453|23.849|ZCartridge:Stop
  23. You enable logging in URWIGO.
  24. Use one of the alternatives, Earwigo or URWIGO. You will be a lot happier.
  25. Scratch that idea. Do you have logging turned on? Here is all I got: 20110701105750|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Engine Version 2.11, Player Name: Tequila, Device ID: 3497941058 20110701105750|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|ZCartridge:Start - Downloaded Fri Jul 1 07:56:25 2011 20110701105822|43.86992|-79.26858|189.578|9999999562023526200000000.000|ZCartridge:Sync 20110701105823|43.86992|-79.26858|189.578|9999999562023526200000000.000|ZCartridge:Stop
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