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  1. From my experience, it's kinda backwards. Whoever is ready first to have a cache published has to wait and possibly give up the spot to somebody who isn't ready yet. More appropriately, whoever has created a listing (unpublished) first is asked if they intend to publish the listing or would they be okay giving the area to someone else. I have first hand experience with this and the other person relinquished the area (Thanks Fababoo ) . I would think that there is an expectation for the first person to publish within a reasonable amount of time. .
  2. Given my suggestion earlier in the thread, let me be clear that it is not me. .
  3. It sounds like your retirement is well deserved. Thanks for all your contributions over a massive amount of reviews. .
  4. Hence my recommendation that you contact Groundspeak or Miss Jenn directly and/or create an entry in Feedback. As you mention, not everyone reads these forums and there is no guarantee that anyone from Groundspeak will make note of this thread and respond/take action. An email to Groundspeak will guarantee a response. A Feedback entry will document it and also hopefully generate a response from Groundspeak. Neither may generate a satisfactory response but at least you will have followed the process and taken the path most likely to address your question. .
  5. It should also be noted that neither method actually works. At least, I've never gotten any of them to work. According to your profile, you have only done 1 Wherigo. That is hardly a wholesale condemnation of the methods. I have completed 36 Wherigos and have never had a problem either uploading the completed cartridge or entering the completion code. .
  6. Have you reported this to Groundspeak (contact@geocaching.com)or posted it to the Feedback suggestion where it will be brought to the attention of the appropriate people? I would think either would be more productive in terms of getting your question answered/resolved. .
  7. I usually wear a law enforcement type jacket that has a "radio clip" on the upper left chest. Oregon clips there perfectly. Jackets are available at most LE stores or websites. Not sure if I am allowed to recommend one here. PM me if you want a recommendation.
  8. Wrong Province. No Joe Louis and No Pepsi either. .
  9. You are forgiven my son. But you really must venture across the border more and become more Canadianized. Perhaps our upcoming BFL event. . You're having a BFL event? How does that work, eh? Too bad it's probably so far away, but I'm equipped and ready! GC2YVBH Come on up. .
  10. You are forgiven my son. But you really must venture across the border more and become more Canadianized. Perhaps our upcoming BFL event. .
  11. That's a great explanation, and makes a heck of a lot of sense. I dunno though, there's just something about "going to appeals" that puts people off. I think we need to keep this in perspective a bit. This is a parking garage we're talking about No, it is not. It is a Parkade. A word we should add to the list of words unknown outside of Canada, along with Tuque, Back Bacon, and The Tragically Hip. Toque is spelled with an 'o'. .
  12. More specifically, I think the OP wants to have a challenge cache with a true D/T of 5/5 on his resume. A lot of challenge caches are 5/5 because of the challenge aspect. The terrain rating is often over stated. In this case, it truly is a 5/5.
  13. Would you care to explain how you found such an obscure entry? .
  14. As long as there isn't more than one person insisting on having the last word, we can be done. Just stop posting. .
  15. "more enticing and simply more meaningful" is subjective and may not be shared by all or even the majority. What is the extra work that everyone else will be taking or prompted to take? Everyone does not have to do every cache. If it stays archive no past logs will be lost, and the history of the cache will stay in tact. What some seem to have a problem with is not the history of the cache but rather the future of it. "no harm done to anyone, anywhere, and everyone's happy" I beg to differ on this point. I for one would want to know why this cache has more merit than other caches with historical significance as I bet others would. I am still wondering about the D/T issue. For something not so important, it keeps appearing in your posts. +1 I am really starting to feel sorry for the residents of hell who are no use to all this freezing weather, but: +2 BTW, Mr. Yuck. This is all your fault. This thread had pretty much died a typical forum death until you resurrected it and tore off the scabs. (Said in total jest, my friend) .
  16. I think most would agree with that. Since you are the OP, it is within your power to ask the Moderators to close this thread.
  17. Albert Einstein: Good advice Will. However, it has one serious "gotcha" Will Rogers: What would that be Al? Albert Einstein: You have to realize you are in a hole. .
  18. Albert Einstein: Will, what do you think of this? Will Rogers: Seems pretty simple to me. When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging. .
  19. Joe Cacher: Albert, Have you been following this thread? Albert Einstein: Yes. It demonstrates one of my greatest quotations. Joe Cacher: And what would that be? Albert Einstein: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  20. You missed my point. I am suggesting that someone could create a brand new totally unrelated traditional cache that is not a challenge within 160 meters of the archived location. If that happens, you have missed the opportunity to recreate this challenge cache. It is clear that the un-archival is not going to happen. Therefore, I am suggesting, if you care about the challenge, create a new listing before the location is no longer available. .
  21. If someone doesn't create a new listing shortly, you run the very real risk that someone else is going to create a totally new cache within 160 meters of this archived cache. That will put an end to the discussion.
  22. I don't know you real identity (and I don't want to) but in the words of that great '70s philosopher, David Cassidy, I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! .
  23. Actually two. This thread has demonstrated the glaring need for "A Users Guide to Geocide". .
  24. Lackey Moun10bike reported that was coming on Twitter about a week ago, I personally didn't see it leaked anywhere else. Ironically, my on again off again subscription just ran out, and I doubt I'll get that issue. Glad they put it up on the web, but I bet the whole article will disappear from the web in a week or two. Coincidentally last night, I downloaded the Outside iPad app and bought the August issues. The September issue is not available yet. Kudos to Groundspeak for taking care of their employees.
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