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  1. MtnGoat has hit the nail on the head. The "new rules" are not going to stop cachers from helping each other. It is just going to emliminate the logging of the fact. And that is a shame. I enjoy reading about other's misfortunes. BTW, Google "Battle of Midway". Pretty awesome story. Tequila
  2. There is finally some good coming of this. I am going to go find out what happened at the Battle of Midway. Tequila
  3. I am the "guy" who helped the finder. Here is exactly what happened. I was in the area to visit another cache for a travel bug. I met a person coming down the trail that looked like a geocacher. I asked and we introduced ourselves. Turned out he was a cacher I had swapped emails with about this cache and had given him a hint to help find Stage 1. BTW, I have helped several other local cachers with hints on this cache. And I was helped by 1701eh when I was looking for it. He had found Stage 1 and had gone to the correct location for Stage 2 but could find no cache. He had spent over an hour looking as I recall. I offered to accompany him to the location and assist in looking as I knew what we were looking for. We spent 20 minutes looking and it was nowhere to be seen. Certainly not where it was when I found it. It should be noted that should a muggle pass through this area (unlikely but possible), the cache would be visible to them and of interest. That could explain the disappearance. Maybe it is still there but we couldn't find it. This cacher had spent hours looking for this multi and I didn't feel he should suffer a DNF AGAIN because Stage 2 is missing. So I offered to show him roughly where Stage 3 was and he accepted. We walked to the area and I said "It is around here" and left him to his own search. He was successful and moved on to find the final, which BTW is more difficult than the first three combined. Particularly because the coordinates are off. I personally feel he deserves the find. And I agree with the previous post that says "don't try to enforce a rule that is unenforceable". I feel strong enough about this person deserving the find that if you chose to delete his find, please delete mine as well. Are we losing sight of the fact that geocaching is a game???????? Tequila
  4. He he, running, that's why I was never good at orienteering! Here we go... All of the co-ordinates listed on Geocaching.com use WGS84 as their reference frame. If you setup your GPS receiver to use NAD83 as it's reference frame, how far away from the cache (in meters) will you be once it zeros out? (Assuming the Hider used WGS84 and you both have perfect accuracy) TOMTEC Originally it was only a centimeter or two, but now can be as much as 1 meter. Tequila
  5. I was able to send my old eTrex Vista back to Garmin in the US for refurbishment. They charged $99US and basically gave me a new unit. Tequila
  6. Just bought 8 of these coins. Thanks to JWID for another great coin. And for the 1701eh tribute/donation. That is what the geocaching community is all about. A gesture like that is worth more than all the FTF's we could ever get. I am sure Tony is looking down and thrilled with the tributes and friendship he is receiving from his buddies. Tequila
  7. I guess it is just a COINCIDENCE that they bought the gold coin and never activated it, making it more valuable on eBay. My opinion (obviously open to disagreement by others) is that it is an insult to Semper who put his heart and soul into this coin.
  8. Please note that Tony's last name was Dawe not Dawes, as TheCachingPlace has written. Tequila
  9. I don't understand why a finder would sell his gold coin. Just plain stupid.
  10. You can see it here. http://thecachingplace.com/shop/pc/viewPrd...p;idproduct=117
  11. Someone has put a GOLD APE coin on eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/Project-APE-GOLD-unact...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I don't even know where to begin to speak about Tony. Larry (Adventure Rat) just phoned with the sad news and I am in complete shock. I swapped emails with Tony a few days ago about a cache at The Guild that was giving everyone so much grief. I have to thank Geofellas for bringing Tony and I together. The April Fool Let's Make A Deal cache. Tony contacted me about getting the keys I had. We had lunch, swapped war stories and became friends instantly. Over the next few months we traded FTF's in the 404/407 areas at lunch. I learned to look for Tony's car when I pulled into the area. And his sense of humour (Bishops's Belt of Green was just a small sample) was ever present. Tony joined my team (owlnebula, Adventure Rat, 1701eh and Tequila) to successfully have a joint FTF on TOMTEC's adventure and an FTF on Geofellas' The Big Pipe. We planned that adventure for weeks before April 1 and that night we all met at my place and mapped out our strategy. Tony was one of the best puzzle solvers I ever had the pleasure to meet. And he would stick with finding a cache (The Big Pipe Drip Drip Drip) until he found it. Giving up was not in Tony's vocabulary. Tony often emailed me to talk to me about his 2000 finds coin and what he was having engraved on it and what the font would look like. I hope he got it engraved and I hope he takes it with him. He certainly earned it. In the dog world, there is the concept of a Rainbow Bridge, where all dogs go to wait for their masters to join them one day. I hope geocaching has a Puzzle Bridge. I am sure who the first person we will see there, signing an FTF in the log. Rest in Peace Tony and God Bless. Chuck "Tequila"
  13. got my coin today. Awesome. Thanks so much for putting the effort into completing the project. Tequila
  14. Why is shipping to Canada $7.95. It costs 90 cents U.S. for all the other coins I have purchased.
  15. Check out GCT9J5. It is an all day caching event just north of Toronto on the 13th. Tequila
  16. This is a known problem with the Etrex units. My Vista started doing it after about 2 years. It has to do with a loose connection inside If you go to yahoo groups, and join the Vista one, there is pictures of what needs to be done to fix it. If you are handy with electronics you can probably do it yourself. You do have to break the waterproof seal. As for the RMA, there is an autorized Garmin repair centre in Montreal. The name escapes me but if you call Garmin and tell them you are in Canada they should be able to give it to you. For my Vista, they wanted $180 to do a complete overhaul of the unit. I bought a GPS MAP60CS instead and have been very happy. Good luck. Chuck
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