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  1. T5 caches are highlighted as beginner caches if they have a low D-rating. I don't think that these are really beginner caches.
  2. I tried to find some nearby event caches. Is it possible that there is a by in the 'nearby caches of this type' search on a cache's description site (it shows all types of caches and not only the selected)?
  3. emzett

    New Site Bugs

    Bug: The 'I plan to attend' feature on the My-page does not include Mega-Events.
  4. After 900 + finds worldwide, Frodo's Journey on Table Mountain is still my all time favourite cache. A real challenge! There are also some other SA caches on my Favourites bookmark list.
  5. ... there was also a thread on the GSAK board: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=2060 Happy Christmas ! Markus
  6. Congratulations! Welcome on Earth, Baby_x! Best wishes to Taryn and Aaron and the small future cacher!
  7. ... more intersting analysis of your myfind.gpx, you'll get with http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/ ;-) Found it last weekend and based my profiles' stats on this tool.
  8. maybe also interesting: http://www.playareacode.com/
  9. Recently, I had attended an event cache in the US, and most participants considered it as normal to log it several times as 'attended', because they had found some temporary caches at the event site. Very strange... BTW: I have already logged one of my own caches as a 'find', because after a 'need maintenance log' it was harder to find this one than many other caches I have found before... I don't take the statistics too serious and also haven't logged a lot of caches that I didn't like.
  10. It's 'Bär und Fuchs'. (or if you don't have the 'ä', 'Baer' ;-) Be careful, it is dangerous for bears in Bavaria. Greetings from Germany!
  11. I like to go geocaching with my Vespa PX 200 E
  12. Hello, I will be in Milwaukee next week and would like to ask if somebody can give me some recommendations for my geocaching activities? Greetings from Germany Markus
  13. Also my congratulations to you and the non-cacher! In Namibia you should walk on the dunes in Sossusvlei at sunrise. ... and don't forget to stop in Solitaire. It's famous! Etosha Nationalpark is also a worth visiting, lots of wild animals. I'm really jealous about your trip. Greetings from Germany Markus
  14. Thanks for uploading the article. It is nice to see the outcome of our great geocaching trip to Kommetjie. Greetings from Germany (especially to Aaron and Russel)! Markus
  15. Hi, the 'new' depends on the 'date placed' field in the cache form. I use to put here the actual date, I placed the cache outside. Then I will wait for 2-3 weeks to see if the cache don't get muggled. Only then, I enable the tick mark 'cache is currently active'. After that the cache description will be visible for the reviewer and after his approval the cache is visible for others. But the cache is not marked as 'new', because for the system it has already been placed for more than 2 weeks. BTW, it is good way to see who is paying attention to details ;-). Have a nice weekend ! Markus
  16. Hi, I'm happy to visit Cape Town again from next week on. Is there anybody interested in going for some caches together? In particular, I would like to go for Dicscombob's Crystal Pools (GCH3DR). Please contact me via the GC.com profile, because I will have only limited internet access. Greetings from Germany Markus
  17. ... i did almost the same, finding it ;-). It's really a great cache. My favourites in SA are: Sentinel View (GC185) and Postcard on the Rocks (GCHEB0)
  18. out of competition; at Lemoen Kop (GCH74X) and at Sentinel View (GC185), which is still one of my favourite caches. Greetings from Germany ! emzett
  19. ... yes, it worked well. Thank you very much!! for all you recommendations. I will have a look at them. I hope, I'll have some time to go for caches during my stay in the area. Markus
  20. Hello, I'm will spend two weeks in Joburg in March. Can somebody give me some cache recommendations for the area, maybe including some safety advices. Kind regards, Markus
  21. Actually, I thought the same when I had made there a short stop in December. I think I even took a photo with GPSr at that location. Have to check when I'm back home; I haven't that experience with letterboxes, but naturally it must be a letterbox-hybrid, don't you think so? Greetings from Taiwan! Markus
  22. Originally I wanted to use the map to get an overview of the caches and their locations. Now I have used this map: http://www.accommodationco.co.za/map.gif , and loaded it into the OziExplorer. But it would be fantastic if I could get an 1:50K map of the Silvermine Nature Reserve (incl. 3-4 reference points for calibration). Markus BTW: if someone would like to join me for a Geocaching-hike /-tour , please send me an e-mail.
  23. I will be in Cape Town in December. Does anybody know where I can find a digital map on the web, which I could use in OziExplorer for planning my cache searches? Kind regards, Markus
  24. I'm sorry, my plans were changed. I have to go to Dallas instead of Indianapolis.
  25. Hi, I will stay in Indianapolis for two weeks from mid June. Probably I will be somewhere near Plainfield. I don't know how much time I can spend for caching, but I really would like to swap some bugs. emzett
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