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  1. Just checked. I am getting WAAS corrections. I did have to re-enable it again though following the update.
  2. The download link takes me to a page thats offering to see me either a Garmin Mobile mmc card or a setup DVD for a UK map!
  3. 1. Yes, best I have used for geocaching. Though can look a bit obtrusive in an urban caching environment. 2. Not with the latest updates. Seems to be ok now. 3. Not quite up to par with my Canon 5D2. A better description is poor. Useful to geotag something. 4. Very satisfied with it. Definitely an all rounder but also excels in many areas. 5. Its the size that attracted me to it. 6. No idea. I use UK maps and free stuff. One of the best features in my mind is the customisability. Screens just how you like them. I was initially worried I wouldn't like the touch screen but I find it very good. In general Garmin have responded very well to bugs and suggestions. You mention the biking gang hating the way it autoroutes when importing a route from basemap. I believe this has been cured in the latest beta update. I upgraded from a 60Csx and in fact still have the 60. I will probably pass it on to my son. More recently I got a 62S as well. A lot more compact than the Montana but not as versatile. It's more like the 60Csx.
  4. Is this a plus point in that your hard work setting a route in Basecamp isn't messed up when you import it?
  5. Thats odd. You have the timezone set to automatic and not Western Europe?
  6. Just checked the time on my Montana as in the UK our time changed from UTC to BST at 1AM this morning. The Montana was still showing UTC time with the time zone set to Automatic. Selecting Europe - Western as the time zone and Daylight Saving Time to Automatic does show the correct time. But whats strange is that on my 62S with the time zone setting to Automatic it does show the correct local time and takes the hour change into account. I am not using the very latest firmware in the Montana, it's still at beta 3.94. Is this a known problem or have I missed something. EDIT: Does the same with 3.96 beta firmware.
  7. Just seen this interesting demonstration of the sticky issue plaguing the newer Garmin GPSr's that someone has posted on YouTube.
  8. You can use just a magnetic handheld compass. However as stated, its convenience. I like how my GPSr automatically reverts to an electronic compass when I drop below a certain walking pace. This keeps my reading more steady and consistent. But if your on a tight budget then fair enough. There are ways around not having an electronic compass just the same as there are ways around not having a paperless GPSr. Theres even ways around not having a GPSr! For me. I am one for all the bells and whistles, bring em on. Always was a sucker for new things and gadgets.
  9. I use a Montana 650 and a 62S. Of the two I prefer.....erm...both. They both have their own qualities.
  10. Okay, so which is the better setting to have? Elevation or Elevation Above Ground? I do have the Montana 650t. I just want to have the most accurate elevation/altitude reading when I'm on a plane. I know my Oregon 400t showed the exact altitude on the Satellite page, but the Montana does not show altitude on the Satellite page. Thanks!!! It depends what sort of plane. Airliner with pressurised cabin you can only use GPS elevation otherwise it looks like your around 6000 feet all the time. Non pressurised such as a light aircraft I would probably use elevation above sea level. I don't know how accurate elevation above ground would be. But either way, if your going a distance and relying on either barometric elevation readings they will change along with weather highs and lows as you travel. The pilot has an advantage as he can ask air traffic control for the QNH (barometric pressure at sea level) so he can twiddle the knob on his altimeter and get the reading accurate. Your stuck with what its set to after you calibrated it.
  11. One other thing. Some GPSr's that have a built in electronic compass also have a setting that tells the GPS what speed the electronic compass kicks in or out. I set mine at a slow walking pace around 3mph. That means if walking very slow or stopped the electronic compass takes over.
  12. Its a good few years since I gained my PPL licence. The nearest you will get to the barometric altimeter in an aircraft is the elevation setting however you would need to calibrate it so that it read your altitude correctly to either above ground (QFE) or above sea level (QNH). Similar to the little knob on a light aircrafts altimeter. However if, like me, you would like to follow the altitude when your inside an airliner then things change as you are inside a pressurised cabin. This totally screws up the barometric altimeter idea with you GPSr. Its ok for the pilot as his altimeter sensor is referenced to outside the chain and not subject to the cabin pressure. So the best you can do is use the GPS Elevation which ignores the barometric pressure. As far as I know this field is only available on the Montana or I presume models that do not have a barometric sensor fitted. Elevation above ground will be just as it says. Your elevation above ground at that point. Elevation is your elevation above sea level.
  13. I posting a link to a Garmin page here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=287604&view=findpost&p=4930040 last week that may be of one help.
  14. I wish they could replicate this sticky compass issue and fix that. Can keep hoping.
  15. Around 20 years ago when I was learning to fly aircraft I had very few hours under my belt. My concentration centred on keeping the aircraft level at the right speed etc along with quite a few other parameters. Unfortunately at that time the navigation part of the equation was taking a low priority in my mind. Not a good idea. My instructor frequently used to shout Wrongway in my ear. In flying circles that became my name. My navigation skills did improve. Shame we didn't have GPS systems in light aircraft then.
  16. I am assuming its the same as the etrex 30. Press the power button/light briefly whilst turned on to display the Backlight setting, satellites signal strength and battery level as a graphic.
  17. I had noticed this a few weeks ago as well. I had the 3.68 beta today when it occurred. Have you also found that switching off and on seems to clear the problem.
  18. I am sure this has been mentioned quite a few times before if not on a Montana I believe its common with some of the other, newer Garmin models at times. I was looking for a cache this afternoon along with the wife, using her new christmas present, an Etrex 30. When we got to within about 60 feet of the cache showing on both GPSr's my Montana stuck at 62feet to go and kept pointing in the same direction. My wifes Etrex still kept counting down distance until we got within about 25 feet shown as the target. My Montana still showing 62feet! Good signal as well. We started searching around this location (a tree) without any success. I had turned the Montana off at that point. After a good search and ready to give up as it was getting dark I turned the Montana back on and it immediately said 40 feet away in the other direction, the way we had come. I tracked to the correct location and a very stable 3 feet away reading quite easily. The Etrex was showing very similar. Found the cache there of course. But the point is it definitely stuck at 62 feet to go with a strong signal and no matter were I walked in that area wouldn't budge. That includes the compass too. It was only after turning off and on it decided to wake up and join the party again. I should have monitored the current coords as well see if they were changing.
  19. It had gone so possibly collected earlier and not logged yet.
  20. A final question regarding trackables. We found a local cache a few weeks ago and there was a coin in the cache. As I was not sure at the time what to do with trackables were merely signed the log but left the trackable alone. I notice the trackable hasn't moved since our visit. Would it be bad manners to re-visit this cache and take the trackable, now I have a better idea of what to do, and move it to another location.
  21. Yes that helps a lot, thanks. I have not seen the logging page or its options for a travel bug in my inventory as I haven't taken one before. Hence the confusion.
  22. I am not sure where the "visited" option is as it doesn't seem to be listed as an option on the log visit pull down or do you mean just leave that part blank. I have not had any experience wit TB's yet but hoping to visit friends a distance away in a few days.
  23. Is it acceptable to revisit a local cache just to move a travel bug on that I have found whilst visiting another area assuming its not possible to discover a new cache in a decent timeframe. If acceptable would I simply choose write a note to log the visit.
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