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  1. The "Report a Problem" log will only generate an email to the cache owner (and anyone watching the listing) but it seems as if the cache owner is already not responding to the potential problems. You can either log "Needs Archived", which will bring it to Reviewer attention, or you can contact the Reviewer directly.
  2. As of today, there are no August events (great or otherwise) listed in Tennessee. You can use this link to view events and new geocaches in Tennessee. Enjoy your holiday!
  3. Please do not archive a listing without removing the cache container. Otherwise, you are creating geo-litter.
  4. Strange, this whole thread some were very sure this cache was illegal. Looks like they probably just suspected it then Your quoting what narcissa said. I don't believe narcissa has the ability to read archived logs. Exactly, and neither can most others who claimed the cache was "illegal". Right, so now an NA was logged and a reviewer, who can see those archived notes and exchanges between CO and reviewers, will take a look at it and determine if there is an issue. Yeah, what he just said.
  5. You should have posted a single "Needs Archived" on each listing and then walked away; one of the volunteer reviewers will absolutely deal with the situation. However, you posted multiple "Needs Archived" to drive your point home. It makes you appear argumentative and furthers the cache owner's idea that you are taking a personal interest in either him or his caches. You have made your point so I suggest that you let it go and not continue to bring it up.
  6. Cachers that do not actually attend the event should not take this as an invitation for virtual attendance. That would not bring about positive consequences.
  7. Alligators feed through Florida's mild winters and will not be starving. They will not hunt you down and kill you. I worry more about zombies than I do about alligators and I work around lakes all day. This is good advice. But you are more likely to encounter biting insects, ticks, and poison ivy if you venture out of the asphalt safety zone. I use a repellant with picaridin instead of DEET. I don't care for the feel or smell of DEET and it has been known to dissolve plastics. I also find that picaridin is much easier to get off of my skin and out of my clothing at the end of the hike. Use it around your ankles and waist if you venture into the woods and it does a pretty good job of keeping the ticks at bay. But I can generally tolerate a few mosquito bites if it means that I don't have to apply anything at all. Poison ivy is more plentiful in wet areas but can sometimes be found in Florida's urban vegetation. Look at some photos to get an idea what the plants look like. Lastly, watch out for fire ants. These little buggers can be found in a variety of habitats. They create dirt mounds as they nest and will be on you in a flash if you disturb the mound!
  8. It seems as if Florida's loss is Indiana's gain. I hope that you can find people to adopt your caches. If not, have you made arrangements to remove the containers prior to archiving the listings? If not, you may want to request that the next finder remove the container before the listing is archived to ensure that the containers aren't abandonded and don't turn into geo-trash.
  9. Sorry for your loss and sorrier to say that it isn't an uncommon occurance. A trackable will often be taken by an inexperienced cacher who doesn't know what to do with it. They will vanish for months at a time, only to reappear when a more experienced cacher logs them somewhere else. In the meantime, you can mark your trackable as "missing" to take it out of the cache inventory and keep future cache finders from expecting to find it there. Best of luck.
  10. We're here, but not as an "official" organization. Try looking up the Central Florida Area Geocachers (CFLAG) group on Facebook for local updates and contacts.
  11. Not geocaching related. Closing this topic.
  12. The OP has requested that this topic be closed.
  13. Moving this topic from the South and SE forums. Carry on.
  14. An interesting topic, but not geocaching related. Closing this thread.
  15. Will you be available for the Florida Finder's Fest?
  16. It's also possible that the cache is listed with another website and not associated with Geocaching.com.
  17. Depends on how you define cool caches. Try this search to get you started.
  18. Florida style - hidden under palm or palmetto fronds that have fallen to the ground Georgia style - hidden under a pile of pine needles on the ground
  19. The website was recently updated to include provinces/prefectures for several Asian countries. Newer listings (and ones that have been updated by the cache owners) are shown as Okinawa, Japan. Older listings are shown simply as Japan. See this thread for additional information on the subject.
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