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  1. Went to report this and it told me to come here. I guess it's not just me. It is a little frustrating when none are loaded on my GPS so I can't cache until I get some of these loaded.
  2. I wonder if anyone here would care to hear my opinions on this all. Enough of you personally emailed me and were very negative to me and many more of you put me down on these forums. First, I planned a whole cruise just to get to this cache. Someone wondered why a person who lived so far away from the cache cared. I didn't know you could only cache in your own area. Another person said that no one had ever looked for it. Well two people stayed there for two days waiting for the owner. That is looking for it. Just because they weren't big enough to call it a DNF and just posted a note doesn't make it a non DNF. That is why I posted to the owner to see if he could confirm it was there before I wasted time and money to try for it. My post was deleted. Since people had been there and not found it and the owner didn't seem interested in having it found, that is why I suggested it be archived until it was known if it was still there. I personally talked with Ricardo while on the island. He told me that the person that died that the original cache had been left with, buried it. To me, that says the cache has not been available for some time. To his credit, the owner did get the cache replaced. I can't speak for the rating. I was walked to the location and it was given me, but I went through many days of mental stress and language barriers to get to that point. If something had come up, I may not have been greeted by Ricardo and I would have gone home empty handed. That would have been a DNF and it's hard to imagine too many 1 ratings getting a DNF. I would give it more than a 1. If anyone can get here and not be on a time constraint, I would recommend that you all try. Pictures do not do it justice, and if you don't mind nearby crocodiles, snorkeling, fishing, and a day visiting Ricardo would be well worth your time. Oh, and there's a cache there too. I also chose the Obama button because of the argument on the thread. All and all, it was to all of you wishing me a failure that I succeeded. Thank you.
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