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  1. Can someone give me the best way to average coordinates so that I can provide accurate hide coordinates. I am going to hide my first cache and I want to give a good guide.
  2. Thinking about getting a Magellan color hand held. Any thought for owners? I currently have a Garmin Legend, does anyone know how they would compare? Thanks
  3. I was wondering, can anyone tell me how to get my etrex legend to communicate properly with the "cache dragon " program. I'm using a toshiba e 740 with a cf card interface. the program will start and show that the gps is running but it won't get a fix on my location, or transfer any data to the ppc. any suggetions, i think the problem is something minor in the configuration settings.
  4. I am a sales manager for Lamar Billboard advertising. Wanna be geek, but never had any training. We use gps in my work to catalog locations of our displays, so this was a cool and fun progression, plus I get my gps for free.
  5. if it doesn't work I give up
  6. My subjuct is really my whole question, any suggestions?
  7. I live in Pittsburgh which has an interesting culinary tradition French Fies put on steak salads. It's actually quite good. They put french fries into sandwiches too, its called a Permantti bros sandwich, its only good at 2 am when bars close. I'm originally from WI which is the only place to true frozen custard and bratwurst.
  8. I have been caching with my 4 yr son and I've been asking him what to write, we put everything from, "Cool rock" to "i gotta go poopy" that real life.
  9. Im new to this, what is a tb goal and where does one make it known?
  10. I'm interested in some ways I can lead a team building seminar with geocaching. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to have non traditional sport for a youth group to help the less athletic kids feel part of the team. Thanks in advance
  11. I'm new to the sport and I love it!! I've only found 8 caches and Maybe it's the area I'm in or just these certain caches, but todays Motto "Cache in Trash out" should apply to caches too. I encountered some real garbage left behind in caches. Stuff like broken garage door openers, bottle caps, candy bar wrapers, a used shoe brush, etc. Now I'm not saying that you have to spend money, but at least don't leave junk. I think that would go a long way to give this sport the respect I'd like to see it earn Forgive me for being critical but I had to say something. Billboardguy
  12. I've purched my first gps-an etrex legend and I want to use easy gps. I've downloaded the program,i've downloaded cache coordinates. I can't seem to transfer them to the handheld. I read the manual and it mentioned that I would be asked what Gps unit I had when I installed the program, but I don't recall the question. It may have something to do with active sync for the pocket pc I have. Anyone have any help for the newbie? paulm1@adelphia.net
  13. pocket pc's are ten times the unit of most palms, using your argument pizzachef, why don't you use an abacus instead of a calculator, or a wind up watch instead of a digital watch, or use a compas instead of a gps.
  14. I've read in several places on the site of caution about using a pda or ppc out in the field. and I just wanted to pass on to everyone that Otter products (otter.com) is coming out with a new armor case with pass throughs for gps cables on May 1. The case is water proof and over molded to protect from shocks. This is one way to protect a ppc or pda. It's a little pricey, but could be worth it.
  15. The best cases for a pda out in the field are made by otter products. They have a new case with pass throughs for gps cables. they are water proof and over molded to protect a pda or ppc from drops. check out www.armorbyotter.com for details
  16. You really want to consider a pocket pc over a palm. and the best mapping program for a ppc is from mapopolis.com aslo check out pocketpcmag.com to select a ppc. there is a lot of great programs and accessories for these units. I reccomend a toshiba e740 or their new e750, also the dell axiom is a great unit.
  17. I'm new to this sport. I already own a pocket pc Toshiba e740 and I want to get a GPS that would work well with it. What should I get?
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