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  1. 1 hour ago, Max and 99 said:

    You couldn't find a cache and it has several “Didn’t find it” or “Owner attention requested” logs on the cache page with no cache owner response.


    Do not select this option if:


    You didn't find the cache — use a “Didn’t find it” log.



    Precisely... without any previous NM (then another one, which wouldn't make any difference) or several DNFs, you should not use NA (or NM IMHO).

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  2. 12 minutes ago, baer2006 said:

    The NM template says "Cache might be missing". And that's why I disagree with the reviewer who says, that an NM should only be posted if you actually found the cache.


    After seeing a lot of NM logs here in Brazil, I posted a link to the Help Center about it in social media... and even if the text is not precise concerning to NM's, it is when related to NA's. So if we shouldn't use a Need Archive log when we didn't found the cache, surely we should not use also a Needs Maintenance. Makes full sense for me.

    Besides, most of the times, a NM log just seems to be used to substitute a (shameful?) DNF... which is plainly wrong.

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  3. Evento e Tradicionais em Minas Gerais

    http://coord.info/GCAE0YX Campus UFMGamers 2 - Música
    http://coord.info/GCAE0YA Campus UFMGamers 3 - Bruxa


    Rio Grande do Sul

    http://coord.info/GCAE30C Enigma do Largo Vernetti
    http://coord.info/GCAEBRQ Hot Dog, Xis e Pelps


    Santa Catarina

    http://coord.info/GCAE2H4 Boitatá Incandescente


    São Paulo

    http://coord.info/GCACBE2 Romeu



  4. 22 minutes ago, Arkanada110 said:

    I can log caches as being found, but they do not show up as smileys on the map unless I click on them. I have refreshed the map so they should show up as smileys regardless of whether I click on them. Additionally, the caches in question are added to my total number of finds, but I cannot see links to individual cache pages on my profile under "All Geocache Finds".


    Please specify your setup, it may be helpful, to understand what it's happening.

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