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  1. CCE na Bahia http://coord.info/GC8QAAQ Community Celebration Event BOAS CACHADAS!
  2. Eventoe e Tradicional na Bahia http://coord.info/GCA11MR Musica en Salvador de Bahia Minas Gerais http://coord.info/GCA0QYE Ilusão São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA136N LXXXI Geomeeting Mensal Cachístico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  3. CITOS e Evento no Paraná http://coord.info/GCA0JBQ CascaCITO São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA0P69 CITO na Rota dos Cavaleiros http://coord.info/GCA0P6D Depois do CITO BOAS CACHADAS!
  4. Be welcome, cougar... for seconds I would be calling you iberian lynx instead.
  5. Tradicionais no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCA0B40 Placa de Avisos http://coord.info/GCA0B4E Pinheiros do Lago http://coord.info/GCA0B4T Árvore Alternativa BOAS CACHADAS!
  6. You have a personal note on that cache listing... probably you just logged a Draft instead of a proper Found It (if it was what you intended).
  7. Eventos em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA08VP CITO in Intervales State Park http://coord.info/GCA08W1 Early bird event in Intervales State Park BOAS CACHADAS!
  8. There is no minimum required distance for Non-physical stages, including reference points, trailheads, parking coordinates, and virtual stages. Physical stages within the same Multi- or Mystery cache. EarthCaches and Virtual Caches as they do not have physical waypoints. Geocaching HQ may further restrict geocaches in areas where geocache saturation becomes a concern. Tirado daqui.
  9. Tradicional no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GCA03NH Aquacache BOAS CACHADAS!
  10. After the search you may see if those caches have trackables on the listings... but that will not be a warranty of the physical objects on the cache location.
  11. Tradicional no Rio Grande do Sul http://coord.info/GC9ZWXD Praça da Bíblia BOAS CACHADAS!
  12. Tradicionais no Distrito Federal http://coord.info/GC9ZZRA Anfiteatro do Pontão Rio de Janeiro http://coord.info/GC9ZYRP Geocaching em Porto Real BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Evento em São Paulo http://coord.info/GCA01R9 LXXX Geomeeting Mensal Cachístico-Gastronômico BOAS CACHADAS!
  14. You can also save the List for offline use.
  15. Check if you have any active Filters on the app. Reset in any case.
  16. In the image you will create to generate the jigsaw, just add the digits randomly (on plain view, camouflaged or using other methods), so anyone can only see them after the jigsaw solved... By instance...
  17. Using a Solution Checker... like Certitude by instance? PS: I'm not sure if I correctly understood your question, sorry. Please also try to avoid external sites.
  18. Do you mean as an Attribute? If that so, usually Multis, Mysteries and Letterbox may have a riddle to solve in one of the stages, then we shoud assign a "Field Puzzle" Attribute. If you want a jigsaw puzzle for your Mystery cache page, there are some available online.
  19. Tradicional em São Paulo http://coord.info/GC9ZWQW Praça da Av. Juscelino Kubitschek I BOAS CACHADAS!
  20. So sorry... he also said "within hours of placing". Naturally a cache must be on the spot before being published, so there's my mistake.
  21. Just so I get it right... it was prior to publication? If so, I guess we can write off other geocachers...
  22. Tradicional no Paraná http://coord.info/GC9ZQD9 A incrível história do "Cocozão" de Ponta Grossa BOAS CACHADAS!
  23. Evento no Mato Grosso http://coord.info/GC9ZR3P Um Paulistano em Cuiabá BOAS CACHADAS!
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