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  1. Mystery e Tradicionais no Ceará

    http://coord.info/GC9XA97 Konoha

    Trilha de Caminhada Carnaúba


    Distrito Federal

    http://coord.info/GC9XABK Brincando no Parque
    http://coord.info/GC9XAB5 Exercitar e Procurar


    Espírito Santo

    http://coord.info/GC9XJEN Fonte Seca


    São Paulo

    http://coord.info/GC9X9BN F16
    http://coord.info/GC9X6Z6 Mirante do Cristo
    http://coord.info/GC9NK2F Vamos a la Playa



  2. 3 minutes ago, rockymtn8iv said:


    I guess I should have been more specific.

    I will be flying into New York (JFK), then Frankfurt, Germany (FRA).  On the way back I will be flying out of Budapest, Hungary (BUD) with a layover in Paris, France (CDG)


    If you save the List (for offline use by instance)... only the nearby caches will show in the map on a given airport location.


    PS: Pop up anytime you like ;) Aeroporto Internacional de Manaus

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  3. Their are your proprerty... more or less. In a case of a geocoin, with his own design, using the respective tracking number on a totally different thing wouldn't make any sense.

    But, with a Travel Bug, no problem... and you even get a pair of tabs when you buy a TB, so you can change from a plush to a keyring, or you can make a sticker for a car... or a tattoo, by instance. ;)

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